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September 4th, 2015 | Images, MOTHER 3

The upcoming Mario Maker game has a bunch of extra characters included that you can unlock – we’ve already seen Ness, but now we have some pics of Lucas too!





Nintendo’s been trying to keep a tight lid on these things, making it hard to find videos of them in action. So for right now, the screenshots above are the only thing I can seem to find on social media sites.

I assume you’ll need to eventually get a Lucas amiibo to unlock this Lucas character in the game, but I haven’t been following the game’s development too much. So if I’m wrong, let me know!


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10 Comments to Lucas Seen in Super Mario Maker

Fred Bounder said on Sep. 4, 2015

All skin for Mario. (And Ness and Lucas) ^.^

Will said on Sep. 4, 2015

I believe there’s an alternative method to unlock every skin in case you don’t own the amiibo.

Anonymous said on Sep. 4, 2015

You can just play 100 Mario challenge to unlock every alternate skin

Covarr said on Sep. 4, 2015

I don’t understand why they’re trying so hard to keep this all under wraps. I think it’s pretty evident that EVERY SINGLE AMIIBO will be a costume in the game. It’s not like anyone’s gonna be surprised when their Lucas, Inkling, or Shovel Knight Amiibo all work.

The only ones that really make sense to me are the ones that you don’t get from Amiibo, like Goomba (which they have allowed people to show), and others that explicitly need unlocked in-game.

Whitey said on Sep. 5, 2015

Ninten maybe?

Tasos said on Sep. 5, 2015

I’ve heard that you unlock an amiibo costume every day or something like that.

I guess some people cheated on this by tweaking with the system clock or cheating. The video Fred Bouncer had was on Reddit, but Nintendo deleted it! >:-(

crazya02 said on Sep. 5, 2015

You can unlock amiibo costumes in 100 Mario Challenge.

Naoshi said on Sep. 8, 2015

@Covarr: I might be wrong, but Roy, Ryu and Shovel Knight are not in the game.

AConcernedGamer said on Sep. 9, 2015

“amiibo Costume” is a misnomer. Their official name is “Mystery Suit” (see the “Costume Mario” article on the Super Mario Wiki http://www.mariowiki.com/Costume_Mario).

Some of the Mystery Suits cannot be unlocked using amiibo, so calling them “amiibo Costumes” disguises the only unlock method that can be used for them. The Goomba, ? Block, and Trampoline are available as soon as the Mystery Mushroom is unlocked (which I believe can happen on Day 1 if you tap the M in “Mario” on the title screen or play an online level that has a costume).

Roy, Ryu, and Shovel Knight are indeed not available. All 100 Mystery Suits were leaked, and they were not among them. In Shovel Knight’s case, it is because Shovel Knight’s amiibo is not manufactured by Nintendo, and as far as Super Mario Maker’s developers are concerned, it may as well be unlicensed.

As for Roy and Ryu: if I had to guess, development of Lucas in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (or plans for his amiibo manufacturing) started before the other 2 characters despite their simultaneous release date, and Super Mario Maker’s Mystery Suits were finalized in between.

The Great Morgil said on Sep. 12, 2015

I got the game today. There are 100 costumes. You can either unlock them through amiibo scanning, or you can unlock one random costume every time you beat 100-Mario Challenge.


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