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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 22nd, 2015 | EarthBound, Itoi, Merchandise

Over the past few days I’ve been posting about how Shigesato Itoi’s company is releasing a bunch of MOTHER 2/EarthBound-themed merchandise in the next two months, mostly daily planners and pouches.

Recently, Itoi and his company posted photos of the new merchandise, along with a Starman surprise!







None of the merchandise is available to purchase yet, but the planners and planner covers will be on sale September 1st, and I think all the pouches go on sale on October 1st. Speaking of the pouches, you can see how big they are in this picture – until now we didn’t have any good size info on them.

I don’t know about you, but that Starman is what I’m really curious about now 😛


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10 Comments to Shigesato Itoi and a Giant Starman Sell Things

Derek Rose said on Aug. 22, 2015

That giant Starman needs to be sold like the giant Mr. Saturn.

KingDarian said on Aug. 22, 2015

Give us the Starman, Itoi. We want the Starman.

Ghost of Starman said on Aug. 23, 2015

That Starman plush is insane! Id easily pay over $100 or even $200 for that!

DJMankiewitz said on Aug. 23, 2015

When it looks that big I worry it’s judging humanity…

Wait, I got it, Klaatu barada nikto!

DriestGuy said on Aug. 28, 2015

Is that Starman a plush or a baloon-ish thing?

jeffmaxwell said on Aug. 31, 2015

Well the Mother 2 Cast cover sold out ridiculously fast. Before it was even available to US customers!

Saeh saeh said on Sep. 1, 2015

@jeffmaxwell I check again this morning and I saw the cast planner was still available, the sold out cover was the saturn valley cover.

Bionic said on Sep. 1, 2015

Yeah, early this morning they got the cast planner back in stock, but it doesn’t ship till mid-Oct. The site really slowed down yesterday, I guess everyone really wanted those covers!

Saeh saeh said on Sep. 1, 2015

Reading past reviews of last year’s onett cover most didn’t get it until November so I think they’ll ship Oct anyways but idk lol

jeffmaxwell said on Sep. 1, 2015

Ahh I see! Shortly after I left that comment, I checked the site again and actually snagged both the Cast cover and the Saturn Valley cover for this shipping period. So I should be getting them both in about a week!


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