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MOTHER 1 Novel Summary

Most people don't know this, but novelizations of MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2 were published in Japan a long while back. Both were written by Saori Kumi, who also wrote novelizations of several Dragon Quest games.

As I don't have time to translate the entire Mother novel, the next best thing I can do is summarize it. As I go through the book, Ill summarize each page with a single sentence. That will leave a lot of the details out, of course, but since it's just a summary it should suffice for most people. Who knows, if this works out, maybe I'll do the same with the Mother 2 novel and maybe other books after that.

As for naming conventions, I'm just gonna go with what I'd do if it were a professional translation. You'll also see that Ninten isn't named Ninten in the novel. Names are always tough to do, so take the spellings with a grain of salt.

Since this is an on-going project, be sure to check back every once in a while. This is going to be a daunting task, so don't get mad if I stop updating for a while. I have other obligations in life and this is just a side project for fun.

Incidentally, if you want to find a copy of the novel for yourself, they sometimes show up on eBay, so try looking around here or something every so often. They also appear on Yahoo Auctions Japan more regularly, if you know how to deal with those.


MOTHER ~ The Original Story ~

Chapter 1: The Village of the Midnight Sun
5The town of Snowman is near the North Pole and has very long days and nights.
6A girl named Ana seems to be picking up psychic images from someone unknown.
7This person beats up zombies, possessed lamps, and crazed animals in the images.
8Ana has powers, including healing and telekinesis, but she can't fully control them.
9From the images she's seen, they seem to be coming from a boy about her age.
10The boy, named Ken, meets up with a weaker boy named Lloyd.
11The two boys argue a bit, then comment that they're on a journey to save the Earth.
12Ana comments that she'd yell at them if she were there, then goes to get some water.
13Ana's father is a minister, and her mother vanished without a trace a month ago.
14All kinds of crazy disasters and abductions have been taking place worldwide lately.
15Ana's father prays to God for someone to come and save them all.
16Ana decides to help her mom and the boys and asks God to use her as He sees fit.
17Just then, two boys burst into the church to return a hat Ana lost at the train station.
18Ana says she knows who they are, introduces herself, says she's going with them.
19Her father asks what they're traveling for, they answer that they're saving the world.
20Ken is glad Ana's actually pretty hot, but Ana reads his mind and smacks him hard.
21Ana goes and changes clothes before leaving.

Chapter 2: Warriors
22The three kids walk through the snow to the train station, but Ken suddenly stops.
23They're suddenly attacked from all directions. Ana ends up on the ground, helpless.
24Wolves attack Ana before she can get up and hide.
25Ken calmly saves her in the nick of time, and the wolves run off.
26Ana gets upset after seeing that a wolf had ripped her carefully-managed hair.
27Lloyd is polite, asks if she needs any medical treatment, then helps her get up.
28Lloyd talks to Ana about how Ken used to be mean to him too when they first met.
29Ana thanks Lloyd for cheering her up, which makes him shy and embarrassed.
30Ken comes back and yells at them to get moving already.
31The train only goes to the nearby town of Halloween, which really pisses Ken off.
32Lloyd and Ana talk about Lloyd's home town of Thanksgiving.
33Ken tells Ana she's a burden and should probably go back home at the next station.
34He says Halloween's going to be dangerous; the station attendants were acting odd.
35They arrive at Halloween to learn that no trains can leave for at least 2 or 3 days.
36Ana says she'll be staying with them after all, and Ken angrily concedes.
37Ken says he needs to call his dad, which Ana finds amusing, so he angrily explains.
38Ken mentions that he calls his dad every so often to get the very latest news.
39Ana asks about Lloyd's family, which creates some awkwardness.
40Lloyd starts to get upset as he talks more about himself.
41Ana feels bad because he's just like his father and his mother is gravely ill.
42Ana mentions how the two of them are alike - they're both out to save their mothers.
43Lloyd kisses Ana.
44Ken shows up and gets pissed because they're slacking again.
45They suddenly see enemies everywhere.
46Ken heard about a haunted house that has eerie piano music coming out of it.
47A grouchy man and a crazy lady verbally assault the group.
48More attacks ensue, and the party finds itself on the verge of defeat.
49Ana uses a special spray can to return all the enemies to their senses.
50Ana is shocked when Ken uses PK Healing on Lloyd.
51She's very impressed, even though she's much more proficient at using it.
52Lloyd is healed and gets back up.
53They all start walking again.

Chapter 3: The Haunted House
54The group is in front of the haunted house, though they question its haunted-ness.
55Ana hasn't slept in a long time and she grouchily asks what they're doing there.
56Lloyd explains they're collecting melodies and that the piano inside might have one.
57Ana asks them to explain everything from the very beginning.
58Crazy stuff happened one day, and Ken's dad explained that an alien came to Earth.
59Ken found his great-grandfather's diary, which explained how to get to Magicant.
60Queen Mary of Magicant can get rid of the evildoers if she can remember a melody.
61Ana is naturally good at music and figures that's why she was put on this journey.
62Ana suddenly agrees to go inside, but Ken stops her because he needs food.
63Mr. Rosewater, owner of the mansion, feeds them a big dinner at his own house.
64He asks them to get rid of the ghosts and turn the mansion back to normal.
65He explains it's supposed to be a pure place for his daughter to live until she marries.
66Lloyd asks for the key to the place, but Mr. Rosewater laughs for some reason.
67Mr. Rosewater acts creepy and secretly tells Lloyd things while Ken falls asleep.
68Ana can't believe she's traveling with a loser like Ken, or that the world is in his hands.
69Ana has mixed feelings when she notices Rosewater's daughter shyly staring at Ken.
70Ana is distraught that the family's servant cut her hair so short.
71She wants to pick flowers for her hair, but decides not to since all life is in danger.
72Ken is mad - Lloyd signed a contract saying Ken has to get engaged to someone.
73Rosewater saw that his girl liked Ken. He'll only give the key if they get engaged.
74Ken argues like crazy and yells at the other two a lot.
75He blames them and accuses them of conspiring against him so they can be together.
76Ana double-slaps Ken and suddenly all is quiet.
77They return to the haunted house and use the key to enter.
78The mansion is very dark and spooky.
79They don't know where to go when suddenly an evil rat starts laughing at them.
80Ana uses her powers to ask the rat where the piano is. It says to go look on their own.
81It and other rats suddenly attack her, aiming for her throat. The two boys repel them.
82LOTS more rats appear and start to overwhelm the group, especially Ana.
83They knock Ana to the ground and temporarily blind her, leaving her helpless.
84She passes out briefly. Ken picks her up, carries her, and runs through the house.
85Ana has conflicing emotions as Ken continues to carry her while running and fighting.
86They get completely lost.
87Ken puts Ana down. Two suits of armor come down the stairs and a ghost comes up.
88Ken apologizes for always being a jerk while Lloyd tries in vain to kill the ghost.
89Ken gets his bat knocked out of his hands and suddenly has an asthma attack.
90Lloyd fares no better, and Ana is curled up crying and wishing it was all a dream.
91Lloyd is about to be defeated and all Ana can do is look on.
92Suddenly, a bright light comes out of Ana and vanquishes all the enemies.
93The boys are surprised to learn that she has even stronger PSI than Ken.
94Ana is also surprised by what happened.
95She realizes now she'll be protecting THEM, which confuses her and makes her cry.
96Ken and Ana hug. Ken is embarrassed and says something to make her mad.
97The group finally finds the piano room, and a melody plays on the piano all by itself.
98Ken suggests they not return to Rosewater's place. The other two think that's mean.
99Rosewater is convinced by his daughter to call the engagement thing off.
100She had changed her mind when her mirror broke while sewing a cape for Ken.
101The three kids rip up the contract as they hurry to the train station.

Chapter 4: In the Desert
102The three trek through the vast and empty desert.
103A famous guidebook says it's a super dangerous desert, but none of them ever read it.
104They're on their way to Holy Roly Mountain.
105They're having a hard time, but the desert's especially taking its toll on Lloyd.
106Lloyd faints.
107Ken takes out some sports drinks (not Pocari Sweat ;) ) from his backpack.
108They wish that the train still went through the desert.
109Ana tries to cool Lloyd off while she gets all philosophical about the desert.
110She hears a baby shouting her name from far off, but passes it off as a mirage.
111Ken suddenly spots some UFOs in the distance, and they're coming in their direction.
112They hide in the sand, Lloyd wakes up, and then they notice a scorpion.
113The scorpion is right by Lloyd's ear, so Ana uses telepathy to tell it not to attack.
114The scorpion is lulled into a calm state while Lloyd safely gets away.
115Ken triumphantly smashes the scorpion away, and Ana gets really, really mad.
116Ken and Ana yell at each other angrily.
117They continue to bicker, but Lloyd reminds them they need to hide from the UFOs.
118They watch the UFOs pass by. Ana notes they're headed for the city of Thanksgiving.
119They continue to watch the big UFO group, then notice an old plane trying to keep up.
120Ken gets very excited when he sees the kind of plane it is, as he's a fan of war stuff.
121The others are like, "O...K..." and the plane's history is described in great detail.
122The plane starts to sputter and fall, but uprights itself at the very last second.
123The plane makes an emergency landing... right on top of them! They freak out and run.
124Ana freaks because her life should be passing before her eyes, but it doesn't.
125Lloyd faints again. Ana opens her eyes. The plane had stopped 3 cm from Ken's nose.
126Ken faints. An old man comes out of the cockpit and asks if he ran the boy over.
127All four fly to the old man's secret base. They chat over dinner. Ken calls his dad.
128Lloyd asks to borrow his plane. The man is surprised. They explain everything to him.
129He says he can't let them use the plane, but he can take them wherever they want.
130Ken suggests Holy Roly Mountain. Ana reminds them they don't have the full song yet.
131The old man leads them through some old ruins to try to find a "Singing Cactus".
132He offers to fly them to some other ruins later. A plant pricks Lloyd's hand.
133A hungry talking flower likes Lloyd. Ana talks about another kind of flower.
134This other flower can cure anything. The singing cactus might be at the other ruins.
135They sleep in the ruins. Lloyd and Ana go to where they can see stars in a roof hole.
136Lloyd and Ana talk while Ken sleeps on the other side of the room. They kind of bond.
137Ken awakes, sees them asleep, goes over to them, smiles when he sees the stars.
138The pilot is flying crazily as he starts the plane's descent. The kids freak out.
139Ana hears the baby again. It says to go into the ruins. They get Melody #5 from cacti.
140The boys want to go to the town of Easter. Ana says no and explains.
141They listen to her. They part ways with the old man, who's sad to be alone again.
142Inside the ruins is a complicated maze that's filled with monkeys, many are annoying.
143They go through it and wind up outside, atop a tall outer wall. Ana hears laughter.
144Ana wonders if the enemy used PSI to trick her. She's very worried and doubts herself.
145Ana tries to contact the voice again. A big stone she's touching suddenly moves.
146The stone slides into the wall. The ruins shake violently, and cracks open up.
147Ana is separated from the boys by a widening crack. Ken digs into his backpack.
148Ana tries to jump, but isn't going to make it. Just then, Ken jumps too...
149He saves her, but now all three are very high up and just barely hanging on.
150Ana almost slips, but doesn't. Lloyd can barely hold on now...
151Ana is going to let go so they can live. But Ken finds the strength to pull her up.
152Ana climbs up and over Ken while he continues to hang down.
153Just then, the old pilot guy shows up to save them.
154A large golden bell tower stands where the ruins were. The ruins just covered it up.
155Ken whacks the bell with his bat, and they start to lose consciousness...

Chapter 5: Queen Mary's Gift

Chapter 6: The Bad Town of Valentine

Chapter 7: Homeward Bound

Chapter 8: The Secret Lake

Chapter 9: The Final Battle

Chapter 10: On to the Next Journey

Afterword: By Saori Kumi

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