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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 29th, 2015 | Interviews, Itoi


During last year’s MOTHER 3 translation notes & beta testing streams, we talked occasionally about Shigesato Itoi and how he’s been doing all sorts of projects to help restore the areas of Japan affected by the 2011 tsunami and ensuing disasters.

And one of those projects involves building tree houses! If this is news to you, you can read all about it in this translated interview here!



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8 Comments to Shigesato Itoi’s Tree Houses

Leeaux said on Jun. 29, 2015

Good for him! In a time where any celebrity you look up to is a disappointment, it’s good to know Itoi is genuinely trying!

linkdude20002001 said on Jun. 30, 2015

He’s truly an awesome person! 🙂

Kajaarlz said on Jul. 1, 2015

Its Mother 4!!

Zelda said on Jul. 1, 2015

Anyways he will play MOTHER 4 fan game.So he’s wishes are now granted.

yui said on Jul. 1, 2015

Tomato, did you cover Itoi’s cave adventures here yet? I remember you talking about them a long time ago but maybe people are interested? I hope so! The caves are my favorite!

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2015

I can’t remember – I think I did, but it’s been so long that it might’ve been before EB Central existed, in which case I would’ve posted about them on Starmen.Net. It’s probably worth revisiting someday, though!

Huks said on Jul. 3, 2015

By sheer coincidence, I just ran into the old EBC article on Itoi’s mining adventures on the Random Post section of the sidebar.


Unfortunately the YouTube video has been taken down, I hope you still have those TV specials backed up somewhere 😛

TBird said on Jul. 6, 2015

I just found out there’s a secret treehouse in EarthBound.


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