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Pretty much the center of EarthBound / MOTHER fandom on the Internet. It's got tons of stuff. I helped co-found it back in 1999, when it was known as EarthBound.Net.

MOTHER 2 to EarthBound and Back Again

My personal site that compares the Japanese MOTHER 2 and the North American EarthBound. Lots of neat info here!

MOTHER 3 Fan Translation Blog

This was where I posted progress of the MOTHER 3 fan translation while it was in development. The English patch is out now, but once in a while I update with little news updates. Give it a read to see how much work these kinds of projects take!

Itoi's MOTHER / MOTHER 2 Site

On Shigesato Itoi's incredibly popular site is a small section about MOTHER and MOTHER 2 stuff. Most of it is actually from when MOTHER 1+2 was first announced. It's all very interesting. Even if you can't read Japanese, you might still find neat stuff!

Itoi's MOTHER 3 Site

This is where Itoi would post news and previews before MOTHER 3 was released. After the game's release, he updated it regularly for a few months, but it's basically dead now. There's a ton of cool stuff in here though!

Keiichi Suzuki's MySpace Site

Keiichi Suzuki was one of the main musicians behind MOTHER 1 and EarthBound. His MySpace page includes lots of English info, which is handy. Also check out his official site too!

MOTHER 1+2 Fan Translation

The MOTHER 3 fan translation is well known, but the MOTHER 1+2 translation I did sort of flew under everyone's radars. I can't recommend it enough, though - check it out!

Community Links

  • Online EarthBound Zero Walkthrough - If you're having trouble with the first game in the series, this is for you. It's very informative and will cut down on the amount of time you spend grinding!
  • Online EarthBound Walkthrough - Probably one of the best sources of EarthBound info out there. This thing took forever to make, but now it's a staple for all EarthBound fans new and old. Includes tons of secrets and tips and tricks!
  • Online MOTHER 3 Walkthrough - Like the other online walkthroughs, but this one focuses on the unofficial English translation of MOTHER 3. It's useful, even if it is still under construction.
  • EarthBoundX - A site for a game I made back in 1999 called EarthBoundX. It's basically an Arkanoid clone with an EarthBound theme. You can even make and download custom levels!
  • Video Game Sprites (EarthBound) - A very useful resource for anyone doing any kind of EarthBound-related project.
  • Saturn Valley Online - This is a large EarthBound-themed online RPG. A ton of work has been put into it and people seem to really like it a lot, so go check it out and have some online EarthBound fun!
  • MOTHER 4 Fan Game - A fan-made MOTHER series sequel currently being worked on by a small group of people.
  • Hyperbound Game Blog - Homepage for Hyperbound, a really cool EarthBound hack, as well as Unearthed, another impressive EarthBound hack currently in progress.
  • EarthBound Brasil - A very active EarthBound community, almost kind of like a Brazilian version of EB Central. Check it out!
  • WikiBound - As you can imagine, this is a wiki site about EarthBound and MOTHER stuff!
  • Picosaru's MOTHER-Style Sprites (aka Mother 4) - Japanese fan Picosaru has created an incredible array of sprite artwork using the EarthBound/Mother 3 style. Check it out!
  • Jdaster64's Nintendo Piano Arrangements -
  • Mother2.net - An old site is back! This is a compendium of game info and fan creations and reminds me of my own early days as an EarthBound site guy!
Want to have your EarthBound-related site added here and on this site's sidebar? It's easy! Just head over here to find out how!

Japanese Links

Even if you can't read Japanese, there is a huge treasure trove of awesome MOTHER and EarthBound stuff to be found on Japanese sites. Sadly, the Japanese MOTHER fandom is mostly a bunch of scattered pages with crazy, hard-to-remember URLs. Below are a few of my personal recommendations to get you started on your trek through Japanese territory!
  • MOTHER Party - For many years, this was kind of like the Japanese version of Starmen.Net, but run by one guy. He's basically closed it down now, but there is still some very neat stuff if you take the time to look around.
  • MOTHER Nippooon / EarthBound Japan - For years, this was the premier Japanese MOTHER fansite. It's still alive, and in 1999, Itoi even posted on its message board in celebration of MOTHER's 10th anniversary.
  • MOTHER 3 / EarthBound 64 Preview Site - This was on Nintendo's Spaceworld site in 1999, when the N64 version of MOTHER 3 was demoed to the public.
  • 01Nintendo MOTHER Capture - A set of walkthroughs for all the MOTHER games. This is a bare-bones version, but the earlier version was sort of the base for the Starmen.Net online walkthroughs to come later.
  • MOTHER's Club - A very cool site that lists the Japanese games' text alongside the English text. It also has other neat little extras too. This one deserves to be bookmarked!
  • MOTHER 1+2 Event Report - An in-depth report, with photos, of the MOTHER 1+2 event that took place in the summer of 2003. Awesome stuff.
  • Forest of the Chimera - This was (and still kind of is) THE definitive site for MOTHER 3/EarthBound 64 info, pics, rumors, scans, interviews, theories, and more. I don't think it's updated anymore, but even now it's just... wow.
  • Famitsu and the MOTHER 3 (N64) Cancellation - When the game was cancelled in 2000, many people were shocked. Here is a Famitsu editorial and some readers' thoughts on the matter just hours after.
  • MOTHER 3 2 1 - The site of a special MOTHER-themed event held almost yearly by fans in Japan. You can find out more here, too.
  • Torankirite - You know those 3D MOTHER 3 pics that look like GameCube or Wii screenshots? Yeah, this is where they come from. Incredible artwork and funny comics here!
  • Nanigashi Iori - A ton of cool MOTHER-related music here!
  • MOTHER 3 Wiki - This thing kicks ass. There isn't much more to say.
  • Homemade MOTHER 3 Figures! - Pure amazing. I want!
If you know of any good Japanese sites not listed here, just let me know and I'll add them here and probably make a front page post about 'em!

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