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June 11th, 2015 | Images, Itoi, MOTHER 1

A couple years back I posted about how Shigesato Itoi and MOTHER 1 were referenced in the Gintama manga. Well, the anime has since caught up to that point – meaning those drawings and references are now in moving color!

Here are two quick screenshots for reference:



There are actually a lot more – you can find them here courtesy of Eraserstatue, but some of it might not be considered safe for work… so don’t read EB Central at work 😛

Since these are screenshots of small sections of the show, they probably don’t make much sense without context, but it’s still crazy to see Shigesato Itoi AND the first MOTHER game in some sort of anime form!

UPDATE: You can also hear Poe try to voice all of these screenshots during our latest EarthBound Central Live video here!


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7 Comments to Shigesato Itoi & MOTHER 1 in Gintama Anime

Lostindark said on Jun. 11, 2015

There is a sort of remix of the main theme too ! 🙂
For those who want to check it out, this comes from the 9th episode of the new Season : Gintama° ! 😉

game4brains said on Jun. 11, 2015

Praise be to Itoi’s nostrils!

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 11, 2015

Now there’s no excuse! I MUST watch this anime! 😀

AConcernedGamer said on Jun. 12, 2015

Are the kids actually censored like that in the anime? That seems like such a bizarre thing to do. The pixellation is not enough to dodge copyright/trademark enforcement (they still obviously look like the MOTHER 1 protagonists, and I doubt Nintendo’s lawyers would just ignore them if the anime team did not have written permission), and the screenshot only shows their backs, so I doubt actor privacy is much of a concern.

Lostindark said on Jun. 12, 2015

Well i think it’s enough to avoid copyright, cause they are many references in this serie and some aren’t censored, so they must have the rights for those. Plus law can be dumb sometimes … But even if it’s not about law, they may have put it just for fun : with context, one of the character is complaining that they are completely plagiarizing Mother’s ad, and that they shouldn’t do that … So it’s way funnier if they are censoring it to act like it’s illegal 😉

Traiver said on Jun. 12, 2015

Gitama’s anime in similar cases would bleep names they obviously don’t have permission for (Mickey Mouse, Street Fighter), or use those infamous Japanese contractions like DraQue for Dragon Quest, or use some mangled name (Monkey Hunter instead of Monster Hunter). Or go ahead and just say it normally if it’s okay / popular enough.

They say “Mother” normally in this episode (the concept art has been redrawn to avoid legal issues though) so I guess either their team told them it’s okay, or they got Nintendo’s approval?

At any rate, it’s ironic talking about parodies of Mother being legally sketchy when Mother itself is guilty of this in spades, and not just regarding music or American references (for instance Mother 3 parodied Kiki’s Delivery Service – and didn’t Mother 1 do that graveyard joke so popular at the time in jrpgs? (Zelda 2, DQ1, FF1, Tengai Makyou 2, Ys…)).

parkraft123 said on Jun. 15, 2015

“We’ve been taking Shigesato’s Nostrils to lightly!” – Quote of the year 2015


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