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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 7th, 2016 | Events

Last year was the first-ever Camp Fangamer, and it turned out to be an amazing, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event. So I was surprised when I found out that a Camp Fangamer 2016 is happening this July!

This year’s event is going to last for three days, one more than the last one. Tickets are available on Fangamer’s site here at a variety of levels – apparently you can even get something called a “Winternship”.

If you missed the 2015 Camp Fangamer, it had all your standard convention stuff – panels, a game room, guest speakers, vendors, and more. But it also featured an EarthBound theme, a goofy charity game show that lasted all weekend, and a strange, convention-wide story line that developed over the course of the weekend:

It was a ton of fun, surreal, and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I suspect Camp Fangamer 2016 will feature a lot of the same creative energy that 2015 had, but with new twists of its own. I don’t know if a theme has been announced yet, but it looks like the story line is already beginning:

(don’t worry about the Kickstarter stuff, that was part of the story from a few weeks ago)

Poe and I expect to be there again this year too, so if you’re interested in Camp Fangamer 2016 check out the official site!

Tickets start at $85 for all three days and they include some more genuine “swag bags”!


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2 Comments to Camp Fangamer 2016 Tickets Now Available! (July 29-31)

TragicManner said on Apr. 7, 2016

Can’t wait! Last year was awesome and it was great to see everyone!

Sneakii said on Apr. 7, 2016

awww I can’t afford $85 or plane tickets… well darn I was excited to get a loot bag and get to see the cool stuff.


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