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Tips for Buying EarthBound

November 28th, 2015 | EarthBound, Interviews, Itoi, MOTHER 4


Fellow translator Jason M. just finished translating Shigesato Itoi’s most recent interview about the MOTHER series – you can check it out here!

This is the same interview where he talks about why he’s not going to make any more MOTHER games, his thoughts on Iwata’s passing, his musings on the series’ popularity outside of Japan, and more. It’s an excellent read, so check it out sometime!


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14 Comments to Shigesato Itoi’s Latest Interview, Fully Translated!

Jeff Shot First said on Nov. 28, 2015

Great read, photos are great!
There’s even a picture of a black phone in there! I have always been trying to speculate the exact style for Ness’s Dad. This one appears to be a Western Electric model 500 (introduced in the 1950’s thru 1984). I originally thought it was more art deco based on the sprite, like the phones of the 1940’s (ex Bell System Rotary Dial F1). However, they got Itoi in the same room as a model 500- which in my book settles the debate.

Neko Knight said on Nov. 28, 2015

Another great interview from a great man! One thing I would like to say though, has anyone asked him recently about the MOTHER 3 N64 ROM? I realize that it’s a very touchy subject, but if you framed the question very very politely, Mr. Itoi might drop a bombshell, saying something like, “Yeah, we’ve still got the prototype cartridge.” It would be amazing if somehow it was released to the public.

Mr. Tenda said on Nov. 28, 2015

This was a great interview, thanks for sharing it. Man, I wish there were more photos of the Mother 2 event, it looks interesting

Sat said on Nov. 29, 2015

I love the anecdote with the university professor.

NichoMania said on Nov. 29, 2015

Great translation, but something has been bugging me about it…

Ever since, I read the last post about Itoi saying people in the West think he’s “lying and is really working on Mother 4,” I became sceptical of these words (translation/or his own). Now with a full translation, it seems even more boggling!

Call it a hunch, but I think Itoi thinks, when people in the West say ‘Mother 4 is coming!” [as seen in the article], he might have been overhearing fans going on about the fan game in development. Though I might be wrong, it would make sense that the idea of the fan game hasn’t been brought up to him yet, possibly allowing this mistake, as I haven’t seen him showing any knowledge of its existence in any publishments yet.

JM said on Nov. 30, 2015

Hi NichoMania,

Thanks for the comment. I took another look at the line and the Japanese is:



“This American person (people) are always saying ‘4 is in the making,’ but I think it’s obviously a lie. (laugh)”

What Itoi is saying here is that the person/people (the way he says アメリカ系の人 almost sounds like he’s talking about a specific person, who happens to be American, but more than likely he just meant non-Japanese fans) keep saying that 4 is secretly being worked on, but that’s obviously a lie (which he should know, since he’s not working on it).

He has an interesting way of speaking that leave some ambiguities in what he says, but the statement is pretty clear. As for your assumption that he COULD be referring to Mother 4.. you actually might be onto something.

He might be mistaking internet talk about the Mother 4 fangame for people suggesting that HE’S making it. If he’s never heard of the fangame directly, then obviously it’d be confusing for him to see people saying “Oh, Mother 4 got delayed again!”

Star and Moon said on Nov. 30, 2015

“…if an incredibly good-looking son born by a mistress were to come with a planning document that seemed really good…”

So, the answer to getting official Mother 4 is to teleport to an alternate reality where this actually happens, bring that person back and have him give a planning sheet to Itoi! It’s so simple, I can’t believe we hadn’t even thought of it before!

Kingpendragon said on Dec. 1, 2015

Does anybody know something about this “Rice of the Zealous Penguin” manga? Maybe just the japanese name so I can try to find out more about it?

JM said on Dec. 1, 2015


The title is: 情熱のペンギンごはん (Jounetsu no Pengin Gohan)
Written by: Teruhiko Yumura

Honestly, I have no idea what the series is about or what Itoi was referring to. It seems like a pretty minor manga, though.

Kingpendragon said on Dec. 4, 2015

Thank you very much JM!

That is a pretty damn obscure manga! I’m surprised someone even remeber it, to say nothing of referencing it so many years later.

anon said on Dec. 15, 2015

I hate to be that guy who brings up Undertale everywhere, but I’d love to see what Itoi thought of that game. The storytelling is spot on. It might be something like what he’s looking for.

JM said on Dec. 17, 2015

Is Undertale translated into Japanese? It’s my understanding that Itoi doesn’t speak English…

L.B. 367 said on Jan. 8, 2016

Well, before reading Itoi reasons, and after finished Mother
3, think the reason for Shigesato Itoi don’t make any more Mother’s games, is because he could not make any better than this, and after reading this, it seems i was not far wrong. I respect his decision of not wanting to ruin his own creation, and i expect the team that would made Mother 4 catch the essence of what makes these games so great.

Thanks Mr. Itoi for this wonderfull games! and thanks for posting this translation, i would read some more.

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 HD Remake said on Jan. 9, 2016

I think his MOTHER 4 and 5 could be in 3D like EarthBound 64/MOTHER 3


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