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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 21st, 2015 | Interviews, MOTHER 1, Videos

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Reggie chatted about all sorts of E3-related topics, including the release of EarthBound Beginnings. Check it out here:

Basically, he says:

  • Nintendo is aware of the fans of the series
  • Nintendo thought making the game immediately available after the announcement was a great way to service those fans
  • He has nothing more to announce for the series for now
  • The skit they did at the last E3 was based on actual experiences with EarthBound fans bombarding him with requests for MOTHER 3
  • Nintendo knows the love is there, so we’ll see what happens
  • They decided to release the first game in the series so gamers could experience the series’ fundamental roots

I’m glad Reggie didn’t set any people on fire this year. And no Dr. Andonuts door insanity, either. This was definitely a nice E3 for fans 😛


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40 Comments to Reggie Discusses EarthBound Fans and EarthBound Beginnings

Leeaux said on Jun. 21, 2015

Well hopefully this leads to Mother 3. But he seems much more open about it than ever before.

neonix said on Jun. 21, 2015

Indeed. “We’ll see what happens” is the most promising thing we’ve ever heard from NoA in regards to M3, haha.

Hyperstar96 said on Jun. 21, 2015

“The skit they did at the last E3 was based on actual experiences with EarthBound fans bombarding him with requests for MOTHER 3”

Oh yeah, I remember that time when Reggie ate a fire flower in real life and actually set someone on fire, shortly before killing them with his laser eyes for mentioning Star Fox. Good times.

MysticalRecord said on Jun. 21, 2015

Dr. Andonuts door insanity?

Miles Vialpando said on Jun. 21, 2015

Very promising indeed. I hope to see more. I’ll buy lots of Mother gift codes again! Support the series. 😀

The Great Morgil said on Jun. 21, 2015

Am I the only one who found the joke last year legitimately funny?

adex said on Jun. 22, 2015

“Dr. Andonuts door insanity?”
IIRC they had a sign on a door at an e3 a couple of years ago that said “Dr. Andonuts”.

Anonymous said on Jun. 22, 2015

What a stooge.

Nick97 said on Jun. 22, 2015

@The Great Morgil:

I thought it was hilarious.

KingOfSwords said on Jun. 22, 2015

Wait, were there people who *didn’t* think last year’s MOTHER 3 joke was great?

Daniel B. said on Jun. 22, 2015

@KingOfSwords: I’m sure there’s some who thought/think it’s a slap in the face to those who love MOTHER 3 (and, by extension, the franchise).

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 22, 2015

I didn’t like it at all, namely because of the whole “nerds are terrible people, burning them is funny” thing. I mean, I didn’t make a big deal about it, but I also didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Robot Chicken in general, so a Robot Chicken style setup and gag weren’t exactly going to win me over anyway.

The Earthbound Beginnings is great though. That’ll tide me over for a few years. While I can get why someone would be offended by the Robot Chicken nonsense, I don’t get why people actually got offended by Nintendo actually catering to Mother fans.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 22, 2015

To be clear, their “Muppets” style direct was far more charming, mainly because I love the muppets. I’d love to see Fox McCloud and team cameo in a “Pigs in Space” sketch on the new Muppet Show.

Hyperstar96 said on Jun. 22, 2015

@DJMankiewitz: Who said anyone was offended by Earthbound Beginnings? Sure, I think it’s crappy of Nintendo to charge $7 for an NES game just because they know Mother fans will pay anything to have their precious games localized, but no one’s offended.

Scapetti said on Jun. 23, 2015

It’s almost like Reggie was trying really hard to resist… saying “we wanted to introduce the first game before we move on to.. uhh… we wanted them to experience the first game, you know before we… nevermind…”

Robfozz said on Jun. 23, 2015

So why did you guys decide to go with the first game in the series? “Because we wanted fans to understand the fundamentals of the series”

Reality: Because we had it in english already and it cost us absolutely no money or effort and we will make loads of cash because of it 😛

Anonymous said on Jun. 23, 2015

Last year’s joke was terrible. I was hoping MOTHER 3, my most favourite game ever, would see some love at last, they went and did… that crap. I hate how they play bussinesmen when it comes to our demands and buddies when they want us to buy useless -to say the least- products. They could just be typical all the time; it’s not like I wanted to make friends with them and go for coffee together, I just want some good games from them.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 23, 2015

Hyperstar, no worries, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about those who actually WERE offended by them releasing Mother 1 instead of 3. Believe me, they were out there, and they were making that exact complaint.

$7 is a fair price to me. It’s an entire video game, a video game! As a kid, I never could have bought a whole video game for bargain bin prices like that. I think maybe some gamers have been spoiled by things like humble bundles and Steam sales, to the point they devalue games so that “less than $10” is, against all logic, considered a rip off. Did it cost Nintendo much to upload it? No, but once upon a time Nintendo lost a lot of money translating the game with zero return. Now’s the time to get that return. What difference does a few decades make for that?

Robfozz, you can try to pick apart this deal, but the fact remains that it wasn’t a “either/or” situation. It’s not like there’s much analysis here. Your last sentence is true, but that’s exactly WHY it would be released first! I don’t GET you, it’s a game that had never been released here and now it’s here. BE HAPPY DANG IT!

parkraft123 said on Jun. 23, 2015

“He has nothing more to announce for the series for now”
“for now”

So, we still might get mother 3?

Tonda Gossa said on Jun. 23, 2015

EarthBound 64(1999) and MOTHER 3(2006),please?

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 23, 2015

Mother 3 is a bit of a long shot, but I can see it happening (followed shortly after by a US translation and release of Fire Emblem Sword of Seals, and maybe more beyond that).

Earthbound 64… I think we can safely just give up on that one. The basic plot’s all in Mother 3 at this point, with only the details changing. I for one don’t consider that one a loss at this point.

Anonymous said on Jun. 23, 2015

^ (re: EB64) It’d be neat to go through some of the game’s data and see if there’s any remnants of early ideas and designs for curiosity’s sake, but other than that I don’t think the prototype would live up to what people think it is, as people seem to assume it’s this massive complete game with all this content that had to be cut from the final version, but I can’t help but feel like it would be nothing like that at all.

It’d probably be small, barely functioning, and consist almost entirely of stuff either similar or exactly the same as the GBA final, with a couple of early beta elements and cutscenes here and there.

Mato said on Jun. 23, 2015

parkraft123: I wouldn’t look too deep into Reggie’s words when it comes to stuff like that. He said “not yet” in 2007 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmHvEQFkEQg ) and many fans took that to mean more than that and wound up disappointed.

Tonda Gossa said on Jun. 24, 2015

What if MOTHER 3(2006) will have additional 4 chapters as DLC 8+4=12?

NichoMania said on Jun. 24, 2015

You know, with the Mother series being rated T for Teen in the west, there’s a large likelihood the Mother 3 fan translation could either be used, or not be too different from the official translation we might see in the future. I mean, what part of Mother 3 can they not have to keep it T…The magypsy sauna scene dialogue?

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 24, 2015

That scene is what would make it T instead of E, it’s certainly not M content. Similar scenes are in other T rated games like some of the Kingdom Hearts games where they might make a man out of you. Basically, I don’t see anything that would make that game M rated in the least. Even “T” is a bit of a stretch, as Earthbound barely qualifies for it. Heck, it was originally rated “KA” (the old version of an E rating) before the ESRB reconsidered, and had Earthbound Beginnings been released as they had planned back in the day, it wouldn’t have been rated at all (No ESRB at the time) and would have been advertised as a kid’s game.

Tonda Gossa, I’m confused. Where did you get the number 4 for the suggested “DLC chapters”? What’s so special about 12?

Tonda Gossa said on Jun. 24, 2015

Ask Shigesato Itoi I don’t know?Maybe more Leder stories details,longer game sequences,unused scraped game concepts,Dark Dragon as final boss,Flint as main protagonist,Pokey’s Death and etc…?

Paula Polestar said on Jun. 24, 2015

Maybe eight chapters are enough for MOTHER 3 from 2006.Anyways Nintendo will require to put solid censorship for:
o2 machine,
Fassad animal abuse,
Barrier Trio,
Violence and etc…

NichoMania said on Jun. 24, 2015

I don’t think they’ll get rid of Caesars animal abuse, (s)he’s a villain and you play the animal during many of those scenes, it plays almost like a subtle PETA game, if those ever existed.

Barrier Trio is the next least likely to change, all they do is pose.

The rest I agree with, except what violence would they omit without ruining the story?

NichoMania said on Jun. 24, 2015

*Fassad…although Caesar might have done some animal abuse had he been emperor instead of Porky.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 24, 2015

I’m just saying why would you think “4”, so specifically, then list that equation to get 12? Is there something special about that number instead of, say, 3 or 5 additional chapters?

I’m pretty sure everything you listed is just fine Paula. None of that seems particularly untoward. I’m at a loss as to what you’re seeing with the Barrier Trio. They all just seem like “pump you up” types showing off their muscles to me. What exactly is a “vulgarism” in the game? Nothing I saw in what I played was particularly vulgar, any more so than other Nintendo games, and Mato’s translation worked to keep it to Nintendo’s content standards anyway. The violence is the same “cartoon violence” that any 2D RPG might have at that. Fassad’s animal abuse is cartoony. Cruel, but cartoony, and since it’s your character it’s happening to, and SO vital to that part of the story, that’s going to stay in. Heck, how many times have kids been electrocuted in cartoons? I’m thinking of, like, Gosling or Scrooge’s nephews from those 80’s Disney cartoons. Heck, Ness and Lucas can electrocute themselves in Smash Bros.

The magipsy are, well, similar to characters in One Piece, and they seemed to cross over into an english translation well enough on the ol’ cartoon network. They’ve got characters like that in kid’s shows fairly often now. It’s certainly done in a more overt style than Bugs Bunny ever did, but I think it’ll slide (Mulan’s cross dressing was a bit more overt, I’m speaking of when the male ones did it). The o2 machine? I can actually see an argument there, since it’s kids doing it, but it’s also an inanimate object, so I think it’s more awkward than anything else. Didn’t the live action Grinch movie force a sleeping man to make out with a dog’s butt? Yeah, I think this is tame in comparison.

Anyway, I really don’t think anything extra is going to be added, or particularly needed. 2006 is pretty recent if you ask me, so it doesn’t seem particularly “dated” to me. Seems like a full game already. I wouldn’t worry about it kiddos.

NichoMania said on Jun. 24, 2015

That was a good inside look DjMankeiwitz,but the examples gave came alot from Western shows and movies.
The difference between what Hollywood and cartoons would let slide and what Japan, let alone Nintendo, does a is vastly different.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 24, 2015

I see what you mean, but I was specifically using U.S. examples because this game has already come out in Japan, and can still be found there. There’s no worry about controversy because Nintendo put their stamp on it and published it without a second thought, aside from what they internally judged to be “too much” during development. I fully expect this game to be released on Japan’s eShop soon enough without issue.

I basically was outlining why I don’t think Nintendo of America would need to do much if any censorship for an official U.S. release.

Paula Polestar said on Jun. 24, 2015

12 chapters supposed to be in 3D EarthBound 2 Early Beta game units which were cancelled.Vulgarism well Wess isn’t quite a problem even for final Kumatora than her behavior in EarthBound 64 might be little arrogantly messaged to gameplay audience I mean earlier Kumatora would be more femininist in Nintendo point of view nowadays as inappropriate way for audience and guidelines standards if MOTHER 3 shall appear in brand new 3D graphics again with High Quality.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 25, 2015

If I parsed that right, you’re saying that Kumatora being an outspoken and somewhat rude tomboy is somehow offensive? I’m also not so sure what you mean by Wess.

I suspect we’re talking about some major cultural differences between us at this point, but to me having a character nearing middle age with a bum leg and a female character that isn’t all sweetness and light were good things. I can’t possibly see that being cause for NOA to “censor” those things in any way, but again, in the US we LOVE that sort of thing.

The planned “12 chapters” was very likely just a very early design idea. I don’t think it ever got close to complete, and I’m confident what we got is pretty much the same basic story that WOULD have been spread across 12 chapters, condensed down to 7. Mother 3 is very unlikely to be re-remade in 3D. In point of fact, the hand-made 2D graphics in the GBA game have aged FAR better than the clunky 3D models from the old N64 alpha, so they’d need to do a complete and total remake. I really don’t see that happening at all, nor do I think it’s necessary.

(I still don’t see how Kumatora is somehow offensive… It really must be a cultural thing…)

Queen Mary said on Jun. 25, 2015

That’s the problem
for Nintendothey will put censorship or sprites animations changes,maybe unused sprites from MOTHER 3 GBA Beta not old N64DD,SNES or N64.

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 25, 2015

I think that the maker of that thread has confused things. Modern NOA doesn’t censor death the way early NOA did, with numerous references to death and dying in recent Zelda and Fire Emblem games, for example.

Now, the drug use thing is also pretty touchy, but if the scene and the game itself are important enough, Nintendo has been willing to go with it anyway. The trippin’ ‘shroom event is not unlike “Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy” (or Dumbo and his mouse friend getting drunk in… um… Dumbo). Though, in terms of content, the mushroom stuff in Mother 3 is FAR more disturbing. On balance, I think it’ll end up in the game anyway. The lesson still seems to be “don’t eat strange mushrooms if you can’t identify them or scary stuff will happen”. It’s certainly not a positive portrayal. Again, tricky, but if the game is rated T I think it’ll pass muster.

As for the transgender thing, the US is becoming more open with this all the time (in fits and starts, it’s really only beginning). While they might have been troubling at one time, let’s not forget Nintendo of America themselves opened this door in the Mario franchise with Birdo’s description in the SMB2 manual. There have also been Zelda characters over the years that have pushed the line a bit, even if none of them were quite as overt. Granted, none of them have been particularly flattering portrayals, but nevertheless I can easily seeing Nintendo allow it. Nothing overtly sexual was even done with the magypsies.

The last point about the musical similarities? That’s been a point with Earthbound for years, and Mato’s biggest concern regarding a rerelease. There MAY be a legal argument (technically, you can sue anyone for anything any time you like, the law allows for that, but you may never actually get to court if a judge rules the case frivolous), but I doubt it would get very far. Nintendo’s got the stronger case for fair use, considering the tunes are clearly modified and original interpretations of the source. Also, Mother 3 is niche enough that anyone who might be interested enough probably won’t even find out enough about it to care.

(As a reminder, King’s Quest 2 has the batmobile complete with the batmobile theme as a hidden easter egg. They never got any licensed permission for that easter egg, and were never sued, even now when the game is still being sold at places like GOG.com. That’s a FAR more legitimate case than this one, yet no one seems to care. The biggest test, could someone be honestly confused between your product and the original, doesn’t pass. No one is going to see Mother 3, hear that music, and think “Oh hey it’s that Beatles album I’ve been trying to find”.)

Some potential issues have come up, but frankly I think none of it is anything we haven’t seen before in either games or Disney movies (any fan of Disney movies knows that if the stars are in a loving and caring family in a paradise, one or both of those parents are GOING TO DIE soon).

The most troubling aspects, to me, are the mushrooms looking like mushrooms. I can totally see them changing the sprite to some OTHER random food lying on the ground. I can also easily see them letting that one slide. Modern NOA is a different beast from the past, and their old censorship practices don’t really apply any more. The most I generally see when I take the time is that women wearing scantily clothes tend to be given more complete outfits. I’m… actually kinda for this. Some of those outfits in the original Japanese were just ridiculous. For the record, Mother 3 has exactly nothing like those sorts of outfits.

Nintendo Power 2015 said on Jun. 28, 2015

How MOTHER 3 could translate location called Chupichupyoi Temple like Chichiboo Club?Titibu Club,Tumpitumpoy Temple?

Fake said on Jun. 28, 2015

Kumatora’s pigmask disguise looks totally unique in MOTHER 3 Beta sprites better than in final one.


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