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September 3rd, 2015 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound 64

For the past year or so I’ve heard a number of different rumors and stories that someone has acquired a prototype of the Nintendo 64 version of MOTHER 3. I’ve never put much faith in it because it’s never accompanied with pictures or other evidence. Here’s an interesting e-mail from a reader, though:

Hello, I was looking at earthbound 64 info because.. eh why not? anyways, i found some tracks I’ve never heard of before that supposedly come from Earthbound 64. I don’t know if this guy is a troll or not but he does have genuine OST of video games so.. maybe?

And here are the videos in question:

Until now, the only officially released EarthBound 64/MOTHER 3 N64 music are three other tunes that you can find here. So if the above music is legit, this is the first new EarthBound 64 stuff to come to light since 2000!

I can’t say if it’s real or not with just these videos, plus the fact that “music” is misspelled on everyone one is a little weird. I don’t know, what do you think? Legit or fake?

UPDATE: Shogo Sakai, the game’s musician, says he has nothing to do with this music.


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51 Comments to Possible EarthBound 64 Prototype Music?

PersonB said on Sep. 3, 2015

Hmmm… I’m not sure. On one hand, it sounds like music from contemporary productions (like anime, the Tenchi Muyo OVA pops into mind), especially the second song. On the other, it sounds very clean, to good for N64 audio. Though I’ve heard of people cleaning up N64 audio rips, not to mention these might be rips from the N64DD version, which may have improved audio. Of course, it may not be a rip at all, rather a dump of an audio file from the game resources. Either way, if this is the real deal, whoever did this had to have some sort of connections in Nintendo or Brownie Brown (well, 1-UP now) to get that info. Interviews w/ Brownie Brown said that they had a semi-functional copy of the 64 version of Mother 3 to play for reference. Anyway, I’m rambling, but if this is the real OG or not, it’s still some good music.

TragicManner said on Sep. 3, 2015

Seems fishy to me. I mean, they could be legit tracks… but they don’t “feel” like Mother 3 music to me. I mean, I’m not expert, but it they don’t seem to fit. I’d also say that the fact that none of these show up in GBA’s unused audio (https://tcrf.net/Mother_3#Unused_Audio) along with the fact that all the music we have heard from EarthBound 64 up until this point either showed up in the game in some form or another or was very similar to music in the game, makes me feel uncertain. But still! It’ll be interesting to hear the actual story behind these and know whether or not they are legit.

snifit said on Sep. 3, 2015

Check the others “unused music” videos on his channel. I tried to search on tcrf.net some samples or information, but I found nothing. Very unlikely to be legit…

KoopA said on Sep. 3, 2015

how can i make earthbound trilogy polish language patch trilogy for layman like ME?

KingDarian said on Sep. 3, 2015

This sounds nothing like MOTHER 3’s style of music, but it’s still kind of cool. Reminds me more of Sonic CD’s soundtrack than anything. If you really wanted to get a yes/no on this, you could probably try sending a polite question to Shogo Sakai on Twitter. When he’s not posting 100 cat photos, he sometimes tweets about MOTHER 3 things. He probably wouldn’t mind weighing in on this.

VOID said on Sep. 3, 2015

you mean “me”?

BusterTheFox said on Sep. 3, 2015

That second one would feel right at home in… Pokemon Puzzle League.

Clone5184 said on Sep. 3, 2015

The last one sounds like a battle theme for a robotic enemy of sorts.

Lucas said on Sep. 3, 2015

Shogo Sakai speaks English?

Silent Aswang said on Sep. 3, 2015

I’m really not sure, it sounds like music from a game, but nothing can prove it’s from MOTHER 3, honestly, it’s weird.
It may be from another game, but if it’s not…it can also be self-made or something, but that also would be weird, because
why would someone make music just to pretend it’s from another game, an unreleased one of all things.
I really like the music, but I’m not sure it’s from MOTHER 3.
It might be from a game, but possibly another game…a very obscure one, who knows?

jeffmaxwell said on Sep. 3, 2015

What does Shazam say?

Lucas said on Sep. 3, 2015

Shogo Sakai said that only earthbound 64 ost CD so maybe it’s only mother 3i+ or some sort of scam.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 3, 2015


How can there be a TCRF page, if the proto still has yet to be found?

CRefice said on Sep. 3, 2015

@Alex Dyson He’s probably talking about the mother 3 tcrf page. Although I agree, that does not mean anything, since that music could very well have not been inserted at all into the cartridge.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 3, 2015

@CRefice, well… The uploader was one of my friends from a couple of years ago, his name’s Ryan Ramos.
I remember him playing something on his N64, though the cartridge was taller than a normal cartridge… Could it be the MOTHER 3 proto? I didn’t ever see the title screen, it just showed some kind of purple monkey….

Mato said on Sep. 3, 2015

Lucas: He was responding to a tweet that someone auto-translated from English to Japanese. The Japanese text was mostly nonsense but sounded like the Tweeter wanted to purchase the Mother 3’s music, hence Shogo Sakai’s response about it being on CD already.

skyrunner14 said on Sep. 3, 2015

@Alex Dyson

In most of the screenshots we have of EB64, there is indeed a purple monkey, which we believe to be Salsa in the final game. How long has it been since you’ve talked to your friend? Maybe you could convince him to make a video of the proto?

Mr. Tenda said on Sep. 3, 2015

This seems fake.

santiagoff said on Sep. 4, 2015

My theory: This guy composes his own music and tries to play it off as unused video game music to gain more views and popularity. Since it didn’t work out (it’s already been a year since the last upload) he most likely just stopped doing it altogether.

At least that’s what I think, mainly because there’s a certain shared “style” in all his songs and these Mother 3 tracks sound WAY too clean for N64.

Just my 2 cents tho

Lucas said on Sep. 4, 2015

Ask Shogo Sakai.

RudyC3 said on Sep. 4, 2015

I wouldn’t write it off on the only basis that the sound is “too clean”. The N64 wasn’t incapable of producing CD quality music (or near that quality) if developers chose to do so. Most of them simply didn’t because it would have been either too taxing on the RSP depending on the codecs used (N64 was capable of decoding mp3 as seen in Conker’s Bad Fur Day), or in most cases this was simply caused by the lack of storage space on the cartridge.

So in this case, it COULD be N64 produced music. It does sound like it uses samples and is not orchestrated for one thing. As for the cleanliness of the sound, the fact that the game was developed within the larger constraints of a N64DD disk at one point could have meant higher quality music but being a RPG I doubt they would have sacrificed space much better used for actual game content just to offer higher quality music. So my very personal opinion is that, yes, this could have been made to be played by the RSP. It’s totally possible. But would it come from a running beta rom catridge? I doubt so, due to the chunk of space such music would take up. But could this be EB64 music coming from development files? yes, it could be! It wasn’t unusual for music to be composed for N64 in high quality and then downsampled to take less space in builds usable on the actual system.

But then all this speculation is not taking in account that the music style doesn’t sound like Mother 3 music at all (it sounds more like Opoona music to me actually, or Phantasy Star Online :P). But just saying that, on the account that the sound is clean, one should not dismiss the possiblity of it being N64 sound. In my opinion, there are two most likely hypothesis : 1° this is sound from development files of EB64, not from a beta rom cartridge. 2° this is homebrew RSP sound made by a guy trying to make it pass for EB64 music.

JRokujuushi said on Sep. 4, 2015

These sound to me like they’re pre-production MIDI files rather than actually being played on N64 hardware. That would be cool if they were legit, but like many others, I don’t think they are. To me, it sounds like someone attempting to make music in the style of the game, but not quite hitting the mark. Most of the stuff on this guy’s page feels that way to me, really, but I suppose the only ones who know for sure are the original composers.

linkdude20002001 said on Sep. 4, 2015

Doesn’t really sound a thing like Shogo Sakai’s music.

Banana Kid said on Sep. 4, 2015

Uh…and how does this NOT sound like M3 music? The free, disassociated jazz feel, the rollicking keyboard/synth licks, the reggae midriffs and the intensity of harmonic metal all rolled into one? Those saying it doesn’t sound like, or is at least heavily inspired by, the released music of M3 are either delusional or tone deaf.

My one concern, aside from the clarity of the tracks, is the quality. These tracks are too enjoyable and of such a caliber that I wonder why, if at all, they would have been abandoned come the second development phase of M3. If genuinely authentic, why leave them on the cutting room floor when development resumed? M3 is not a shy game when it comes to flexing its musical prowess and diversity, and unless these were simply proof of concept tracks presented by Sakai during development, it perplexes me that in over the 250ish+ tracks of M3, these three were not realized or remade in some form or another. The first track, though, is the most perplexing. Unless an opening track, spanning spliced scenery and characters ala WELCOME TO MOTHER 3 WORLD, why have so many differing genres rolled into one?

One final gripe. For a game whose battle system was both touted and eventually realized as being heavily rhythmic…a lot of these tracks are somewhat barebones as far as percussion goes. Mind you, none of these really come across as “battle tracks” per se, being more cinematic and…cutscene-ey, but unless more tracks are released (doubtful), do you honestly imagine many of these being used in game during core gameplay? Aside from the metal one, I don’t…these are either locale or cut scene tracks. Why only release three out of potentially dozens? The cat is out of the bag…so why stop?

Anonymous said on Sep. 4, 2015

Reminds me of MOTHER2.

VOID said on Sep. 4, 2015

MOTHER 3 game cover was cut off from(metaphorical)game box and he put his own music like in Sonic & Knuckles PC Collection or Sonic CD.

santiagoff said on Sep. 4, 2015

I agree with you, Banana Kid, the style PERFECTLY resembles the Mother 3 music. And even if these turn out to be fake, what a great find. They’re SO good!

jerky said on Sep. 4, 2015

Perhaps they’re unused tracks from EB64? The playable demo doesn’t let you venture into the part where these would be heard? The last track especially seems like something that’s specially designed to trick the player while trying to combo.

swifter43 said on Sep. 4, 2015

wow it took us a year to find this! anyway i sent the guy a pm on youtube asking where he found this stuff. (oh yeah and i have the songs downloaded i will reupload if it gets taken down or anything)

Lucas said on Sep. 4, 2015

Let him remix unused MOTHER 3 OST.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 4, 2015


HOLY CRAP. This is no longer a dream, but a reality,

I know someone that has a cart of EB64…
I remember him STRICTLY telling me not to touch the cartridge, unless I wanted to buy it from him, for an insane price.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 4, 2015

He also had the TV volume at full blast when he played it, though I can’t remember hearing these…

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 4, 2015

Maybe it’s unused “msuic”?

Not the Mani Mani statue said on Sep. 4, 2015

@Alex Dyson
Mind giving us a link to any of his social media? Like twitter or Facebook? Just want to make sure that you’re not bluffing, and the guy in question is a real person

Ak said on Sep. 4, 2015

Yeah, Alex Dyson, your story sounds about as real as these tracks being from mother 3 does (possible but very doubtful)

skyrunner14 said on Sep. 4, 2015

@Alex Dyson
So yeah, I’m suddenly doubting you. I’d love to be proven wrong, in fact, I think a lot of us here would, but… doesn’t look like you’re being entirely truthful now. Unless you have some REALLY convincing evidence, I guess that’s the end of that.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 4, 2015

I know he has a deviantART account, but he doesn’t use it anymore, so it’s not likely I can contact him. Damn, I got all excited, too….

Lucas said on Sep. 5, 2015

@Alex Dyson
Try to find him on Skype

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 5, 2015


No luck, but hey, it’s good to know I’ve seen an actual cart of EB64, I do remember something similar to Unfounded Revenge in the game, during a battle with some kind of, weird and really tall tank kind of thing…

CaptainCrisby said on Sep. 5, 2015

@Alex Dyson

You can’t even offer us a link to deviantart account?

Lucas said on Sep. 5, 2015

Well even 9 years ago on siliconera someone submit earthbound 64 cartridges.Hard4Gamers aclammed eb64 cartridges from siliconera were revealed as doshiin the giant.They said that cartridges were destroyed by them.Maybe I’m wrong?

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 5, 2015


It was deleted…


Hard4Games also said immediately after they revealed the Doshin disk, they showed pics of the cartridges, showing them to be dev carts.

Lucas said on Sep. 5, 2015

Of earthbound 64?So why they can’t play these cartridges?Just asking.I know game was officially cancelled.

Lucas said on Sep. 10, 2015

Hard4Games have or not to have eb64 cartridges?that’s the question.

Alex Dyson said on Sep. 10, 2015


They don’t.

Lucas said on Sep. 11, 2015

Unfortunately yes.

Meester Tweester said on Sep. 13, 2015

It’s true that it doesn’t sound like MOTHER music, but it seems to fit with the other songs shown on starmen.net’s EarthBound 64 page.

Meester Tweester said on Sep. 13, 2015

Okay, other songs on his channel sound like they were made from the same place, probably a synthesizer. As much as I’d like to believe this, it’s fake. There’s no proof, and no one has come across it before.

snifit said on Sep. 18, 2015

@Alex Dyson: I was talking about the other games’ “”unused music”” on the channel. Like Mario 3D World, F-Zero X… if those tracks were true unused tracks, someone else on tcrf.net would have noticed.
There’s no way this si the real thing. They’re clearly made to grab cheap views. And it seems this worked, too.

Venus said on Oct. 22, 2015

Only time will tell us.

Rachel said on Dec. 17, 2015

A game that’s been in development for about 10 years, had so many insiders and so much build up to it, yet we’ve got less than 50 images and only about 3 minutes of video… How…?


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