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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 10th, 2015 | Auctions, EarthBound

I was prepping to do another EarthBound price update today when I ran across this gem – a copy of EarthBound (with the box!) sold for the insanely low price of $50! I was shocked, but the description told the whole story:


comes with box my husband loved these games more then me so i got them in the divorce so i am selling cheap just to piss him off

$50 is a crazy steal – the cartridge itself is currently running close to $200 on average now, and the box itself often sells for at least that much too. I kind of hope that the guy who bought this for $50 actually turns out to be the husband 😛


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30 Comments to EarthBound Marks the Bitter End of a Marriage

meleemario said on Jul. 10, 2015

Holy smokes! I wish I had been the one that bought this, but whoever did get it has essentially hit the jackpot! Any chance this might bring the price down, or is this just going to be a one-off kind of thing because of the circumstances described in the description?

chrisbound said on Jul. 10, 2015

She’s selling his stuff just to piss him off? I feel sorry for that guy.

Pk lapras said on Jul. 10, 2015

the guy who got that is lucky i always wanted a earthbound cart and if i was watching today i could have got one for 50 bucks.

G.Wicks said on Jul. 10, 2015

I’d die before losing mah earthbounds to an ex!

Mato said on Jul. 10, 2015

meleemario: No, this is definitely a one-time thing. EarthBound’s price is almost $200 on average now. Just a year ago or so it was like $160.

MostStrange said on Jul. 10, 2015

I can’t feel sorry for him. He loved a video game more than his wife.

NichoMania said on Jul. 10, 2015

I don’t think the relationship is in any way guess able by the description. One sidedness aside, It’s always sad when any love goes awry, I hope each person walks away from the relationship towards a better and healthier one in the future.

Hyperstar96 said on Jul. 10, 2015

@MostStrange: Or so she says. She seems petty enough (and her grammar is bad enough, lol) to be in the wrong here.

KingMike said on Jul. 10, 2015

He should’ve listened to Nintendo Power. 😀

Anonymous said on Jul. 10, 2015


refat17 said on Jul. 10, 2015

That wouldn’t make me mad, more I would think of it as a stupid move and a lost opportunity.

The person who bought the game definitely wins in this situation.

MostStrange said on Jul. 11, 2015

Poor grammar doesn’t indicate whether someone’s in the right or not… We do only have one side, and we don’t have any other side refuting it, so why would we disbelieve it? Especially when it seems pretty plausible. I’m sure you folks know geeky folk who put their obsessions above their relationships. I collect Mother merch, and anime figures, but if it were ever to cause us financial or emotional strife, I would cease, but I’ve met plenty who wouldn’t. I know a particularly tragic couple currently being torn apart by a husband’s match book collecting habit. It takes up rooms and rooms – spaces that could be used for actual living. I honestly don’t see a reason to disbelieve in light of no other information.

H.S said on Jul. 11, 2015

Sort of reminds me of this image.


KingMike said on Jul. 11, 2015
Paul said on Jul. 11, 2015

How many people buy a physical copy of EarthBound to play the game nowadays? I guess $200 is still cheaper than buying a WiiU plus EarthBound on the VC, assuming that the buyer already has a SNES, but still… It seems like the EarthBound cartridge is more of a collector’s item nowadays than a game to play.

virtualboy2558 said on Jul. 11, 2015

Not necessarily… there are people who buy it because they want to play it on the original console it came from, more so for nostalgic purposes.

Sure, the game is available on WiiU and for a much cheaper price… but you don’t get the same exact feel as you would get playing it on the Super Nintendo. That along with the certain changes they’ve done in the WiiU version make it where people want to get the ‘unedited’ version even more (even though technically that’d be Mother 2). That’s just my guess.

Ragnar said on Jul. 11, 2015

Her ex-husband better deserve it otherwise that woman is pure evil.

Anonymous said on Jul. 11, 2015

The woman selling this seems really petty.

DJMankiewitz said on Jul. 12, 2015

I see these things so often I just have to wonder if half the times it’s just a joke. Heck, even marketing hype. “So good you’ll ruin your marriage.”

Anonymous said on Jul. 12, 2015

Sure, he “didn’t love her enough”, so selling his stuff is fine.

Imagine the opposite: him selling his wife’s stuff. Would *that* be fine? Would it be because she “didn’t love him enough”? This arguement is stupid, I hope this was just an ebay troll, because that man could be seriously hurt by something like that. He may have had (and loved) that game since ’95.

Paul said on Jul. 12, 2015

I thought the only changes made to the WiiU version were to make the PSI abilities less flashy and thus less likely to induce seizures.

Mother2fan said on Jul. 12, 2015

I would love to see the husband show up on here and be like “Yeah, that’s my wife…”
But that grammar infuriates me.

Shigeru Miyamoto said on Jul. 12, 2015

This kind of crap is why you should never, ever get married.

Green said on Jul. 13, 2015

I honestly wish i could have bought this and gave it to the husband.

Matt said on Jul. 13, 2015

She claims it as part of her half in the divorce, and then brags about selling it to hurt her ex-husband.

Cold as ice.

SuperGamingbro64 said on Jul. 14, 2015

Forgive me guys but… what a bitch

Anton said on Jul. 15, 2015

I would love it if the guy who bought this found a way to get it back to the guy

MK Ultra said on Jul. 15, 2015

It’s such as sexmission.

RandomFGG said on Jul. 20, 2015

What the hey? If those cartridges were mine, I wouldn’t sell them even if I was mad at my ex. That’s just cruel… xD And I wouldn’t buy them either… Not from someone like that.

Macreen said on Jul. 31, 2015

Selling his belongings just to piss him off.
Wow, what a asshole.


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