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EB / MOTHER Promo & Misc. Goods

EarthBound Scratch-n-Sniff Ads / Coupons

Before EarthBound was released, Nintendo sent out these strange ads with scratch-n-sniff stuff and slogans like "This Game Stinks" and "EarthBound: it's like living inside your gym socks". These still smell to this day. They're also rare.

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Mach Pizza Air Freshener

Back when EarthBound was released, you would get one of these if you sent in an answer to the Ident-a-smell contest in the player's guide. As such, these are really rare, and seem to go for a lot of money these days.

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EarthBound Pogs

You could buy these from Nintendo Power many years ago. They're pretty rare, but I don't know how much they sell for these days. And just to dispel rumors: they're not scratch-n-sniff.

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EarthBound Slides

These are EXTREMELY rare. They're photographic slides Nintendo sent out to magazines so they could print pics of stuff. Only two are known to exist right now...

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Nintendo Power Retro Stickers

For Nintendo Power's 200th issue, a bunch of stickers from various games were included. Included was a Ness sticker. It was a shock, because it just showed up out of the blue.

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Cheesestrings Ness Card

Nintendo did a Smash Bros. promotion with this cheesy snack back in 1999. Each pack had a different character card, meaning there was also a Ness card! A very rare piece of EarthBound merchandise.

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MOTHER 1 Franklin Badge

Now these are EXTREMELY rare. Only a few hundred were made when MOTHER was released some two decades ago. They were given away as contest prizes.

Find MOTHER 1 Franklin Badge - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 2 Sticker(?)

People have called this a bumper sticker for years, but I'm almost 100% sure that it's not a bumper sticker. What is it then? What was it for? It's a mystery to all...

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MOTHER 2 Zippo Lighter

Only a set number of these were made. The front image was done by hand, and the backs had the serial numbers and name of the person it was given to. If you can find one of these, you are the king of the universe!

Find MOTHER 2 Lighter - Search eBay - Check Game Swag

Mr. Saturn Stickers

A bunch of Mr. Saturn stickers were in a "spring software book" released in March 2003 in Japan. I haven't seen these anywhere, so they're probably pretty rare nowadays.

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Slot Brothers Card Game

Not many EarthBound fans know about this item. It's an actual card game based on the three slot machine guys in the Dusty Dunes Desert. This is a rare item though, so you'll need luck and patience to find it.

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MOTHER 1+2 Keychains

These were part of a special campaign for Community Store, a Japanese convenience store chain. Bottles of Coca-Cola products came with one keychain each. These are now rare and expensive.

Find MOTHER 1+2 Keychains - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 1+2 Phone Cleaners

A set of MOTHER 1+2-themed cell phone screen cleaners was released a few years back. I assume they're nothing too special, but they ARE somewhat rare. So if you're a collector, keep an eye out!

Find MOTHER 1+2 Phone Cleaners - Search eBay - Search YAJ

Mr. Saturn Phone Strap

These were given out as extras if you pre-ordered MOTHER 1+2. They're rare, but not insanely rare. I see them every few weeks or so.

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MOTHER 1+2 Mini-Eraser

A few years back, lik-sang (used to be a big import gaming site) produced a bunch of little erasers shaped like mini-GBA games. One of them was a MOTHER 1+2 eraser. Getting these was hard, because you couldn't specify which ones you wanted. Very rare.

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MOTHER 3 Franklin Badge

This version of the Franklin Badge came with the special MOTHER 3 Deluxe Box. Its design is a little different from the MOTHER 1 version, and this is the one you're most likely to see on auction sites. Still pretty rare, though.

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Smash Bros. Melee Ness Sticker

If you were a subscriber to Nintendo Power and you got issue 152, then you got a set of stickers and memory card labels as a bonus. Among these was a Ness sticker. Seems to be pretty rare.

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Ordering from Japanese Sites

I've included links to places like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Auctions Japan (YAJ for short), but ordering things from these places can be kind of tricky.

Amazon Japan: Ordering from Amazon Japan isn't too bad, but you might be scared by all the Japanese text at first. But fear not! On most Amazon Japan pages is a link you can click that will turn a lot of the site's text into English for you. The other thing you'll need to know is that 1. Amazon Japan can't and won't ship games outside of Japan and 2. if you're ordering a used item, not all sellers will ship internationally. But otherwise Amazon Japan is a cinch to order from.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan: This is an absolute treasure trove of MOTHER merchandise. Sadly, it's not very convenient to use if you're not in Japan. Most sellers won't ship outside of Japan and will probably be freaked out if you ask them a question in English. If you're not in Japan and don't know Japanese, then you'll need to use a service like Celga that will bid on stuff for you and then ship you the stuff once they receive it.

For more details and a more comprehensive list of go-between services, check out this page on Game Swag.


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