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EarthBound / MOTHER Games

EarthBound Cartridge

EarthBound carts are rare these days, and boxed versions are even rarer. They seem to go up in value by the year. Even at used game shops, EarthBound is rare and expensive. Your best bet to find one online is eBay or Amazon.

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MOTHER 2 Cartridge

This is the Japanese version of EarthBound, and it's much cheaper and easier to find than EarthBound is. You can get a cart for $10 in some cases! Incidentally, 99% of the text is in katakana and hiragana, almost no kanji at all.

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MOTHER Cartridge

This is the game that started it all. It's semi-rare, but isn't nearly as expensive as EarthBound can be. You'll probably need a convertor to play it on a non-Japanese NES.

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MOTHER 1+2 Cartridge

A GBA compilation of the first two games. These carts are common and reasonably priced. They come in two varieties: the original release and the "Value Selection" that came years later. The only difference is the box art.

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MOTHER 3 Cartridge

MOTHER 3 carts aren't being made anymore, so they'll soon start to rise in price and rarity. Even though the text is Japanese, a lot is conveyed simply through the game's direction. 99% of the text is in hiragana and katakana.

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MOTHER 3 Deluxe Box

A limited-edition MOTHER 3 release. It includes the game, a custom MOTHER 3 GBA Micro, a Franklin Badge, and other stuff. Rare and understandably pricy. Full pic here.

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EarthBound Prototype

Only a few are known to exist. They're believed to be review copies virtually identical to the final version, but there might still be some minor differences. More details here.

Find EarthBound Protos (cross your fingers) - Search eBay

EarthBound Zero Prototype

Only a few of these are known to exist outside of Nintendo of America. Both are extremely expensive whenever they show up on eBay. Info and history here.

Find EarthBound Zero Protos (luck be with you) - Search eBay

EarthBound NES Cartridge / Reproduction

Sometimes people slap the EB0 ROM on NES carts with fan art labels and try to sell them on eBay for lots of money. They just want to make a quick buck and often don't care that the ROM has anti-piracy stuff that can possibly brick the cart. Beware.

Here's what can happen. - See here for more info

Super Smash Bros.

The original Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo 64. Ness is a secret, unlockable character, and helped introduce many players to EarthBound years after EB had disappeared.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

The GameCube classic! This not only made Ness even more famous, but it also included a ton of EarthBound content like stages, trophies, and songs. It definitely gave a huge boost to the EB community!

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Featuring tons of EarthBound and MOTHER 3 stuff! This time, both Lucas and Ness are playable characters, and there's a ton of related content here. This game also helped introduce many people to MOTHER 3.

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Ordering from Japanese Sites

I've included links to places like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Auctions Japan (YAJ for short), but ordering things from these places can be kind of tricky.

Amazon Japan: Ordering from Amazon Japan isn't too bad, but you might be scared by all the Japanese text at first. But fear not! On most Amazon Japan pages is a link you can click that will turn a lot of the site's text into English for you. The other thing you'll need to know is that 1. Amazon Japan can't and won't ship games outside of Japan and 2. if you're ordering a used item, not all sellers will ship internationally. But otherwise Amazon Japan is a cinch to order from.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan: This is an absolute treasure trove of MOTHER merchandise. Sadly, it's not very convenient to use if you're not in Japan. Most sellers won't ship outside of Japan and will probably be freaked out if you ask them a question in English. If you're not in Japan and don't know Japanese, then you'll need to use a service like Celga that will bid on stuff for you and then ship you the stuff once they receive it.

For more details and a more comprehensive list of go-between services, check out this page on Game Swag.


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