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As Shigesato Itoi continues to post things on the Japanese MOTHER 2 Miiverse, I’ll update this page with pictures and translations of what he’s saying.

First, here’s a look at his profile:


And here are his comments and posts, generally from oldest to newest:

test Ahh Ahh Can you hear me? This is Shigesato Itoi. Please give me something. Please give me Test Test
postcomment I’m about to eat a banana that’s been sitting in 50 degree Celsius water for 15 minutes straight. ….Yum! MOTHER 2 is nice, but so is this banana.
bananawater This is Shigesato Itoi. I’m going to begin posting now. I’m going to mix in some jokes too, so please try not to take it too seriously or swallow stuff in one bite. Gimme something.
banana I was so focused on the banana, but the banana isn’t what I should’ve been focused on.
attractive Are you having trouble today because you’re so attractive to others?

Yes No

created Made the “Shigesato Itoi Room” too boing. Gimme 10 yen
favline You all seem to have your favorite memorable lines… So what’s your favorite line of all? gimme 10 yen
work Shouldn’t you be working or studying or something? gimme 10 yen
ginau (A picture of a Mr. Saturn saying “Ginau” which means nothing although backwards it could be read “unagi”, which means “eel”.)
wbc I took a short break, but I’m feeling really down now because we lost the WBC semi-finals.
momiji I just had some momiji manjuu. A discussion I (Shigesato Itoi) had with Mr. Iwata about “MOTHER 2’s revival” started on Hobonichi (www.1101.com) today.
typing I’m trying to decide whether to go with drawn messages or with typed messages. I wonder if I should use them for different things.
tome How dare you do childish drawings! >To me
community Besides the MOTHER 2 community, there’s a wonderful and not-necessarily bland and fart-smelling community called “Shigesato Itoi’s Room”, so you should visit it on occasion. From the actual me.
bocchan Young Man, Young Woman, come again sometime~. gimme 10 yen
france Let’s try to say it in a French way. “Gîme tèn yén?”
sakura I’ve eaten “sakura mochi” from Toraya twice now this year. They’re neither too overpowering nor too understated. They’re truly delicious. The MOTHER 2 revival is tomorrow.
name1 When you’re playing the game and it asks you for your name, I suggest you answer with your real-life name. (Shigesato Itoi)
name2 I typed out a sort of serious message now! “Treasure your name”, basically.
serious There’ve been requests of, “Always say serious stuff, please.” So I’m going to try hard to do so to the best of my ability. gimme 10 yen
streamannounce I’m thinking of starting my Wii U MOTHER 2 playthrough on Friday night. I’m considering streaming it online. It’s possible I might say something dumb or not very serious, but I’ll try to be caref…
browser You can see it from your Wii U too. You can just use the Internet browser it has.
playing Looks like everyone’s playin’!
abouttoplay I’ma gonna begin playing soon too itoi
normalwork I’ve finally finished my normal work. I’ll be coming here soon.
postevent “Shigesato Itoi Plays MOTHER 2 Night” just ended. It was a lot of fun~ Thank you, BOSE and Mr. Toda. Thank you, everyone.
m2community (Note: This was posted in the MOTHER 2 community rather than Itoi’s own community)

Just dropping by the “MOTHER 2 Community”.

food Just popping in to take a peek. I just finished eating lunch. Stewed Hamburg steak.
soon The Revival Festival is going to end soon. But the game will continue on. Forever.
For lunch I had scallop porridge. I just had a Japanese rice cracker. People can tell when you’ve eaten a Japanese rice cracker because of the smell.
Dear Earthbound / MOTHER2 fans outside of Japan : Thank you for all the requests. Now with the re-launch, I am looking forward to meet new friends. Potential!!
The MOTHER 2 Revival Festival has finally come to an end, but the game has no real ending. The wonderful life you will live is the continuation of the game. May you enjoy it always. (Shigesato Itoi)
People who were kids back then and are now grownups… Big sisters then who might even be mothers now… I think MOTHER 2 probably resonated with these people the most of all. And now people who are currently children will get to grow up with it too.

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