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July 2nd, 2018 | Audio Stuff, Hacking, MOTHER 3

Back when we worked on the MOTHER 3 fan translation 10 years ago, we had reidman and Meeellla record themselves saying “Ready, set, go!” for an audio clip that plays in Chapter 4. If you don’t recall, it plays when Lucas and a character named OJ are about to do a rock-paper-scissors sort of game.


Recently, a fan named Karmageddon asked the official English voice actress for Lucas in the Super Smash Bros. games to say “Ready, set, go!” to be used as an alternate voice clip. He also recorded himself as the voice for OJ. Here’s what it sounds like in action:


For anyone who’s interested, I’ve made an alternate patch that includes this new voice clip here. Only the voice is changed – everything else is the same as Version 1.2 I think.

There are instructions in the zip file on how to use the patch – basically you just take the main fan translation patcher, replace the “mother3.ups” file in it with this new file (and rename the new file mother3.ups), and then run the patcher like normal. If you have difficulties with it, though, fellow fans can help you out here.

Also, speaking of alternate patches, if you haven’t tried it out yet, a fan did a script rewrite of the translation a few years ago to make things sound more natural. If you missed it, read more here!

I should note that if any translation patch updates get released in the future, these alternate versions will probably stay separate. But if you’re a diehard fan of MOTHER 3 and want to try the game with some slight differences, these might be right up your alley!


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16 Comments to MOTHER 3 Alternate Voice Patch

NovaManXP said on Jul. 2, 2018

That’s pretty cool. I haven’t played Mother 3 since the translation patch originally came out, so I might replay it and try out this patch with the alternate script patch as well.

Alxprit said on Jul. 2, 2018

What about the “Look over there!” of that one item?

father3 said on Jul. 3, 2018

This is awesome. However, I kinda like the old one more tbh. I feels a lot like the kind of sound clip you’d hear on a very old game, and OJ’s voice sounds better. It’s kinda soothing. Nice, reidman 🙂

Karmageddon said on Jul. 4, 2018

I didn’t touch the “Look over there!” Because it would’ve sound odd if let’s say Boney would use it with Lucas’s voice.

Pik said on Jul. 4, 2018

Woah, this is a change I never knew I wanted. It feels like an official Nintendo clip now. (and the other one was good anyway)


Karmageddon said on Jul. 4, 2018

@Pik Thanks!

Karmageddon said on Jul. 4, 2018

Hey Tomato, is it okay if you could use my screen name instead of my actual name please?

Matt said on Jul. 4, 2018

Lucas has an english voice actor in Smash Bros.? Why, when they still use the original JP voice clips for Ness?

Earthbounder said on Jul. 9, 2018

Wonder if their is a way to use the alt english translation with this voice patch

Esper said on Jul. 15, 2018

Dammit I’d prefer the new one if the “set” didn’t such blow into the mic. Love the official Lucas voice though!

Karmageddon said on Jul. 15, 2018

@Esper Heh, my bad. But remember though. We had to lower the quality of the recording to make it work on hardware.

Angela Valentine said on Jul. 25, 2018

Wait, so did the Japanese original of MOTHER 3 have voice acting in that part?

Mato said on Jul. 25, 2018

Yes, there are two voice clips in the game that needed translating: https://earthboundcentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/m3_voice_clips.mp3

Angela Valentine said on Aug. 7, 2018

How interesting! I had no idea the voice clips were translated and re-recorded for the patch. Incredible.

What is the second clip from?

Anonymous said on Sep. 2, 2018

Those are just the voice actors they cast. They didn’t recast for EITHER character in the English version. And Ness still speaks English despite the Japanese voice actor.

Karmageddon said on Sep. 5, 2018

@Angela Valentine
I asked the voice of Lucas from Smash (Lani Minella) if she could record herself saying the line, so she was Lucas and i was OJ.


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