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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 27th, 2015 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Merchandise


Ship to Shore is releasing the officially-licensed MOTHER 2 soundtrack outside of Japan soon! You can pre-order an LP of the soundtrack here… and you can get it in one of four different designs!

  • Giygas Red & Black
  • Ness Yellow & Blue
  • Mr. Saturn Hot Spring Pink
  • Classic Black

They all look really great, I don’t know which one to pick myself 😛

In an interesting twist of irony, Ship to Shore won’t ship these to Japan. I’ll have to check out what Japanese fans have to say about all this sometime!


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20 Comments to Get the MOTHER 2 Soundtrack… In Style!

cactus friend said on Aug. 27, 2015

oh no! i don’t see the red and black GIYGAS edition as selectable…did that one sell out??

linkdude20002001 said on Aug. 27, 2015

Tomato, the Kickstarter was for the Mother 1 OST, not 2.

Cactusfriend, it looks like it did sell-out. :<

Claus said on Aug. 27, 2015

Oh wallet why you do this to me… Just give me the last 40 dollars and you can be free

Mato said on Aug. 27, 2015

I thought the Mother 2 OST was part of the stretch goal, but I might be mistaken. I’ll update the article, thanks!

Ballz said on Aug. 27, 2015

Yeah, there was never any announcement about Mother 2 in the Kickstarter, although they were heavily hinting it over the past couple of weeks.

The stretch goal was for getting the Mother 1 OST on CD, as well as vinyl.

Esper said on Aug. 27, 2015

Darn. Yeah that Giygas red was definitely the best. Oh well…

Halloween said on Aug. 27, 2015

I like the MOTHER 1 soundtrack… it’d be rad to have that on Magicant Pink wax.

Clone5184 said on Aug. 28, 2015

Wonder what it’ll sound like on vinyl? Those designs do look cool though.

Jdaster64 said on Aug. 28, 2015

Managed to nab a red vinyl MOTHER album while there was still up. Can’t wait to hear how it sounds!

Matteomax said on Aug. 28, 2015

Would kill to get the Giygas one. Too bad it’s all out, by the looks of it.

Anonymous said on Aug. 28, 2015

So much MOTHER merch lately… Needless to say, my bank account isn’t very happy with me right now 🙁

jeffmaxwell said on Aug. 28, 2015

When are the shipping out the Mother 1 OST? I thought they said November but I am not 100% sure.

jeffmaxwell said on Aug. 28, 2015



Sat said on Aug. 29, 2015

I’m lucky I got the Giygas version in time :3

mrsaturn123 said on Aug. 29, 2015

Managed to get my copy in the black and red variant. So happy about that cause I missed out all the cool colors for the Mother 1 LP.
This appeals to me so much, as a fan of music, records AND Mother geeze

Anonymous said on Aug. 29, 2015

Shouldn’t it be 逆襲 or is 逆修 a Japanese pun or something?

Mato said on Aug. 29, 2015

Anonymous: I don’t know, I only know that 逆修 is related to Buddhist stuff, I’m not sure of the details. My guess is that it’s a typo.

Ballz said on Aug. 30, 2015

It was a typo and they’ve since fixed it on their site.

mariotti said on Aug. 31, 2015


Breeman said on Sep. 1, 2015

I managed to get the Giygas red edition since they notified all Kickstarter backers a day before pre-orders went up. I pledged for the Transparent Red Mother 1 OST in the Kickstarter, so having both red editions together is going to be awesome!


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