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Very rare. These were made for people who worked on MOTHER 2 during its development. There's an APE logo and a MOTHER 2 logo on it.

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MOTHER 2 Dragon Jacket

Only a very few were made, and one was worn by Kimura Takuya of SMAP at one point. On very rare occasion you'll see one on Yahoo Auctions Japan. Extremely rare.

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D.C.M.C. T-Shirt

A number of these were made back during EarthBound 64's development. I guess people on the staff got them or something. They're rare but have been seen on YAJ once in a while.

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The Sharks T-Shirt

An official MOTHER 2 T-shirt, almost 15 years after the game's release! Crazy! King of Games has great quality shirts, so I recommend them highly.

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Phone T-Shirt

This was a very limited-edition shirt, given out at the MOTHER 1+2 event in 2003. I've never seen them sold anywhere, so if you can find one, you're insanely lucky!

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Starman SMAAAAAASH T-Shirt

Another official shirt by The King of Games. There was also a very limited edition version where the lettering was green. I don't know much beyond that, actually.

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Ultimate Chimera T-Shirts

More official KoG shirts! The red one is apparently a limited edition. The letters also change color in the sunlight or something. These are some well-done shirts.

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MOTHER 3 +Love T-Shirts

These were sold directly from Itoi's site during 2006. They only took orders for a very short time, and they'll probably never print any more again. As you might expect, they're of good quality.

Find MOTHER 3 Shirts - Search eBay - Search YAJ - Visit Official Site (can't buy 'em anymore though)


Four different SAKEROCK shirts using MOTHER-themed stuff were made back when they did the Songs of Instrumental CD. These are quite rare now.

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Ordering from Japanese Sites

I've included links to places like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Auctions Japan (YAJ for short), but ordering things from these places can be kind of tricky.

Amazon Japan: Ordering from Amazon Japan isn't too bad, but you might be scared by all the Japanese text at first. But fear not! On most Amazon Japan pages is a link you can click that will turn a lot of the site's text into English for you. The other thing you'll need to know is that 1. Amazon Japan can't and won't ship games outside of Japan and 2. if you're ordering a used item, not all sellers will ship internationally. But otherwise Amazon Japan is a cinch to order from.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan: This is an absolute treasure trove of MOTHER merchandise. Sadly, it's not very convenient to use if you're not in Japan. Most sellers won't ship outside of Japan and will probably be freaked out if you ask them a question in English. If you're not in Japan and don't know Japanese, then you'll need to use a service like Celga that will bid on stuff for you and then ship you the stuff once they receive it.

For more details and a more comprehensive list of go-between services, check out this page on Game Swag.


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