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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 16th, 2015 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3, Videos

Yesterday was Monday, which meant another edition of EarthBound Central Live!

A LOT happened over the past week, so it’s no surprise that this EBC Live was so full of news stories, reader submissions, viewer questions, and more. if you missed it live, you can see it all here on YouTube:

For quick and easy reference, I’ve highlighted all of the main points of the stream:

Recent News

Q&A / Discussion

E-mails from Readers / Viewers

Playing EarthBound Stuff!

Bonus Q&A / Discussion!

If you missed out on this week’s show but would like to be a part of future shows, here are some handy links to guide you on your way:

See you next game!

eb announce


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4 Comments to EarthBound Central Live: June 15, 2015

DJMankiewitz said on Jun. 16, 2015

From what people have been able to reverse engineer, it appears that the 3DS can natively play GBA code. It’s not through emulation (aside from certain details the GBA mode BIOS needs to work out, such as handling saved data and screen resolution). This explains a lot of oddities about how GBA games run on the system. It also explains how they released all those GBA games so quickly for ambassadors and yet we haven’t seen any official releases since then.

More to the point, technically they could release the whole library of eShop GBA games to the 3DS without much work at all. The biggest reason that Nintendo opted to do all the work of programming an emulator and selling it on the Wii U instead seems to be a desire for a consistent interface. When playing a GBA game, it has precisely none of the Virtual Console features players are otherwise used to. No “pause”, no ability to check notifications, no sleep mode on lid close (the in-game sleep functions still work though), no save states, basically nothing but the game and the ability to “quit” the game. They could program an emulator for it, but emulating the GBA is likely a very resource intensive task on the 3DS (the PSP has a homebrew GBA emulator, but it suffers from a number of issues as a sacrifice to make GBA games playable on that system).

My take? I think Nintendo should accept the limitations of the system’s GBA mode and sell the games on that system anyway. Just list a caveat on the store page indicating that a number of 3DS functions won’t work during the duration of play. I have the ambassador games, and I’ve never really missed having those features when I’m playing Minish Cap or whatever. It’s a small sacrifice, ultimately, and worth it to have them available. I’d certainly rather have perfectly accurate playback of the game without certain 3DS feature enabled than a possibly glitchy emulated version with the 3DS features. (Then again, if they’re working on a GBA emulator for 3DS right now, the ultimate solution would be to give us a choice of which “mode”. Maybe when it starts up we have to select “native” or “emulated” mode.)

Ian Chamberlin said on Jun. 17, 2015

3DS homebrew leads me to believe emulation of the GBA (not the hardware mode used by the Ambassador games) is possible. It helps that the CPU is so similar… Well, that’s why the hardware GBA mode works in the first place. Get a good recompiler in there and you’re in good shape.

Zenn said on Jun. 18, 2015

Oh! Y’all showed my Ness Woodblock thingy! I’m glad it was well received. I’ll have to send in Paula next.

yui said on Jun. 24, 2015

Thanks for showing off the Brawl Stages again. I know its a pretty normal thing to recap the week, but I feel you gave them way more visibility this way.

Overall, I’m going to be checking in on your streams way more, it’s awesome!


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