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June 18th, 2015 | MOTHER 3

Seokyoung contacted me to let me know that there’s now a Korean translation of MOTHER 3 out there! Here are some sample screenshots:

a2 a3
a4 a5
a6 a1

You can find more info here and here, although I don’t actually know how to download the patch since I don’t know Korean and Google Translate doesn’t turn up any info about downloading it. If anyone can help, let me know!


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13 Comments to MOTHER 3 Translated into Korean

TragicManner said on Jun. 18, 2015

VERY COOL! Congrats to the translation team who worked on this, very impressive! I’d love to hear more from the people involved and the fans that are playing 🙂

GSUser said on Jun. 18, 2015

A REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL Achievement Would Be Translating Mother 3 Into Arabic. Why? Well, Arabic Written Is From Right To Left, ***NOT*** From Left To Right Like English And Most Other Languages.

Anonymous said on Jun. 18, 2015

“MOTHER 3….”
(heart stops beating)
“………Korean Translation”


Still, it’s neat to see this game still being translated into other languages. Judging by the bottom right screenshot, I’m assuming that the only way to name your characters in Korean is to select the “Don’t Care” option, is that right? Out of curiosity, was there not enough room for the Korean alphabet or some other technical limitation? I know absolutely nothing about Korean.

Matt said on Jun. 18, 2015

It says “you have to select this, Korean language is coming.” I assume they’ll patch it later.

Jay said on Jun. 18, 2015

I actually saw this very recently, and as a Korean-American, this is really cool!
I skimmed over a lot of the reading, but the paragraphs before the steps just explains why you should use the multi-console emulator mednafen over vba. The first few steps is just an explanation on how to install it, and he says to run an a program called medgui, which acts as a gui for the mednafen emulator.
Yet despite reading all that, I can’t seem to find any information on the installation of the actual patches or roms… That’s all I got for now!

Jay said on Jun. 18, 2015

Oh, and apparently the reason to use mednafen over vba is that the lag between input and audio on vba makes it difficult to even hit 2 out of 16 hits of the combo in battle. XD

Pik said on Jun. 19, 2015

Woah, is this the first translation to be finished after yours, Tomato? It seems a lot of the projects die out!

By the way, since you and jeffman made translating the game easier, why do you feel that is?

Lostindark said on Jun. 19, 2015

Awesome, one day it’ll be translated in all the tongues ! I was planning to do a French translation during my vacations, i hope i’ll manage to do it ! 🙂

Matt said on Jun. 19, 2015

Lostindark- DO IT!! 😀

Lostindark said on Jun. 20, 2015

@Matt Yeah i really want to, i’ll do my best, thank you ! 🙂
I just don’t know if i’ll be able to achieve this alone … I should probably try to create a team … Well, i’ll start alone and i’ll see if i need some help ! 🙂

Mato said on Jun. 20, 2015

Pik: No, there are a couple other translations, such as the Chinese one and the Brazilian Portuguese one. I feel like there’s one more that’s complete too, but I can’t seem to remember what it is.



torankusu said on Jun. 24, 2015

Hey Tomato, on the first page you linked to, you can download the patch by clicking on the link near the top with the little red “(1)” and then the link that says “something PC something something”. My girlfriend is Korean, so I asked her to find it, haha.

Thanks for posting this. I can play play Mother 3 together with her, now.

Mother2fan said on Jul. 16, 2015

I’m interested to know what the Mr. Saturn font would look like in Korean.


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