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July 13th, 2015 | EarthBound, MOTHER 3

Satoru Iwata passed away recently at the age of 55.

Not only was he the president of Nintendo, but he also saved MOTHER 2/EarthBound from cancellation by reprogramming most of the game, he was in charge of the Nintendo 64 version of MOTHER 3, and he was also there when the decision was made to make MOTHER 3 a Game Boy Advance game. Mr. Iwata played a big role in it all. This series, this site, our friends, our careers, our lives – he made such an impact on it all. I don’t think it’s possible to give him enough thanks.

Shigesato Itoi and Satoru Iwata became very close friends during their time working on MOTHER 2. This was Itoi’s message today, as translated by Chewy:

When I’m parting with a friend, regardless of the circumstances, I find it best to just say, “See you later.” We’ll meet again. After all, we’re friends.

That’s right—nothing unusual about it. I’ll see you later.

You went on a trip far, far away, even though it was planned for many years from now. You wore your best outfit and said “Sorry for the short notice,” though you didn’t say it out loud.

You always put yourself last, after you’d finished helping everyone else. You were so generous as a friend that this trip might be your very first selfish act.

I still can’t grasp what’s happened. It feels like I could still get a light-hearted e-mail asking me out to lunch at any moment—after you’ve made sure lunch wouldn’t disrupt my schedule, of course.

You can invite me out whenever you want. I’ll invite you, too.

So for now, let’s plan on meeting again. You can call me up whenever you like, and I’ll give you a call, too. I still have a lot to talk to you about, and if I come up with any particularly good ideas, I’ll let you know.

So let’s meet again.

No – I suppose we’re already meeting. Right here, right now.

In remembrance, here are some of the many interviews and articles about Mr. Iwata on EarthBound Central and related sites:

He also often spoke fondly about EarthBound in a time when the rest of Nintendo seemed to ignore its existence:

He was a gifted programmer, gamer, AND company president – a true legend. He’ll be sorely missed.


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10 Comments to Satoru Iwata Passes Away

Cory said on Jul. 13, 2015

This news hit me really hard. It’s unfortunate that he was taken from the world so soon, but he did more in his 55 years than most would do in 100. He was an incredibly hard worker that loved video games and earned his spot as president and CEO of Nintendo.


MikeTheGamerGuy said on Jul. 13, 2015

Some really beautiful words from Itoi, nearly brought me to tears.

Livan said on Jul. 13, 2015

When the day to meet again comes, I wanna play with you the game you wish to play, that day gonna be all for you Iwata!!

The Apple Kid said on Jul. 13, 2015

Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. That you for all the great times I’ve had, the friends I’ve made, and the fun I’ve had as a result of your work. I sincerely hope you rest in peace.

Jason said on Jul. 13, 2015

I can see why he would be friends with Itoi. He also has a positive philosophical outlook on life and a special way of understanding people, and throughout his career he has tried to integrate that with his work. He was special and the future is darker without him.

Here specifically we’re thankful for his contributions to the Mother series and it’s good that within the last few years he learned about our appreciation.

Candice said on Jul. 13, 2015

see you later, iwata-san. you are already greatly missed.

EDISNOOm said on Jul. 13, 2015

The world already misses you dearly, Iwata-san. Thank you for your masterpieces (even the “failures”) and positive outlook in the world. See you soon.

TokoWH said on Jul. 14, 2015

Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata. Though some of your choices when it came to Nintendo’s direction in later years may have been questioned by many, you were a good man, and an amazing programmer. You will be missed.

Mother2fan said on Jul. 16, 2015

Such a wonderful man. One of my favourite people, especially at Nintendo. It’s just a shame that he is being honored by so many people after his death, though. He deserved more recognition in life.

Hunter said on Jul. 17, 2015


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