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May 30th, 2017 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 1, Videos

A fan named Ari composed an Eight Melodies arrangement last year for a local orchestra to play:

Hiya Mato!

My name is Ari and I’m apart of UT Dallas’ Video Game/Anime Orchestra Ensemble. I’m apart of their music production team, and for the past 9 months I’ve been working on a Eight Melodies Arrangement/Transcription based off the track of the same name from the Mother 1989 album. I chose this specific track because while searching the internet, I haven’t been able to find sheet music remotely similar to this track.

Here’s a link to Anime Orchestra’s performance of Eight Melodies from our latest concert:

In the score I had to improvise some measures of particular parts because they were hard to hear, and also I wanted to have a little fun. The ending was also something I had to come up with as well since the original track fades out and doesn’t have a conclusive ending. This is only my second arrangement I’ve created (and bare in mind I was solely a choir gal in high school), so constructive criticism is welcomed! If you want the score/want to read along, attached to this will be the full orchestra score in a PDF.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or they want to play my arrangement, please contact me at axl151130@utdallas.edu.

Thank you!

Ari included a PDF of the sheet music for this arrangement, which you can here.

I once heard that Eight Melodies was included in some Japanese music books used in schools. It’s neat to see the song spreading into other schools too now!


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4 Comments to Eight Melodies Arrangement Played Live

William said on May. 30, 2017

Cool. I’ll have to play the trumpet part sometime.

William said on May. 30, 2017

Cool! I’ll have to play the trumpet part sometime.

Steve said on May. 31, 2017

This is awesome! Great work!

Giygas said on Jul. 11, 2017



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