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January 19th, 2016 | EarthBound | 4 Comments

EarthBound is filled with a number of different, iconic fonts, and many of them have been converted into formats that modern computers can use. But the battle font has always been quietly forgotten… until now! TragicManner has put together a font file that mimics EarthBound’s battle font as closely as possible. If you’re not sure which font the “battle font” is, here&...Read More »


December 18th, 2012 | EarthBound, Images | 7 Comments

Just a super quick update for today since I’m busy – I recently came across some really cool-looking EarthBound-inspired desktop wallpaper images that I want to share: MOTHER 2 desktop backgrounds I especially like the realistic interpretations of Fourside and Threed/Threek! ...Read More »


February 7th, 2012 | EarthBound, Images | 17 Comments

Demetre submitted this recently: I’ve been looking around for the past year or so for EarthBound or Mother related backgrounds and have only come across 5 or 6 at the most, some of which aren’t the greatest but still it’s Earthbound. The attached file is what I currently use now but I just wish there were more. Do you know of any place where I could look, or anywhere that people ...Read More »


June 13th, 2010 | EarthBound, Videos | 52 Comments

A good while back a bunch of EarthBound fans got together and made a whole bunch of fonts based on fonts used in EarthBound. Apparently the main font was cool enough to be used in a professional setting, as it showed up on an Adult Swim show some weeks back: Have you seen the many EarthBound fonts used anywhere else? Who knows, maybe this could be the next Comic Sans 😛 Thanks to Adam and Derik...Read More »


April 30th, 2010 | MOTHER 3 | 9 Comments

When Jeffman and I worked on the MOTHER 3 translation, we realized there was a lot of 8×8 font stuff going on in the game, so we had to make a modified version of the EarthBound font for those instances. Well, Mirz has taken that font and made it into a real font file you can use on your computer! Hey there. I have been working on a version of the Mother3 font which is used on the pick-a-nam...Read More »


November 13th, 2009 | EarthBound, MOTHER 1 | 77 Comments

EarthBound is full of cool-looking text that was all hand-drawn just for the game. For almost a decade only one or two have ever been made into fonts usable on computers. But now a bunch of awesome EarthBound fans have gotten together to recreate pixel-perfect TrueType fonts of text used throughout the game (and beyond)! You can download a zip file with all the fonts here. Installing them is usual...Read More »


June 27th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3 | 24 Comments

Schrodinger let me know a little while ago about this custom MOTHER 3-themed skin for Winamp: Pretty cool stuff! If you’re interested, you can get it here. ...Read More »


May 16th, 2009 | EarthBound, Images | 19 Comments

A while back, kalasad pointed out this really nice Twoson wallpaper to me. click to mashroomize enbiggenate I don’t think there are any more EarthBound wallpapers, but if you want to see other stuff by the same guy, look around here. Just be warned: the site is NSFW. ...Read More »


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