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January 26th, 2016 | EarthBound, Hacking

A while back, TragicManner sent me this e-mail about a new translation patch for EarthBound:

So, ShadowOne333 just finished his translation of EarthBound in LatAm Spanish the other day.

MrMontolio helped a little with translation, and the active community at PKHack has REALLY put in a lot of work on helping several completed and ongoing translations, especially MrTenda, H.S, and TheKirby.

Otherwise, ShadowOne333 put a TON of work into the project and has contributed to the ongoing translations of EarthBound, so he is pretty amazing for nearly doing this whole thing solo!

Here are some sample screenshots:

EB_Mother_2001 EB_Mother_2000
EB_Mother_2004 EB_Mother_2002

And you can read about the translation and download the latest version here:

I’ve actually lost count of how many EarthBound translation patches there are now. The recent improvement of EarthBound hacking tools has helped make the process a billion times easier!


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8 Comments to EarthBound Translated Into Latin American Spanish

TragicManner said on Jan. 26, 2016

Congrats ShadowOne333 and everyone who helped out with this translation!

It’s really incredible to me, because ShadowOne333 was mostly focused on his project MaternalBound, and used what he learned from that to start making a translation almost as an afterthought. He ended up finding how to fix several of the major problems and holes we hadn’t been able to do with translations in the past and contributed a lot to the translation efforts in general that other teams are still benefitting from now.

Translating EarthBound has come a long way from when I first attempted it back in 2007. It’s just crazy to me that a team of people can sit down and get EarthBound translated, hacked, and released in less than a year for some languages when it took all the previous efforts I know of several years as most of those faced quite a few restrictions and challenges that we’re overcome since to the great work of the PKHack community!

ness super said on Jan. 26, 2016

Hola 😀

An E and two 8 said on Jan. 26, 2016

Awesome, I remember trying another spanish translation some time ago and it was just terrible. I stopped playing near the beginning when Ness mum began to talk in Spanglish.

Anyways. I’ve played Shadow’s MaternalBound hack, so I can count on this hack being just as flawless as that one. 🙂

Aplausos para el maestro del hacking, y que viva latinoamerica!

L.B. 367 said on Jan. 27, 2016

This is new? i try to play it the game in spanish one time but the translation was very bad for me, so i play them on english, i could understand the plot very well, it was an easy english.

The first game of the NES, Earthbound Zero i played in spanish thanks to OAD, and Mother 3 thanks to the translation of Mato, I’d enjoy to thank him for his work whit this game.
Whatever this look diferent, and good done, I’ll try it someday, thanks.

Anonymous said on Jan. 28, 2016

Great! There are a lot of spanish/latin gamers who would like to play this game but they can’t understand english.

Is all the game translated?

Fred Bounder said on Jan. 30, 2016

Nice 😀

ShadowOne333 said on Feb. 9, 2016

Oh my!

I didn’t notice that the translation was featured here! 😀

First of all, thanks to the wonderful hacking community that is PK Hack. I have found a great place with friendly people and many passionate hackers. This made hacking games one of my main hobbies now. 🙂

As for all the comments asking about the translation:

Yes, this is a new translation that I’ve worked on and finished it about the last few months of 2015.
This has nothing to do with the previous translation and I can assure you that the translation is COMPLETE!
Sprites, graphics, compressed graphics, heck even the Credits and Debug mode have been translated. 😛

I tried to make the translation as 100% as possible (thank you OCD) and I think it came out pretty well. 🙂

Many, many thanks to TragicManner, CRefice and the_kirby for their comments and support and to Mato for posting the hack in this site!


Antonio said on Mar. 2, 2016

Hello and thanks for the translation.

How do I play it in spanish on my PC?


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