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October 16th, 2019 | EarthBound, Interviews, Itoi, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 2, MOTHER 3, 日本語

Arino Kacho played MOTHER 2 on a recent string of Game Center CX episodes. Shigesato Itoi visited him while he was playing on day 2 and they had a little interview session.

Read the interview here!

Some topics of interest include:

  • Itoi naming Ness silly things like “Peepee” and “Panties” when he plays the game
  • How the two-hour “dad call” influenced a similar mechanic in future Nintendo games
  • Itoi’s dedication of being heavily involved in MOTHER‘s development, despite not being a game dev
  • How MOTHER‘s world map was designed by hand with pieces of paper on the floor of an apartment
  • Itoi’s friendship with Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto
  • MOTHER 3‘s transition from a 3D game to a 2D game and the issues that arose
  • Itoi’s answer to the question: “What are games to you, personally?”

It’s a great interview, so give it a read. 🙂



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18 Comments to Arino Kacho Interviews Itoi

Cory Martin said on Oct. 17, 2019

The day I randomly decide to check EB Central, there’s a new article posted!

I enjoyed this interview.

Saturnome said on Oct. 17, 2019

woah 1101 has english articles? I was expecting a translation on some fan blogspot or something as if it still was 2007.

Esper said on Oct. 17, 2019

Oh man what a great interview. I love these two!

Leeaux said on Oct. 21, 2019

Oh snap, new post! Definitely gonna read this.

JesusLovesNess said on Oct. 25, 2019

Kacho “And Mr. Saturn is art. (Laughs) If anyone else were to write a Mother game someday, would you want them to include Mr. Saturn?”
Itoi “Hmm, I think I would, yeah.”

Do they know about the Mother 4 fan game? It’s cool that Itoi is willing to share one of his most iconic characters!

Mook said on Oct. 28, 2019

How is no one talking about how he called his most recognised creation “Panties”

VinchVolt said on Oct. 28, 2019

Hey, we all have a silly side to us.

Samuel Layton said on Nov. 8, 2019

It’s a bit disappointing that he doesn’t want to show off more of EB 64, but it is what it is. At least the spirit of the game lives on in the final product.

Rāma said on Nov. 10, 2019

If we collect the development costs for the English version of “Mother3” through crowdfunding, will the project start to move?

Samwise Jamboree said on Nov. 11, 2019

If we got the development money together, it’d start thirteen years ago.

Happy belated thirteenth birthday, M3 Fan Translation!

AR said on Nov. 16, 2019

Wow, so if that someone had not given Itoi a copy of Dragon Quest, maybe Mother would never exist. I wonder who is that person.

DJ said on Dec. 12, 2019

Who is this man? I’d like to shake his hand.

Mook said on Dec. 16, 2019

I really hope that there’s an update for christmas

Cattlesnakes said on Jan. 13, 2020

that was awesome!I really enjoyed reading this. Itoi has the best scence of humo

LucianoTheWindowsFan said on Feb. 13, 2020

Last Post ever

virtualboy2558 said on Feb. 24, 2020

Wouldn’t doubt it… over 4 months since the last article, no one can get into the forums still, and Mato or anyone else hasn’t really said anything on the matter. I hate to say it… but this site has been stuck on life support for a while now.

gob said on Feb. 26, 2020

I hope that if there are things to post about that this site will continue getting updated indefinitely…. I still check back here often and will continue to do so!

Annoi said on Feb. 27, 2020

Why are the forums are still down?


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