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Chapter 0
Line Speaker Text Notes
0 •[FLINT 23 01 00]! [FLINT 23 01 00]!
  [FLINT 26 01 00 03 00]!!!!
•It's a fire! A fire, a fire!
•The Sunshine Forest is on fire in a huge, firey,
  flamey fire!!
1 •You gotta do something, quick!
  [FLINT 26 01 00 01 00]!!
•It's the forest! The forest, the forest!
  The forest is on fire!!!
2 •Geez!
•Who would lock their door in a village as
  peaceful as ours?!
•[FLINT 26 01 00 03 00]!
3 •Ahh!
•The doorknob...
4 •Why'd you hafta come off at a time like this?!
5 •Aahh, Doorknob!
  I mean, [FLINT 23 01 00]!
  This is no time to be dozing off!
•There's a huge fire in the Sunshine Forest!
6 •Bad times like this call for reckless nice guys
  like you!
•Please come, [FLINT 26 01 00 03 00]!!!

Yes     No
8 •Then I'll just have to drag you there myself!
9 •Thomas joined your party!
10 •I'll follow behind you.
•What? What's so wrong with that?
  I happen to like following behind people!
11 •Aahh! [FLINT 23 01 00]!
12 •The whole sky north of here is pitch black with
13 •The door is missing its doorknob, but you
  opened it anyway.
14 •He's hiding something inside his doghouse.
17 •The sheep are milling about restlessly.
18 •Hey! [FLINT 23 01 00]!
19 •That stick should make a good weapon in case
  anything happens.
•Be sure to equip it first, though.
•Just holding on to it'll make it as useful as a
20 •It's a letter from [HINAWA 22 08 00].
23 •Woof! Woof!
  (Please take me with you. I'm sure I'll be
24 •Woo-woof!
25 •*whimper*
  (I'm a member of the family too, you know...)
26 •Take [BONEY 22 09 00] with you?

Yes     No
27 •[BONEY 23 05 00] joined your party.
28 •*whine*
  (It's really noisy out. You're supposed to be
  quiet at night.
  I'm a good dog, so I'm being quiet.)
29 •Woof!
  (Oh, welcome home, Dad!)
30 •The contents of these boxes belong to
•Use them however you wish.
31 •A box?
•Sorry, little monkey. Could you come back
  some other time?
32 •...Dad.
33 •A clothesline.
34 •The mailbox is empty.
35 •The sheep look cold.
36 •The sheep look sleepy.
37 •The sheep are lively.
38 •Tazmily gerberas are [HINAWA 22 08 00]'s
  favorite flowers, after sunflowers.
39 •The flames started coming our way, so we
  ran here with all our might...
•But ol' Lighter and li'l Fuel are still stuck in the
40 •This is what he gets for running without
  warming up first.
•Yeesh. What a bonehead of a partner...
41 •*wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp*
•*wheeze* No... What are you doing?
•Quit pushing that...
•*wheeze* *gasp*
  Quit it...
42 •See what I have to put up with?
43 •*wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp*
•*wheeze* No... What are you doing?
•Quit pushing that...
•*wheeze* *gasp*
  Quit it...
•Seriously, stop...
•Keep pushing that and I'll be sick...
•Why do you keep pushing it?
•See, you did it again...!
•If you keep this up, I'm gonna...
44 •Bleeeergh!
  Just so you know, if something bad happens to
  it's all because YOU kept pressing that stupid
45 •*gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze*...
•I still don't feel so good.
46 •Chirp chirppp!
  (Sparrow Advice!
  Got a minute?
  If you're ever out of strength or find yourself
  a dip in a hot spring is best for what ails you.
  But it's important that you stay in the water
  for a while for it to be effective.
  And actually, there's a nice hot spring right
  inside the Sunshine Forest, too.
  Now to end this with a sparrow-like...
47 chirp chirp!)
48 •[FLINT 23 01 00]!
  Thank heavens you're here!
•I think Lighter and Fuel are still stuck inside the
•Don't worry, I'll hold back these
•You just hurry and find them!
49 •Where's the fire?! Is it on fire?!
•Ooh! I bet it's a big, giant, foresty fire!
50 •This is a big emergency, so I came to help out!
  But Ed won't let me through!
•I can be useful too, you know! I'm not just
  some annoying onlooker!
51 •[FLINT 23 01 00]! Wait! Hold up!
52 •Any responsible person heading into the forest
  would first stop by the sanctuary to say a
  little something to the forest gods!
•At least that's my opinion, anyway!
53 •Is it...
  Is it so wrong of me to think that way?!

Yes     No
54 •Pray.
•Pray that the forest and the people and the
  animals and I can all have happiness.
55 •Hold on, [FLINT 23 01 00]!
  Don't just ignore me and the gods of the
56 •No matter how much of a hurry you're in, you
  can't forget your customs.
•Is it so wrong of me to think that way?!
57 •[FLINT 23 01 00]!
•You're pitch black and covered in soot...
  ...but you're all right!
•Being the responsible man I am, I managed to
  bring Lighter here!
•Hurry and let him see Fuel.
58 •Daaad!
59 •Th-that voice...
  Is that you, Fuel?!
•You're alright?!
•What the...?! What in the world happened to
•You're pitch black, and covered in soot!
60 •What about you, Dad?!
  You busted your leg!
61 •Oh, this? This ain't nothin'!
  All I gotta do is twist this like so, and then do
  this, and then...
•Oww oww oww! Consarnit!
62 •Boss! What in the world are you doing?!
63 •Fixing my injuries, obviously!
  What does it look like?!
64 •Anyways, we sure are lucky [FLINT 23 01 00]
  showed up when he did.
65 •Yeah, he and Lighter've always been quarreling
  buddies since they were kids.
•It's enough to make me jealous.
66 •...Thanks, [FLINT 23 01 00].
•Guess I showed my not-so-tough side, huh?
•I owe you one for today.
67 •I think that could be the first time I've ever
  heard the boss thank anyone.
68 •Ahaha! You're right!
•The only thing that could make this any
  stranger is if it suddenly started pouring rain.
69 •And... now it's starting to rain.
70 •Let's just hope this rain puts out the fire...
71 •We need to tend to Lighter.
  Let's head back to the village for now.
72 •Oh, there you are, [FLINT 23 01 00].
•I asked everyone to split up and search the
  forest for [HINAWA 22 08 00].
73 •You've been blessed with kind friends.
•That must be true happiness, in one sense.
74 •I'd like to join the search, but they told me to
  stay here because I'm old.
•Seems nobody's aware of just how strong I
  really am.
75 •Please don't say I smell like booze or
•I told you I'd be just the guy to help you out,
•See! I brought your dog!
•I could tell he wanted to come along.
76 •I kept my promise. Your dog has come.
  Now you and your dog must go.
•Well, I'm outta here... So long.
77 •Oh, here you are, [FLINT 23 01 00].
•Good thing I waited.
78 •[FLINT 22 01 00]. Just take this and go.
•It's "the" Drago fang.
•I made it into a weapon.
•The only thing that can pierce the tough hide
  of a Drago is a Drago's fang.
•There's no other weapon that can beat a
79 •I realize this might be tough for you to accept,
  but you should take it.
80 •Well, guess I'll head on home and get back to
81 •Looks like you have too many things.
•Come get it later after you organize your
82 •Is this a bench? A table?
  Or possibly a bed?