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EB / MOTHER Books and Novels

MOTHER 2 Game Book

This is a very strange book. It's like one of those "choose your own adventure" books, but you also have stats that you keep track of as you level up. Also has a poster and illustrations.

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MOTHER 1 Novel

Written by Saori Kumi at the request of Itoi himself. The story goes through the entire game, but adds more details and such. It's a fun read.

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MOTHER 2 Novel

Also written by Saori Kumi. This novel's much thicker than the previous one and goes into great detail. It even uses the Mr. Saturn font when they talk!

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The Three Natagiri Women

This is a novel about three middle-aged women. In one section of the book, they buy MOTHER 2 at a used game shop and then get addicted to the game. They argue and bond and stuff because of the game.

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MOTHER 1+2 Mr. Saturn Book

This is a semi-rare item. It's basically a book filled with MOTHER 1 and 2 concept art. It also comes with a vacuum-sealed Mr. Saturn plush figure. This and the sheer rarity makes these books quite pricy.

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Family Computer: 1983-1994

This book was made by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum to celebrate the Famicom's history. Included among many other things is a nice-sized Itoi interview... which also includes an English translation of what he's saying!

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Ordering from Japanese Sites

I've included links to places like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Auctions Japan (YAJ for short), but ordering things from these places can be kind of tricky.

Amazon Japan: Ordering from Amazon Japan isn't too bad, but you might be scared by all the Japanese text at first. But fear not! On most Amazon Japan pages is a link you can click that will turn a lot of the site's text into English for you. The other thing you'll need to know is that 1. Amazon Japan can't and won't ship games outside of Japan and 2. if you're ordering a used item, not all sellers will ship internationally. But otherwise Amazon Japan is a cinch to order from.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan: This is an absolute treasure trove of MOTHER merchandise. Sadly, it's not very convenient to use if you're not in Japan. Most sellers won't ship outside of Japan and will probably be freaked out if you ask them a question in English. If you're not in Japan and don't know Japanese, then you'll need to use a service like Celga that will bid on stuff for you and then ship you the stuff once they receive it.

For more details and a more comprehensive list of go-between services, check out this page on Game Swag.


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