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Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •*hop*
•Wave your game?
  ...Wait, that's not right.
•I mean, save your game?

Yes     No

I'm about 50% sure this is unused
1 •Oh!! [FLINT 23 01 00]! [DUSTER 23 03 00]!
2 •This way! This way!
3 •Dad...
4 •...
5 •I made some [ITEM 64 00], [FLINT 23 01 00].
•Please have some. It'll warm you up.
6 •Here, everyone else should take a break and
  get warm, too.
7 •It seems they both fell into the river and got
  washed downstream.
•Poor little things...
8 •These kids are soaked to the bone.
  We need to get them warmed up.
9 •I wonder what they'll get to eat when their
  mom gets back.
•I hope she comes back soon.
10 •I wonder where [CLAUS 22 05 00] and
  [LUCAS 23 02 00] fell into the river.
•...In any case, I'm just glad they're okay.
11 •We haven't found [HINAWA 22 08 00] yet, but for
  now, you should warm yourself up by the fire.
•If you keep this up, you'll wind up worse off
  than her.
12 •Thank goodness they're okay...
  What a relief.
13 •It's good to worry your parents a little when
  you're a kid.
•That's how WE grew to be adults, after all.
14 •Ain't nothin' to worry about.
•I'm sure everyone's alright.
•Tomorrow's gonna come, and everything'll be
  the same as it always is.
15 •I guess they still haven't found [HINAWA 22 08 00].
•Where the heck could she be?
16 •The children's clothes are being hung out to
17 •...
18 •...
•...Darn it...
  ...Darn it...
19 •...
20 •Mom's...
21 •[FLINT 26 01 00 03 00]!!
22 •Why is Bronson suddenly so pale...?
23 •What's going on?
•What is Bronson so worked up about?
•Do you think maybe they finally found
  [HINAWA 22 08 00]?!
24 •It'd be funny if [HINAWA 22 08 00] just showed up
  out of nowhere while we're all worried sick.
25 •[FLINT 23 01 00]!
•Where are you going?!
26 •[FLINT 26 01 00 03 00]!!
•Where are you going?!
•Listen to what I have to say!!
  Just for five minutes.
•No, just for two minutes.
27 •Hold on, [FLINT 23 01 00]. Where are you going?
•Are you just gonna ditch your own kids here?
28 •Hold on, [FLINT 23 01 00].
•Bronson's really worked up about something.
•You should at least hear what he has to say.
29 •[FLINT 23 01 00]...
•I'm not sure what to say...
•But just stay calm and hear me out.
•I have good news, and I have bad news.
•Which do you want to hear first...?
30 •No...
•Let me start with the good news first.
31 •I picked up a giant "Drago Fang".
•It'll make for a great weapon.
•I figured you could probably use it.
32 •......
•As for the bad news...
33 •......
  The bad news is...
•...It's where I found the Drago Fang.
•It was......
  in your...
34 •It was pierced through your wife's heart...
35 •[FLINT 23 01 00]...
•Just try to stay calm...
36 •I think the only reason [CLAUS 22 05 00] and
  [LUCAS 23 02 00] are safe and sound now
  is because [HINAWA 22 08 00] risked her life to
  protect them.
37 •[FLINT 23 01 00]...
38 •[FLINT 23 01 00]...
  I'm not sure what to say...
•Please try to pull yourself together...
39 •[FLINT 23 01 00]...
40 •[FLINT 23 01 00]!
•What are you doing?!
•[CLAUS 22 05 00] and [LUCAS 23 02 00] are
41 •It's burning intensely.
42 •Chirp chirp.
  (Sparrow Advice!
  You know how enemies sometimes leave nice
  items behind after you fight them?
  If your inventory is full when you find an item
  you want,
  you'll have to either give it up or throw
  another item away.
  Which is why it's a good idea to always eat
  any food items you have as you go along.
  Doing this will help keep your inventory from
  getting full.
  This little trick is especially useful for when
  you're hiking through forests and mountains.
  Well, now to end this with a sparrow-like...
43 Achirpa chirp chirp!)
44 •Wrong.
  I am the wrong frog.
45 •Right!
  Right! Right!!
  The right frog!!
What's neat is that this is a natural, unforced pun in English
46 •Hey there, lucky man!
47 •Ribbit ribbit.
•Rabbit rabbit.
48 •See you later.