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Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •It's a sketch of the area.
1 •Anty anty antant!
  (From nowhere in particular, you hear a voice.
  And that voice is mine! Watch where you're
  steppin', will ya?!
  I'm, like, standing right here!
  I'm an ant! Don't you dare step on me!
  I've been watching you fight for a while now...
  but I just can't take it anymore!
  Fights are all about rhythm!
  You know, like "boom boom boo-boom boom,
  boom boom" and stuff!
  When you're in battle, there's a very specific
  rhythm that matches the enemy's beat!
  Pick up on that rhythm, and victory will be
  If you're really good, you can even pull off
  16-hit combos!
  I hereby name these "Sound Battles"!
  Thant you very mantch!)
2 •Anty anty antant!
  (Watch where you're steppin', will ya?!
  I'm standing right here, you know!
  I'm an ant! Don't you dare step on me!
  Looks like you still haven't gotten the hang of
  battle rhythms.
  To really grasp a rhythm, you gotta learn the
  enemy's beat.
  Wait. You didn't know you can hear the
  enemy's heartbeat by putting it to sleep?
  Well, I knew!!
  So now you better know, too!
  ...Don't worry, though.
  You can still fight just fine without doing any
  of this rhythm stuff, of course.
  Well, that's all. Thank you very mantch!)
3 •Oh, it's old man Wess's son, What's-His-Name.
•You made it through that underground passage
  without being done in by all them monsters?
•That's really somethin'.
4 •Want inside the castle, do ya?
•'Fraid that's not gonna happen.
•The gate's locked, and *huff* won't budge at
•Only way inside now is to climb up the walls.
5 •No one's inside there, not even King Osohe or
  Queen Senaka.
•It's just an old, crumbling castle now.
•'Bout the only things in there are ghosts and
•Ain't no point in climbing the wall to get inside,
  if you ask me.
6 •Come ta think of it, I heard the princess of this
  castle is bein' raised somewhere else.
•Word is she's one hell of a princess, quicker
  than a monkey and stronger than a bear.
7 •Seems this here area was once a flower
  but as you can see, I done turned it into a
  vegetable field.
•Flowers are pretty 'n all, but they don't fill the
  belly, y'know?
8 •This wall doesn't seem scalable...
9 •This wall seems scalable.
  Climb up it?

Yes     No
10 •It seems to be locked from the inside.
11 •It's locked.
12 •Potatoto.
13 •My humble little [FAVFOOD] patch.
14 •Oh, it's old man Wess's son, What's-His-Name.
•If you're headed out, crossing the drawbridge
  would be faster and safer
  than taking this underground passage.
15 •Here, I'll give you the Drawbridge Key.
16 •Nah, don't worry about giving it back. Just go
  on and take it.
•As long as I got this here underground
  passage, that'll be enough for me.
17 •Received the Drawbridge Key!
18 •You're already holdin' too much stuff.
•Go throw somethin' out first.
19 •Lower the drawbridge?

Yes     No
20 •Go how far into Murasaki Forest?
  ←Chimera Lab→
  ←Spec. Room→
  ←Ult. Chimera→
  ←Doria's Gate→
  ←Pump Chimera→
  ←Heart Needle→
  ←Doria's Gate 2→
21 •Go how far into Snowcap Mountain?
  ←Lydia's House→
  ←Uninv. Guest→
  ←Riding Sled→
22 •Go how far into Saturn Valley?
  ←Saturn Bean→
  ←Saturn Valley→
  ←Tunnel Destr.→
  ←Ceru. Beach→
23 •Go how far into Tanetane Island?
  ←Tanetane Beach→
  ←Funky Beach→
  ←Missy's House→
  ←Island Hill→
  ←Octopus Ride→
  ←Ceru. Beach→
24 •Chirp chirp.
  (Sparrow Advice!
  Allow me to discuss one of the main tricks to
  How you and the enemy come into contact
  can give you the advantage or disadvantage
  in the battle that follows.
  The truth is, you won't always encounter the
  enemy head-to-head every time.
  If you manage to sneak up on the enemy from
  behind or the side, you'll have the upper hand.
  The enemy will be facing backwards when you
  enter battle, you see.
  Conversely, if the enemy sneaks up on you
  from behind or from the side,
  YOU'LL be facing backwards at the start of
  the battle, putting you at a real disadvantage.
  When the upper hand is yours, you'll see the
  things in front of you turn green before battle,
  and when the enemy has the upper hand, you'll
  see red instead.
  When you're on equal terms, everything will
  seem blue-ish, for lack of a better term.
  Anyway, to sum everything up,
  "Go forth, young man. Go, go, go!" and all that.
  So there you have it.
  Now to end this with a sparrow-like...
25 ...chirp chirp chirp!)
26 •Ow ow oww...
•I sure wound up in a bit o' trouble, I did.
•Some pig-looking guys just bust right into
  the castle.
•If you're going inside, *huff* do be careful.
27 •A strange vehicle is sitting here.
28 •Potatoto.
29 •My humble little [FAVFOOD] patch.
30 •It's a sketch of the area.
31 •Got a doorknob!
32 •Hey!
•Don't pick up cheap, doorknob-ish things like
33 •C'mon! Let's go!
•Quit dawdling!
34 •Dunno who you are, but you'd best be careful
  if you're going inside the castle.
•Some guys dressed like pigs went in and are
  up to no good.
35 •What are you doing?!
•One of you two, get out of my way!
36 •Hey!
•You heard Mr. Fassad!
  Fall back!
37 •He was looking at you when he said it!
•YOU fall back!
38 •SHUT UP!!
39 •I don't give a damn about any of that!
•BOTH of you get out of my way, now!!
40 •Just look how late it is now!
•You're so stupid!
41 •It's all your fault, you idiot!
42 •He was looking at you when he said that!
•So you're the idiot, you idiot!
43 •I know you are, but what am I?!
•You idiot!
44 •Both of you idiots, go find them NOW!!