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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 27th, 2019 | EarthBound, Food, Merchandise, MOTHER 3

We covered the Mother’s Cookbook Kickstarter a while back, which was successfully funded and recently fulfilled! If you missed out, you can now buy a copy at Fangamer.

I’m incredibly impressed with this cookbook. The recipes are creative and easy to follow, the photography is beautiful, and the entire book is dripping with love. Not only do you get recipes for foods that appear in EarthBound and MOTHER 3:

You also get recipes inspired by other parts of the game like the New Age Retro Hummus and even some drinks!

Don’t worry, there’s a recipe for the infamous Trout Yogurt in there, and it… actually looks delicious. The recipes were written by level1chef, check out his site for other video game-inspired recipes!

If you feel like you need a copy of this cookbook in your life, head on over to Fangamer and pick one up. There’s even a PDF version if you don’t like owning physical things. And don’t worry if you’re not a master chef – there are recipes for beginners too!



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4 Comments to Piping Hot Mother’s Cookbook Ready to Eat

FranklinVadge said on Mar. 27, 2019

I ordered my over a year and four months ago… still waiting patiently.

FranklinVadge said on Mar. 28, 2019

Nvm came in the same day I commented that lol

RAMA said on May. 9, 2019

It looks delicious. It may lead to the release of Mother3.

BrcraziNess64 said on Jun. 7, 2019


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