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Block 340

Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •Oh, welcome.
•Who might you be?
1 •Are you the Magypsy who lives on this island?
2 •That's right.
•I'm Locria, the Magypsy of New Pork Island.
•And you are?
3 •I'm [KUMATORA 23 04 00], Ionia's apprentice,
  and daughter of King Osohe.
4 •So you're the ones going around pulling all the
  Needles, then?
5 •Yeah.
•And the Needle you're guarding here is the last
  one left.
6 •Eeee!!
•Oh, my! Whatever is going to happen?!
•I can't wait to see!!
7 •The Dark Dragon's gonna be revived once the
  Needle here gets pulled, you know!
•Do you even understand?!
8 •Oh, but, that's okay.
•What happens to the world is none of my
9 •Fine! Then go ahead and ignore everything
  without a care in the world!
•Just don't blame me if something irreversibly
  bad happens!
10 •Locria.
•He's not a bad person.
  Forgive him.
11 •Oh!
•I'm not offended at all.
•But anyways, good luck.
  I'm behind you 100%.
12 •Thanks.
13 •Welcome.
•Take a quick nap?

Yes     No
14 •It's not good to push yourself too hard, you
15 •Good luck, okay?
•I'm behind you 100%.