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Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •...
1 •Oh, pardon me. I wasn't paying attention.
2 •I'm sorry, but we're in a terrible hurry.
  If you'll excuse us.
3 •Come now, little monkey.
  We should be off.
4 •[DUSTER 22 0F 00]!
5 •If you promise not to tell anyone, I'll let you in
  on a cool secret.
6 •Check out this bag!
•What do you think's inside?!
•"Money"! There's "money" inside!
•Ever heard of money?!
•What? You don't know what money is?!
•...Actually, I'm not really all that sure, either.
•After all, we've never had it in Tazmily before.
•But apparently an "era of money" is about to
•Huh? What's an "era of money"?
7 •...Huh?
•Oh, a traveler gave it to me in exchange for
  some pigs!
•Yeah, he took a real liking to my pigs.
•And then he asked me in tears if I'd trade
  them for this.
•It did seem pretty strange to me at first, but I
  decided to trust the guy.
•He's definitely a friend worth having!
8 •Anyways, he gave it to me, which means it's
  mine, right?
•I don't want any ignorant people taking off
  with it, so I'm gonna hide it in this well here.
9 •...[DUSTER 22 0F 00]!
  ...This secret is just between you and me!
10 •Obtained 50,000 DP of money!
11 ...But you put it back.
12 •"Jackie's Yado Inn"
  We won't over-pamper you here.
13 •This is just a simple clothesline.
  You got a problem with that?!
14 •This hasn't been used, for whatever reason.
15 •"Thomas's Bazaar"
  We got the goods.
16 •Oh, [DUSTER 22 0F 00].
•I haven't seen you in so long.
17 •Oh, you're so shabby, Mr. Wess.
  Your clothes are all wrinkled!
18 •So much has happened...
•Are you having trouble sleeping, too?
19 •I take it that after all this time, you're finally
  trying to fix your nocturnal lifestyle?
20 •Everyone's been so pale since yesterday.
•I baked some delicious [ITEM 5F 00]s to try to
  cheer everyone up.
•I made too many though, so you can have one.
21 •Say, I haven't seen [FLINT 22 01 00] today...
•I'm a little worried.
22 •Oh, old man Wess.
•You don't happen to know where little
  [CLAUS 22 05 00] is, do you...?
  No, I suppose not, huh?
•I'm starting to get worried.
23 •Oh, my...
•With all those items you already have, you
  can't carry this [ITEM 5F 00].
•I guess I'll just have to eat it myself.
24 •There's a really creepy guy at the Yado Inn.
25 •I saw him hit his monkey.
•...He just went, "Pow!"
26 •I thought coming to the village would be more
  exciting than staying in the ravaged forest,
  but no one will even give me the time of day.
27 •I'm Nana.
•I'm not sure why, but none of the family
  members in this village really look alike.
28 •I take it eeeeasy again today.
29 •[LUCAS 22 03 00] hasn't left his house since
•I hope he's all right...
30 •Ahh!
31 •Old man Wess!
•Where's [DUSTER 23 03 00], that scumbucket?!
32 •He's the only one I told about the money I hid in
  the well...
  ...and now it's gone!
33 •Which means [DUSTER 23 03 00] stole it!
•That was MY money!
34 •We've already asked a thousand times, but
  where did you get it in the first place?
•And besides, what IS "money" anyway?!
35 •This sounds all too fishy if you ask me.
36 •Shut up, shut up! SHUT UP!
37 •Look, Wess and [DUSTER 23 03 00] are both
•But they never did anything before, 'cause we
  never had anything to steal in our village!
  But we all know they'd steal good stuff like
  money if they ever saw it!
38 •Alright! Shut yer hole and listen, punk!
39 •Who are YOU?!
•A friend of the thieves?
•No violence!
40 •...
41 •Old man Wess.
42 •Let's just all of us calm down.
•Kicking up a fuss won't help us figure out
  anything, especially with [DUSTER 23 03 00] gone.
43 •The villagers and I believe you.
•So, for now, let's just wait for [DUSTER 23 03 00]
  to come back.
44 •[DUSTER 23 03 00], you moron...
•You better come back soon...
45 •Why, hello there.
•What do you think of the wonderful bag I gave
•Is it to your liking?
46 •Oh, it's you, Mr. Fassad.
•Don't scare me like that...
47 •Actually, I was just counting to see how much
  is in here.
48 •Nwahahahaha.
•Just please be extra careful that it doesn't get
  swiped by any thieves.
49 •Okay, little [SALSA 23 06 00].
  Let us be off.
50 •I'm not sure why, but this stuff is incredible.
•Just having lots of it can get you anything you
51 •...
52 •Nwehehehehehe!
53 •...You've arrived at Osohe Castle? Good.
•Wait until dawn, then storm the place.
•Everything's progressing smoothly here.
54 •What...?
•You saw someone else hanging around the
55 •That's it? You only saw him?
56 •Then leave 'im be.
•He's probably just some villager who got drunk
  and got himself lost.
57 •He walks with a limp?
•I think I might've seen him myself...
•He's got brown hair, a gloomy feel, slightly bad
  breath, and looks kind of like a bum?
•Yeah, don't worry about him.
58 •...Yeah. Okay. I leave it in your hands.
  Stay alert!
59 •Did you think...!
60 •...you could run away from me?!
61 •That's why...!
62 •...you're such a stupid monkey!!
63 •Don't make me say it anymore...
  Go back to the room and sleep!
64 •Don't bother me anymore!
•What's with that look...?
65 •But, you know, if you were going to run away,
  I'm sure there were some more intelligent
  ways you could have done it.
•Like trying to disguise yourself, or trying to
  walk without making any sound.
•...But I guess monkeys just aren't intelligent
  enough for things like that!
66 •...Oh, Mr. Salesman.
•I'm sorry I left during your talk earlier.
•I had remembered something I forgot to do.
67 •Oh, you're that monkey that's famous for
  being happy.
•Maybe I should've ordered a Happy Box, too.
68 •These Happy Boxes of yours really do seem
  important to have,
  so much that I wish I could have five or six of
  my own.
•But my house is so small and cramped right
  now that I have to turn down your offer.
•You understand how it is, right?
69 •You stink like a monkey...
70 •I have plenty of happiness just as I am now.
•So if you have any more for me, then someone
  else can have mine.
71 •Oh, you poor thing, having to wear such a tight
72 •What was this animal called again?
•A donkey? Kongey? Pong?
73 •Are you feeling any better, Mr. Monkey?
74 •Oh, I know! Kangaroo!
•...Wait, that's not it.
  What is this animal called again?
75 •You look so sad.
76 •I have a special scary story...
•Wanna hear it?

Yes     No
77 •The truth is...
•For a long time, I've been taking nuts I find in
  the forest and then hiding them in this house.
•But, when I went to check on them the other
  they had...
78 •...
  You don't seem very scared.
79 •You scaredy-cat!
•Get outta here! Shoo!
80 •I should stop hiding nuts in this house...
•They all wind up as bread.
81 •I know that you're unhappy.
•I also know that Isaac's house is at the
  entrance to the forest...
82 •I know that your Happy Boxes are too heavy
  for you to run.
•I also know that Isaac's house is at the
  entrance to the forest...
83 •Isaac is very impressed by how great of a
  person Mr. Fassad is.
84 •Besides, I bet you were the one who let
  [DUSTER 23 03 00] get away in the first place!
85 •I have done no such thing, nor would I have
  any need to.
86 •My goodness!
•I simply can't believe that someone would
  steal the money I so humbly gave you!
87 •...Perhaps it's true, then...
•Perhaps this village really is starting to
  become cursed...
88 •We can't allow Tazmily Village to become a
  dismal hive for evildoers to run amok.
89 •We must all seek happiness...
  ...or this village will be in grave danger!
90 •...
91 •Oh? What's this?
•Are you fond of the nice lady there?
92 •Come, now.
•I'll give you lots and lots of Luxury Bananas
  later, so let us return to the Yado Inn.
•Okay, little [SALSA 23 06 00]?
93 •[HINAWA 22 08 00] gave these Tazmily gerberas
  to the villagers as a gift.