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May 28th, 2010 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Itoi, Merchandise | 16 Comments

Shigesato Itoi recently posted on his Twitter account something about the MOTHER series, and KingDarian quickly sent news about it my way. Here’s what Itoi said, translated into English: Here’s something for the MOTHER folks out there. The “Smiles and Tears” track on the “Keiichi Suzuki:Music for Films and Games/Original Soundtracks” album is sung using lyrics ... Read More »

September 14th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 1 | 17 Comments

A little while ago was the birthday of Keiichi Suzuki, one of the main musicians for EarthBound and EarthBound Zero, so a bunch of us overseas fans went to his sites and wished him a happy birthday. Possibly as a result of this, he recently put up a version of Eight Melodies from his old “Lost Suzuki Tapes” album, which you can hear on his MySpace here: Keiichi Suzuki’s MySpace I... Read More »

September 4th, 2009 | Events | 17 Comments

The other day, Keiichi Suzuki stopped by Itoi’s office because he wanted Itoi to help promote his latest upcoming album. While they ate at a restaurant, he mentioned that he had his 58th birthday the other day, so the restaurant people made a small birthday cake to celebrate. For those not in the know, Keiichi Suzuki was one of the two main musicians who worked on MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2 / Ear... Read More »

April 13th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, MOTHER 1, Uncommon Knowledge | 18 Comments

One of the two main music composers for MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2 was Keiichi Suzuki. I’ve posted about some of his stuff in the past (see here, here, and here), but not a lot of people know that he’s pretty active on the Internet too. If you’re interested in learning more about him, check out web site. What’s especially cool is that he even has an English version of his site ... Read More »

March 4th, 2008 | Audio Stuff, Uncommon Knowledge | 8 Comments

A couple years back, someone at Starmen.Net, I think possibly Aquas, was browsing around Keiichi Suzuki’s website and sent him an email or posted on a guestbook or something. Suzuki was impressed and thankful that people from outside of Japan enjoyed his work, and he even put up a song or two for download. I wish I remembered the whole story, but I think whoever it was told me about it in IR... Read More »

February 10th, 2015 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound | 14 Comments

A while back, yui sent me an e-mail about a set of neat EarthBound remixes made by Cory Johnson: I was feeling down today so I searched for EarthBound music arrangements and stumbled upon this cool post-rock album that lifted my spirits. Think Sigur Ròs meets EarthBound, it’s incredible! And here’s the description for the album: This is a sometimes post-rock, sometimes psychedelic-roc... Read More »

December 9th, 2012 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Videos | 11 Comments

The other day there was an official MOTHER 2 live concert held on Shigesato Itoi’s site. Most of us missed it because of time zone differences and because we didn’t know about it. But luckily JB2448 was able to get ahold of the recorded videos and post them on YouTube: I’m not sure if that’s all of them or not, but it’s nice to actually have something now 😀 Also, ... Read More »

June 9th, 2011 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, MOTHER 1 | 7 Comments

A little while back, SmaMan told me he was doing a segment on his weekly public radio show about Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka, the musicians behind MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2. The recording is now up on the web for all to hear, so check it out here! The EarthBound stuff starts around 8:40 in. ... Read More »

April 6th, 2011 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 1 | 87 Comments

Good ol’ eagle0wl just e-mailed me about a live performance of the Eight Melodies song from MOTHER that will be shown on Shigesato Itoi’s website – it’s supposed to happen in less than 24 hours from now, in fact. It’s being played by Masakatsu Takagi with a special guest appearance by Keiichi Suzuki, one of the main musicians for the first two MOTHER games. You can s... Read More »

August 9th, 2010 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Merchandise | 21 Comments

A little while back I posted about a new CD coming out that features a lot of Keiichi Suzuki’s movie and game music. This CD includes some MOTHER series music too, including a new version of Smiles & Tears. If you don’t remember what Smiles & Tears is, it’s the song that plays at the end of EarthBound, during the staff credits. Shigesato Itoi actually wrote lyrics for t... Read More »

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