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Cool EarthBound Stuff

Kraken: EarthBound Battle Animation Screensaver

You know all those trippy battle backgrounds in EarthBound? Ever wish you could use them as screensavers on your computer? Now you can!

PK Hack

With PK Hack, you can edit the EarthBound ROM to create whole new experiences! The site is rather neglected, so see the message board for the latest stuff.

Rock Candy

Everyone's heard of Bound Together, but lesser known (to people outside of Starmen.Net anyway) is Rock Candy, which is hours and hours of rockin' EB fan music compiled with painstaking love.

Fobbies are Borange

A radio play that parodies EarthBound in a weird way. Episodes were acted out live every week for about a year. There've been many spinoffs, like the EarthBound Zero parody, "Loids Are Not Christmas". Give it a shot!

EarthBound Zero Easy Patch

One common complaint about EarthBound Zero is that there's too much level-grinding. So I made a patch that doubles the experience and money that enemies give you, making the game much easier to play through.

MOTHER 3 World

Before MOTHER 3's release, Itoi updated a page every week with small previews. We translated that stuff the moment it was posted each week. Check it out and see how he carefully chose what to say and show!

EarthBound Saga

I'm not even sure how to explain this. Basically, it's like a live-action version of EarthBound, but with a wacky low-budgetness to it. There are several chapters, and they're all good, so watch 'em all!

The Chosen Four

An EarthBound comic series by Darrow... but it's no ordinary series. It's already over 150 pages long, fully-colored, and full of awesome EarthBound fun and humor. This stuff is incredible, so give it a read!

Kule Komas

A bunch of funny 4-panel comics by matilda caboose. There's stuff from all three MOTHER games in here. I love this stuff!

Ness and His Amazing Friends

You know how old superhero comic books were really cheesy and stuff? Well, this is what EarthBound would've been like as one of them. Taylor Southerland has made something incredible here!

EarthBound Cult

Over the years, people would comment on how EarthBound fans are like a cult. So one day I decided to make a fake EarthBound cult site. Apparently it scared someone's mom or something. Sweet. That rocks.

EarthBound / MOTHER Fan Art

There's a TON of awesome art to be found at the link above, but fans also post new art all the time over here. You gotta check it all out!

Make Your Own EarthBound Plushies!

Are official plushes too expensive for you? Then why not make your own! Detailed instructions can be found here. Look around the site for stuff for non-EarthBound games too!

EarthBound Font Pack

Ever wanted to use fonts that look like the text in EarthBound? Well, now you can! This font pack includes 13 high-quality fonts from the series!

EarthBound Zero Remake Hack

Many years ago I started on a quest to remake EarthBound Zero by hacking the EarthBound SNES ROM. Some fans have picked up where I left off, and although it's got a long way to go, it's looking amazing!


This is a great set of trance remixes of EarthBound music. I listen to it all the time, give it a whirl!

hiimdaisy's MOTHER 3 Comics

As soon as you finish playing MOTHER 3, you HAVE to read these comics. I can't recommend them enough!

McDonalds Giygas

If you've ever played through EarthBound, then this is required viewing. You'll never be the same again.

Happy Video Game Nerd's EarthBound Review

This is less of a review and more like a half-hour documentary about EarthBound, the MOTHER series, and the cult following it's gained.

The Greatest Cosplay Ever

There are no words.


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