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July 31st, 2018 | EarthBound, Hacking, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos

A YouTuber named Chaz recently conducted a full-scale investigation to figure out why the Mole Playing Rough in Dusty Dunes Desert appears where it does 100% of the time. He dove deep into EarthBound’s complicated code and explained everything in this easy-to-understand video:

The video also contains information on the Shattered Man and Invisible Man glitches, random vs scripted battles, and event flags. It’s very interesting!

– Poe


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10 Comments to The Secret Behind the Desert Mole Playing Rough

NekoKnight said on Jul. 31, 2018

That was a very interesting video.
Thank you for posting it.

game4brains said on Jul. 31, 2018

Well I suppose that’s one way to address a serious glitch.

Robbie said on Aug. 2, 2018

20 years later. Still new things discovered.

JeffShotFirst said on Aug. 2, 2018

GREAT video. I Love it when we get super nerdy into how it works.

NichoMania said on Aug. 2, 2018

Quick off topic question: Anyone know if Swag Watch will ever come back? I want to get back into the Earthbound merch hunt, but it feels like a lot of “that side” of this site is either not working or just out of date.

which is sad, because this site was great for combining news and merch links and so on…

Esper said on Aug. 3, 2018

Wow! I really thought the moles were placed where they were as jokes. It’s super neat how they serve a hidden purpose! Kind of a funny work around.

Anonymous said on Aug. 7, 2018

Interesting video, but I am wondering something:
in the couple of solo playthroughs I did of Earthbound I noticed to álways get ambushed by a Mole Playing Rough at the very beginning of the Lilliput Steps cave, right above the small ledge/entrancepath the cave starts out on.
I wonder if this is also a 100%-spawn mole or not, since it didn’t get mentioned in the video and M.P.R.’s do spawn naturally inside the Lilliput Cave dungeon.
So my question is: is there also another 100% guaranteed M.P.R. at the beginning of Lilliput Steps, or am I just being paranoid?

Chaz said on Aug. 7, 2018

Anonymous: That one is a 95% spawn. There’s an undocumented mode of my mapper for the randomizer at https://map.earthbound.app/?enemies that will display enemy spawns, if you go to that URL. Click the “Load Default EB File”, and you’ll see a bunch of red squares that are the spawn plates. Click one for details. It’s a little user-unfriendly as its meant as a debugging tool for randomizer development, but it’s handy to see at a glance without needing to download CoilSnake, the way people traditionally viewed these spawns.

Ryan said on Aug. 9, 2018

I’ve played the game a couple dozen times and I’ve never encountered this enemy in Summers. Weird.

Also, my brain always gets scrambled when I see this little d00d and I hear “Role-Playing Muff” in my head. Would’ve been a very, very different enemy, the Role-Playing Muff.

peppygrowlithe said on Aug. 26, 2018

What a fascinating video. The more I learn about the game’s inner workings, the more I realize how how quirky it really is on a gut level.


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