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Info on cool EarthBound and MOTHER-related auctions, including eBay and Japanese auctions.

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Audio Stuff

EarthBound music, music videos, radio plays, and more. These posts often have downloadable goodies!

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Everything that's EarthBound-related or MOTHER 2-related. Happy reading!

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EarthBound 64

Remember EarthBound 64? The Nintendo 64 version of MOTHER 3 that got cancelled in 2000? Now you can read some more stuff about it!

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Unknown to most, there've been a bunch of really cool and interesting EarthBound-related events in the past. Read about some here!

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Fan Games

Info about fan-made games, hacks, and stuff like that. The EB fan game community is stronger now than it ever was!

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Posts about food that relate to the EarthBound series somehow. Some cool stuff in here! Some strange stuff, too.

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These posts relate to EB ROM hacks and other hacking projects like the fan translations.

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Images and photos of neat EarthBound-related stuff!

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A whole bunch of EarthBound-related interviews, all in one convenient location!

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Posts about Shigesato Itoi, the EarthBound/MOTHER series' creator. At last, we English-speakers can get a look into the mind of this creative genius.

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Let's Chat

Daily discussion about various topics and questions relating to EarthBound and other games in the series. See what others think!

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EarthBound manga information, scans, and translations. Some really good non-Japanese comics are included in here too.

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Info and pics on lots of cool EarthBound series merchandise!

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For lonely posts that just don't seem to fit in anywhere else.

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Mitch's Comics

Long-time EB fan Mitch lends his art and humor to EB Central. His personal site has tons of stuff too!

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Posts relating to MOTHER 1 and/or EarthBound Zero. There's quite a lot of interesting stuff here.

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Stuff relating to the GBA compilation of the first two MOTHER games, including info on the fan translation.

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Posts about the GBA release of MOTHER 3, including inside info about the fan translation.

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It's been on everyone's mind since before MOTHER 3 was even released. Will there be a fourth game in the series?

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Music Talk

Each Music Talk post features a different MOTHER/EB MP3 for download... and then we talk about it. It's always cool to hear others' opinions about stuff like this.

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My Crazy EarthBound Cart

I started a new game on my EB cart one day, but found that my stats were all crazy. This is a chronicle of that crazy saved game.

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Many posts here on EarthBound Central have polls in them, but usually every week or so there's one big poll. That's what these are. Vote for your favorites!

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Get answers to all sorts of questions about the EarthBound/MOTHER games, the site, many of my EarthBound-related projects, and more!

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Finally, EarthBound/MOTHER-related rumors, all in one nice location!

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Smash Bros.

Stuff that has to do with EarthBound/MOTHER in the Super Smash Bros. games.

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Uncommon Knowledge

There's a crapload of stuff that even the most diehard of EarthBound fans don't know about. So read up and quench your EarthBound hunger!

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All kinds of cool EarthBound and MOTHER series videos. This stuff is always fun to watch.

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Weekly Round-Up

These weekly updates are chock-full of mini-updates, news, information, links, comics, and a bunch of other stuff!

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