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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 13th, 2015 | EarthBound, MOTHER 3, Smash Bros.

Yui sent this in a little while ago – it’s about a couple fan-made mods for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that are EarthBound and MOTHER 3 themed!

so basically there is a really cool guy who does comics you might know him actually… anyway

over at http://smaaaash.net/ …you can take a look at some brand new EarthBound stages he’s just recently finished!

Osohe Castle


First off there’s Osohe Castle, i remember you or someone else on sm.net talking about this stage a long time ago. i picked it up back then, it was awesome but it was very basic then. he’s completely redone the stage now. it’s very impressive!

Lumine Hall


Second is a stage i’ve been mega hyped for a few months about; Lumine Hall! it has an interesting stage layout, and the cave lights up with memories of the games!

Isn’t that cool!? The stages are both littered with awesome references, Sam has a very professional touch to these, i think.

And here’s a video of the Lumine Hall stage in action:

This is incredibly amazing work and clearly took a lot of skill and dedication! Nice job, Sam!


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16 Comments to EarthBound Smash Bros. Mods

KingOfSwords said on Jun. 13, 2015

These stages are amazing!! I really like this guy’s comics too. Nice work!

Fred said on Jun. 13, 2015


Val said on Jun. 14, 2015

Itoi announced the release of the original Mother as Earthbound beginning for virtual console right before the nintendo world championships

DarklingDragon said on Jun. 14, 2015

I also saw the announcement. I’m so excited.

Alex Dyson said on Jun. 14, 2015

When I saw it, I shat my pants. This means we could have a possibility of Ninten in Smash!!

Anonymous said on Jun. 14, 2015

Mother, or EarthBound Beginnings, as it’s now called, for Wii U

Croatian cowboy said on Jun. 14, 2015

When I saw it, I shat my pants. This means we could have a possibility of Ninten in Smash!!!

THIS IS URGENT said on Jun. 14, 2015


Holy MOLY said on Jun. 14, 2015


parkraft123 said on Jun. 14, 2015

Earthbound Zero is being released in AMERICA!!!!!!

Also the stages look neat, but more importantly…

EARTHBOUND ZERO IN AMERICA http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/14/8779193/earthbound-mother-famicom-wii-u-virtual-console-nintendo AS EARTHBOUND BEGINNINGS

SpuffyCloud said on Jun. 14, 2015

Post about EarthBound Beginnings!! <<<333

AConcernedGamer said on Jun. 15, 2015

Will Tomato’s MOTHER 1+2 translation be taken down in light of this news?

Poe said on Jun. 15, 2015

Yo! We were too busy streaming a playthrough of EarthBound Beginnings to post about it here. An update is coming, just hang tight! 🙂

KingOfSwords said on Jun. 15, 2015

TBH, I’m kinda disappointed that EarthBound Beginnings totally overshadowed this post. There’s cool stuff here. :/

yui said on Jun. 16, 2015

Yeah, me too.
Mother 1 is my favorite but I’ve been waiting with hype for Sam’s stages. Dinner these came out my Smash Bros experience has never been better.

I put lumine hall over pirate ship so I could use a ton of music.

yui said on Jun. 16, 2015

Edit; dinner = ever since


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