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Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •I'm certain that [HINAWA 22 08 00] is watching
  over us.
•There's nothing to be afraid of.
1 •[CLAUS 22 05 00]...
•I wonder where he is now, and what he's
•He's alive. I know it.
•I've always had complete faith in that.
•Until I find any clues leading to him, I'll keep on
  searching, even if it takes 50 or 100 years.
2 •[LUCAS 23 02 00].
•Once you've made up your mind, there's no
  need to hesitate.
•I'm always behind you all the way.
3 •Good luck.
4 •If that old fogey's right and our memories
  were all made up...
•Then who exactly am I?
•Was I really princess of Osohe Castle?
•No, never mind.
•Right now we gotta focus on the Needle.
5 •What was your mom like, [LUCAS 23 02 00]?
•Was she nice?
•No, uhh, it's just that I have no memory of my
•I only asked 'cause I wondered what it's like to
  have one.
6 •...............
•Family, huh...
•I wonder what ol' Ionia's up to...
7 •Even if our memories are just fabrications, the
  fact we're here now is real.
•Let's go, [LUCAS 23 02 00]!
•Let's go and pull that final Needle!
8 •Come to think of it...
•All three of us are mother-less.
•Talk about a big coincidence.
9 •My mom died a long time ago.
•My dad raised me by himself.
•He'd make food and teach me how to fish and
•He was a strict, but nice dad.
10 •Even if my memories since childhood are fake,
  Wess probably really is my real dad.
•I get the feeling that there's definitely no
  mistake about that.
11 •...
•What do you suppose could be waiting up