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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 25th, 2015 | MOTHER 3, Smash Bros., Videos

The other day I posted about MOTHER 3 and EarthBound stuff mods for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Now a new fan creation now allows Lucas to do the Wess dance from MOTHER 3 as a taunt!

The taunt seems to have offensive capabilities too, although the dance is so long that I wonder if it’s actually useful for normal battle situations.

Here’s a better look at Lucas doing the dance, too:

I seriously have no idea how fans are able to pull this stuff off. Amazing work!


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13 Comments to Lucas Attacks with the Wess Dance!

Paula Polestar said on Jun. 26, 2015

I would like to borrow your work for my purposes.I’m making myself MOTHER 3 3D Reboot in Blender Artists.

BusterTheFox said on Jun. 26, 2015

Shame this is just that stupid Project M thing and not the actual Smash for 3DS/Wii U! That’s actually what I was expecting, by the way. I wonder if you can cancel out of that animation. :p Probably has a button combo that’s hard to do, like Fox’s on Corneria, so you won’t do it by accident…

DCMC said on Jun. 26, 2015

Dude give me a download link.

DylanYoshi said on Jun. 26, 2015

DCMC: http://projectmgame.com/en/download The newest version of Project M can be downloaded here. Instructions are also on this page.

PM does a lot of cool stuff like this. Link has a special taunt where he takes out his ocarina and you can play it with the D-Pad and A button.

Queen Mary said on Jun. 26, 2015

could this work even for dolphin emulator?

DylanYoshi said on Jun. 26, 2015

There’s definitely a way to get it running on Dolphin, but I’m not sure how. It’s certainly easier to get it running on console- It works on both Wii and Wii U and doesn’t require that you mod either- Just that you have a copy of Brawl and an SD Card. On Wii U, it also has support for the Gamecube Adapter.

Mato said on Jun. 26, 2015

DylanYoshi: Thanks – everyone who sent in the info just sent me videos, and none of the videos had download links, so I wasn’t sure where to get this newest addition for 100% sure.

Queen Mary said on Jun. 26, 2015

Well i think it’s accessible if i use laptop or buy sd card reader to my personal computer.I hacked Wii mode in Wii U.Does it truth soon Wii U mode will hackable anyways?

Pik said on Jun. 26, 2015

Hey Mato, small correction! The previous article you wrote features Brawl mods that aren’t related to Project M. Project M is a specific set of mods that changes gameplay and adds characters and stages, but there’re plenty of brawl mods that exist outside of PM.

Awesome article otherwise, as always.

Mato said on Jun. 26, 2015

Okay, cool, thanks! I’m not familiar with the Smash Bros. hacking scene so I made assumptions based on stuff people sent in, oops.

GhostSonic said on Jun. 26, 2015

For a little more context, Project M (formerly known as Project Melee), is a massive modification of Brawl that aims to replicate the fast-paced and technical gameplay of Melee. It’s expanded much beyond that goal into adding some new characters (mostly Melee veterans like Mewtwo and Roy), new stages, new music, and even some new gamemodes.

This little easter egg taunt was added in the new update, but it’s not the first EarthBound-related easter egg. A previous update added a hidden taunt for Ness wherein he faces the screen doing his photograph pose, and the screen flashes as if a photo was taken.

Gamerz31w said on Jun. 26, 2015

I bet I’ll find skeletal mesh soon in this particular 3d model.

Obama said on Jul. 9, 2015

Is there any way to edit SSBB character models in Blender not 3DS Max?


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