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July 23rd, 2009 | Images, MOTHER 3, Rumors, Uncommon Knowledge | 57 Comments

About two weeks after MOTHER 3 was released in Japan in 2006, Official Nintendo Magazine (the equivalent of Nintendo Power for Europe) printed an article that seemed to indicate the game would be translated into English and released in Europe by the end of 2006. Here’s the article: (click to enlarge, PS does anyone have a nicer-looking scan?) As usual, EarthBound fans were very excited and ...Read More »


July 17th, 2009 | EarthBound, Interviews | 15 Comments

Remember that upcoming Japanese game for the ROID service that looks a lot like EarthBound? If you don’t, see here. As you may or may not recall, it turned out to be a cell phone version of Level 5’s “The Another World”. A much fancier DS version comes out very soon, so I guess the ROID one is mean to be like a side story. Anyway, apparently the August 2009 issue of Nintend...Read More »


June 15th, 2009 | EarthBound, Rumors | 29 Comments

A few weeks ago, we finally got confirmation that that EarthBound lookalike game for Level 5’s ROID game service was actually a version of “The Another World”. If you don’t remember or don’t know what I’m talking about, see here. Anyway, though it’s not EarthBound, its graphical style is clearly based off of EarthBound / MOTHER 3, so I though I’d sho...Read More »


June 5th, 2009 | EarthBound, Rumors | 18 Comments

At E3, a MMO game called Kung Fu Hustle (apparently not connected to the movie?) was shown off. What’s interesting is that the developer supposedly said that EarthBound had some influence on the game’s creation. What this means exactly is anyone’s guess. But if you’re interested, you can read more here. Thanks to R7038XX and santiagoff for the tip! ...Read More »


May 28th, 2009 | EarthBound, Rumors | 31 Comments

Remember a while back when there was that mystery screenshot for a game that looked a lot like EarthBound? And then we realized it’s probably for the Level 5 + Studio Ghibli “The Another World” game for the ROID service? If not, see here. Anyway, some more news has come out, and indeed, the EarthBound lookalike game has been confirmed to be a ROID version of The Another World, du...Read More »


May 27th, 2009 | MOTHER 3, Rumors | 51 Comments

I like Destructoid stuff, and the idea of consulting a psychic about upcoming E3 stuff just adds to that pile of fondness I have for the site. But what I found most interesting in that visit to the psychic was that she predicted that MOTHER 3 would be released on the Nintendo DS. Of course, I don’t really believe that stuff, but it’s awesome that the question was even asked 😀 And si...Read More »


April 17th, 2009 | MOTHER 1+2, MOTHER 3, Rumors | 11 Comments

When MOTHER 1+2 and MOTHER 3 were first announced in April 2003, things were pretty exciting. But, little did we know that rumors about the games had been in Japanese magazines since June 2002, almost a full year before 😯 Here’s an except from Famitsu Cube+Advance from the middle of June. I don’t know what issue # it would be, though it’d of course be awesome to somehow get a ...Read More »


March 28th, 2009 | Images, Itoi, Rumors | 82 Comments

A few folks have pointed out that the character in the latest mystery screenshot is probably based on another Level 5 production called “The Another World“. Again, here’s the recent screenshot we’ve all been pondering about: And here are some images of the “The Another World” character taken from here: The pics you see above are meant for the DS version of th...Read More »


March 27th, 2009 | Images, Rumors | 123 Comments

Note: if you’re unsure of what this is, see the original post here. Anyway, a much better resolution pic has shown up on Japanese news site Dengeki Online. Here you go! Ahh, that’s much nicer on the eyes than that tiny, super-blurry scan 😀 UPDATE: Tansunn posted a comparison image in the comments: see here ...Read More »


March 25th, 2009 | Images, Rumors | 159 Comments

UPDATE! A much better quality version of the image has been found, see here. Apparently, a new type of game and entertainment service (playable on PC and mobile phone) called “Roid” is planned to be released in Japan. The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu talks briefly about it, and the screenshot it includes is certainly eye-popping: (click for bigger scan) The article doesn’t say...Read More »


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