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MOTHER / EarthBound Reviews

EGM's EarthBound Review

EGM was nice enough to give EarthBound a two-page review, but I can't shake the feeling that it was written as a grade school assignment...

GamePro's EarthBound Review

GamePro's review of EarthBound was also two pages long, but the inaccuracies and poor writing make this cringe-worthy.

Game Players' EarthBound Review

Game Players' review of EarthBound was only one page. It's actually written considerably better than the other reviews, but the author is also inconsistent in places and too obsessed with blood and graphics.

VG&CE’s EarthBound Review

Video Games & Computer Entertainment reviewed EarthBound in what is probably the worst review the game received. I quote: "All Earth Bound has to offer is a Barny-esque romp in a McDonald's Playland."

Super Power's EarthBound Review

European magazine Super Power reviewed EarthBound in 1995. It's a pretty good review; the reviewers actually played through most (if not all) of the game, and there were no complaints about lack of violence and gore.

Total!'s EarthBound Review

This European magazine published a great four-page review of EarthBound. The reviewers actually played through the entire game and gave proper criticism and praise when due.

EarthBound Sucks

I came across this gem of a review and it was too funny not to show here. Also, bonus image!

Weekly Famitsu's MOTHER 3 Review

Weekly Famitsu gave MOTHER 3 a glowing review and a nice score.

NGC's MOTHER 3 Review

U.K. magazine NGC reviewed MOTHER 3 shortly after it was released in Japan. It does seem to be somewhat overly critical, but that's probably because the reviewers didn't know Japanese.


MOTHER / EarthBound Previews, Etc.

EarthBound Zero Preview in Nintendo Power

This 1990 preview was America's very first introduction to the MOTHER/EarthBound series. Too bad the game was canned shortly after this printed. We might've gotten the whole series if this hadn't be cancelled.

MOTHER 2 in Super Famicom Magazine vol. 5

This shows some VERY beta version stuff from before the game was nearly cancelled due to programming and development problems. The differences are staggering and interesting, so give it a look!

MOTHER 2 Beta & Interview Video

On a Japanese VHS tape showcasing upcoming games, Shigesato Itoi was interviewed while he was still working on MOTHER 2. This footage is from a very early build, and is quite different from the final game. Cool stuff!

MOTHER 2 in Famitsu (Apr. 22, 1994)

This was one of Famitsu's earliest previews once it was clear the game was indeed going to be released. It's short, but you can see some differences between it and the final version of the game.

EarthBound Preview in Nintendo Power #70

EarthBound's advertising sucked, but the coverage it got in Nintendo Power was stellar. Stuff like this is why I bought the game.

EarthBound Preview in Total! Magazine

Just a quick preview for EarthBound. The magazine later published a well-done 4-page review of the game.

EarthBound 3 in Game Informer

Game Informer provides its own little preview of EarthBound 64 in 1999, but gets a few details wrong, including the title of EarthBound 3.

European EarthBound 2 Preview

This article showed up in Europe's Nintendo Official Magazine right around MOTHER 3's release in Japan. It raised hopes as well as eyebrows.


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