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EB / MOTHER Posters & Displays

EarthBound Poster

EXTREMELY rare and highly sought after. These were used as store displays. Two kinds exist, one is a roll-up poster and another was a fold-out kind of poster. Or so I hear. Prepare to pay a ton of money for one!

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EarthBound Cardboard Stand

Also super-extremely rare. These were apparently used as in-store displays. I've never seen one before. If only I had a time machine to swipe one from a store...

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MOTHER 2 Kimura Poster

These were displayed in windows and the like during MOTHER 2's release in Japan. Takuya Kimura is a huge star and a member of SMAP. He also starred in the MOTHER 2 commercials.

Find MOTHER 2 Kimura Poster - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 2 Flier

I don't know too much about these, but they appear to be somewhat rare. I think they were available at stores before the game's release or something. Paula's clay figure looks crazy.

Find MOTHER 2 Flier - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 1+2 Pre-Order Poster

This was the poster displayed in shop windows and elsewhere advertising that if you pre-ordered MOTHER 1+2, you'd get a Mr. Saturn phone strap as a bonus. These posters are somewhat easy to find.

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MOTHER 1+2 Poster

This poster was displayed in stores to advertise when MOTHER 1+2 would be released. It's actually a somewhat rare poster these days, so if you can find one, get it!

Find MOTHER 1+2 Posters - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 1+2 Poster

This is another pretty rare poster. I haven't seen it in person so I can't say much about it, except that it seems to reflect Itoi's minimalist side well.

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MOTHER 3 Poster

This poster actually comes in three different sizes. It's strange, sometimes it seems rare, and then other times you'll see a bunch at once. They're only going to get rarer, so if you find one, snag it!

Find MOTHER 3 Posters - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 3 Music Poster

These were used to promote MOTHER 3+ and/or the 2006 Press Start music symphony thing. Or something, I'm not sure on the details. These seem to be especially rare.

Find MOTHER 3 Music Poster - Search eBay - Search YAJ

MOTHER 3 In-Store Display

Now this is EXTREMELY rare. These displays were placed in stores, next to TVs running ads for MOTHER 3 stuff. If you can find one, you're sure to have a lucky day!

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Ordering from Japanese Sites

I've included links to places like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Auctions Japan (YAJ for short), but ordering things from these places can be kind of tricky.

Amazon Japan: Ordering from Amazon Japan isn't too bad, but you might be scared by all the Japanese text at first. But fear not! On most Amazon Japan pages is a link you can click that will turn a lot of the site's text into English for you. The other thing you'll need to know is that 1. Amazon Japan can't and won't ship games outside of Japan and 2. if you're ordering a used item, not all sellers will ship internationally. But otherwise Amazon Japan is a cinch to order from.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan: This is an absolute treasure trove of MOTHER merchandise. Sadly, it's not very convenient to use if you're not in Japan. Most sellers won't ship outside of Japan and will probably be freaked out if you ask them a question in English. If you're not in Japan and don't know Japanese, then you'll need to use a service like Celga that will bid on stuff for you and then ship you the stuff once they receive it.

For more details and a more comprehensive list of go-between services, check out this page on Game Swag.


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