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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 28th, 2016 | Images, MOTHER 3

Multiple people sent this my way – apparently someone was holding up a “LOCALIZE MOTHER 3” sign during a recent WWE SmackDown wrestling event:


I don’t know any details beyond that, so if anyone has any more info or pics/videos lemme know!


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23 Comments to MOTHER 3 Sign on WWE SmackDown

Séraku Mitra said on Apr. 28, 2016

Oh my god that’s amazing lol

RotebroTobias said on Apr. 28, 2016

Earthbound fans fills you with DETERMINATION.

Anemone said on Apr. 28, 2016


Mattiac said on Apr. 28, 2016

A role model for everyone! ^_^

MILF = Mother I’d Localize Fanatically

annabelle said on Apr. 28, 2016

this seems like something my ex would do

SuperGamingBro64 said on Apr. 28, 2016

Im surprised this makes the news but Smashified Masked Man (as well as Mother Month) and SomeCallMEJohnny’s Mother Marathon doesn’t

vince94 said on Apr. 28, 2016

OMG wut

Kacey said on Apr. 29, 2016

Kotaku has a clip of video.

Scotty said on May. 1, 2016

“…And his name is Lucas from nowhere!”

TBird said on May. 1, 2016

The grinding, the prayers, the vita capsules! WHAT’S you gonna do, brother, when Mothermania runs wild on YOU!

Angela said on May. 4, 2016

Guys, I think I may have a lead on Earthbound 64! There’s a user on Reddit which claims that his friend worked on an EB 64 project which involved actual beta cartridges and a developer of the game. I think his name is FunkyBilliards, but you can more easily find him by just looking up “Earthbound 64” on Reddit.

Anonymous said on May. 7, 2016

^All the stuff that guy says sounds super fake-y. Especially when he starts explaining “dropped” story elements. Were people really buying this guy’s garbage?

Angela said on May. 7, 2016

You never know, could be true. I remember when people were calling bs on a guy who was claiming that the NES game Monster Party originally had a unreleased uncensored version, but that turned out to be true.

N7Kopper said on May. 8, 2016

Given the wringer that Fire Emblem titles are being strung through by Treehouse’s horribly unprofessional practices, I have to sincerely hope that Mother 3 ISN’T getting an official localisation any time soon.

Sorry, guys. :p

J said on May. 8, 2016

I’ve seen that same comment several months ago on a different post or site somewhere, I can’t remember what the article was. But that’s definitely not new news.

Traiver said on May. 9, 2016

A Kappa’s Trail still had the Oxygen Men intact in the English version, but that was from 2010 (even before Bayonetta 2) and NoA has changed a lot since then, with every new release of theirs adding new stuff to the “to be cut” list.

Considering Bravely Second had NoA request alternate bad endings to be entirely cut, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ending and whole scenes were cut from Mother 3, and then the usual sites jumping to NoA’s defense, and in the same breath shitting on Mato’s translation (which is one of the best fan-translations out there); I’m already seeing people on some forums using stuff like Tokyo/rural accents to attack it, just to say “see it’s a dry literal translation and not a complete one, this game needs NoA” and then fantasizing and justifying what potential cuts the localization should have (even onsens).

Igiulaw said on May. 10, 2016

NOA did not request the Bravely Second ending changes; that was all Square-Enix. There is also no proof of NOA regulations actually changing, other than them publishing more games with risque content in the first place. Never mind that most of the cuts people complain about aren’t even exclusive to one region. We don’t even know if Treehouse or some different team would be handling the localization. Enough with the generalizations, the scapegoating, and the hyperbole.

Traiver said on May. 11, 2016

There is enough proof right now that NoA’s policies are changing. Also, NoA claimed FE WiiU’s changes were “how Atlus would have localized it” despite the latter’s clarifications, so I’d take “it’s on Square” with a grain of salt considering there’s “NoA localization specialists” in Bravely Second’s credits.

Shin Megami Tensei 4 being published by Nintendo for a 2013 release in Europe (this means they were fine with its religious content) then after multiple delays and confirmations by Nintendo France it’s still a thing, it gets cancelled.
Around the same time, Zelda A Link Between Worlds has its religious content entirely cut from the localizations. It was as tame as stuff you’d see in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass btw.
And Xenoblade X toned down lots of religion-related stuff that was fine in the NoE-localized predecessor.

Bayonetta 2 meant they were fine with partially exposed flesh, gravure, sexy poses, sexy suits, and gore.
Then Fatal Frame 5 had a gravure scene with the sexy suits removed entirely.
Then Bravely Default had all sexy suits removed. Apparently male Cupidon costumes were too sexy for NoA too.
Then Bravely Second had not only the sexy suits, but the partially exposed suits removed. It was the starting point for cutting story related content, in this case a bunch of dramatic endings and various characterization.
Then Fire Emblem Fates (Awakening already had Henry’s plot completely changed) suffers coincidentally the exact same kind of story related cuts. And tons of characterization. In addition to the costumes. And an entire mode that’s as offensive as Nintendogs/Mario 64’s face petting simulation being cut without any replacement for the missing EXP and character development.
Then FExSMT cutting ALL of the above in addition to onsens, and this time they cut a whole DLC story quest.

In contrast, in 2005 Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia kept the same onsens without anything visible, and still had alcohol.
Oh, about alcohol? Nintendo cut it in Story of Seasons for the territories where it handled distribution.

The weird Japanese stuff?
After WarioWare had a significant part of it make it intact, and some journalists berating Nintendo for visible genitalia is art statues in Animal Crossing, this stuff is cut again beginning with Chibi Robo AR 3DS onwards.

I’d say there’s enough cause for concern.
Mother 3 has material that with enough mental leaps could be construed as offensive to minorities.
It has religious themes, some nihilism, underage nudity, drugs, and suicide.
It has far more upsetting and disturbing stuff than whatever Bravely Second and Fire Emblem Fates had that “justified” to NoA doing away entirely with whole sections of text.

And NoA’s taboo list is in an advanced evolutionary state at this time, as they keep surprising us. They’re as hands-on as ever, and they even implicate NoE (who no longer gets away with having their own translations and own cuts) and NCL (to bring back Japanese VA so that even the Japanese voice acting carries the censorship).
They even outdid their nineties game – much of the same censorship policy is now reinstated.

There will be tons of cuts if Mother 3 is ever localized, and it won’t be pretty.

Until then pro-cut advocates will claim it won’t be cut.
After that it will be arguments about how they’re “not really cuts” and the game “is intact”.

Venus said on May. 15, 2016

so i think me and xenobite are reving earthbound 64 so I guess I mentioned about EarthBound 64 too on reddit.I found even EarthBound 64 on blogspot speaking even about siliconera website from 2006 article about that beta cartridges.

Anonymous said on May. 15, 2016

“Given the wringer that Fire Emblem titles are being strung through by Treehouse’s horribly unprofessional practices, I have to sincerely hope that Mother 3 ISN’T getting an official localisation any time soon.

Sorry, guys. :p”

There was a rumor a while ago saying NoE is translating it, like they did with Xenoblade because NoA didn’t even want to bother. I hope that’s the case.

Anonymous said on May. 15, 2016

And I mean the first Xenoblade, not X (sadly)

MegaSocky :0c said on Jun. 13, 2016

Apparently the guy who caught this while watching the event posted it on twitter, and the guy who held the sign up replied on that tweet.

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