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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 15th, 2015 | Events, Itoi, MOTHER 1, Videos

A lot happened yesterday! The super-big news is that the game before EarthBound – which most of us call EarthBound Zero – has been officially released in English on the Wii U Virtual Console!

The game costs $6.99 in the U.S. and £6.29 in the UK, I’m not sure what it costs in other regions, though. The game appears to be exactly the same as the prototype ROM that we’re all familiar with, but I’ve only seen up to Magicant so far.

Here are some links to check out:

Here’s the promo video for the game:

Itoi himself gave a special message for fans outside of Japan:

And you can see how people reacted to the announcement here:

Itoi also tweeted a lot yesterday, talking about how he’s been getting absolutely flooded with tweets from around the world, and although he can’t understand them, he wants to say thanks to them all.

At the same time, Poe and I held a special Twitch stream with our fellow Starmen.Net / Fangamer friends to commemorate the occasion! You can see it all on YouTube now here:

The first hour of the stream was the Lucas DLC in Super Smash Bros., and after that we played EarthBound Beginnings. The whole thing lasted about four hours and was filled with lots of fun discussion about the series, our history as fans, the people behind the game, upcoming events, silly drawings, camera-killing dogs, and more. I’ve broken the stream up into chunks, so check it out if you get the time sometime!

EarthBound and EarthBound Zero/Beginnings absolutely dominated the most-wanted Virtual Console game lists back in the Wii days. Now, after all these years, they’re finally available!

We’ll probably be talking more about this on tonight’s EarthBound Central live, so join us for more live discussion about this and the other flood of new news I’ve yet to post about!


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32 Comments to EarthBound Beginnings Released on Wii U!

T_W_M said on Jun. 15, 2015

If you want to update your article with this information, it costs £6.29 in the United Kingdom. 🙂

Mato said on Jun. 15, 2015

Brilliant, thanks!

Star and Moon said on Jun. 15, 2015

Very nice! When I get a Wii U, I’ll be sure to pick this up. (unless it comes to 3DS as well)

Makes me feel like I should have waited, since I played it not too long ago.

Ian Jonson said on Jun. 15, 2015

I’m just somewhat curious if they bothered to change “Giegue” to “Giygas” with the rerelease. If its just a straight forward port, though, I guess they wouldn’t.

Star and Moon said on Jun. 15, 2015

^ wondering that too.

Also facepalm at the official page that catagorizes it as Action, Adventure. Adventure I can see but this is in no way an action game.

T_W_M said on Jun. 15, 2015

You’re welcome, Mato! 😀 But Nintendo don’t seem to understand how conversion rates work. Going by the current conversion rate, Earthbound Beginnings should be £4.50! XD

T_W_M said on Jun. 15, 2015

That’s the equivalent of paying around $2.80 more than its price in the USA. But I’ll let it slide just this once. It’s a miracle that it got released.

Megaton said on Jun. 15, 2015

I am so happy to see this game come over. At long last we can all enjoy it.

Anonymous said on Jun. 15, 2015

I’m kinda disappointed it’s ðe English version. I don’t like ðat’s it’s easier and full of censorship, and I dislike ðe awkward wording of ðe dialogue. Plus all ðe name changes bother me… Still exciting, ðough. I will þrow an endless stream of money at Nintendo for releasing anyþing Mother related outside Japan.

T_W_M said on Jun. 15, 2015

One last interesting tidbit- In the USA, it’s rated Teen, but in the UK it’s rated 3+! XD Why the massive rating difference?

Prayer For Safety said on Jun. 15, 2015

This is wonderful, and I never thought it would happen. This great game is now going to be enjoyed by more people, our chances of getting Mother 3 are getting better.

Chiel said on Jun. 15, 2015

honestly if they kept “Giegue” im going to be so :/

like i find it hard to get mad at them, like MOTHER 1 is finally here officially, but… the prototype translation was extremely subpar, and Giygas in MOTHER 1 and 2 is the same frickin person, with the same name in Japan. This is not the ideal way to play the game I am afraid…

linkdude20002001 said on Jun. 15, 2015

Rather, they should have changed EarthBound’s Giygas to Giegue. Or even better, change them both to Gyiyg.

Venus said on Jun. 15, 2015

Do you think we can get faster classic MOTHER 3(2006) than modern MOTHER 3(1999) as Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console?

Raiden said on Jun. 15, 2015

now they just need to release mother 3

AConcernedGamer said on Jun. 15, 2015

I know I already asked this question in a comment for a previous post, but that one seems to have been overshadowed, and the post was not relevant to EarthBound Beginnings anyway, so I will ask again:

Will Tomato’s MOTHER 1+2 translation be taken down in light of this news? I think Tomato promised to take down the MOTHER 3 translation if that game is ever released in English, so I was wondering if the same thing applied to this one.

YellowYoshi398 said on Jun. 15, 2015

It’s a little surreal to hear Itoi himself calling the series “Earthbound,” and not “Mother.”

Jdaster64 said on Jun. 15, 2015

Wow, it’s weird having to refer to this game by a different name after all this time, but this is nothing short of amazing! Can’t wait to play through it while occasionally posting on Miiverse! Come to think of it, I should really give it a playthrough this winter after I have the vinyl album for the full MOTHER 1 experience.

Matteomax said on Jun. 15, 2015

I was almost tearing up after hearing Itoi’s thoughts on how popular EarthBound is. He’s such a kind person.

I seriously cannot believe that NOA actually did this.

Anonymous said on Jun. 15, 2015

So I guess MOTHER 1 is now… a prequel? Released after its sequel but created before it… Eh, I better not get too wrapped around it, ’cause this is such an unexpectedly wonderful surprise!

Seifer said on Jun. 15, 2015

Better 26 years late than never. Nice going, Starman Club.

Saturn_BOING said on Jun. 16, 2015

I feel like Nintendo is going to be see how many people are paying for Lucas (SSB) and EarthBound Beginnings to finally determine if Mother 3 is worth officially releasing over here.

I imagine it’s way easier for them to release an already translated/localized NES game than to translate/localize a Game Boy Advance game from scratch.

Anonymous said on Jun. 16, 2015

Looking at the promo video, it looks like the official spelling of Loid’s name is Lloyd in America and Steaks is Ninten favorite food instead of Prime Ribs.

Anonymous said on Jun. 16, 2015

^The official site also finally settles the Ana one “N” vs. two “N”s debate – they spell it as “Ana”.

DavemanDeluxe said on Jun. 16, 2015

I can see from the “other news” link that Hobonichi will be releasing another Mother 2 cover. Damn shame I bought the Onett cover last year, now I’ll be on the hook for buying yet another one. =P

Venus said on Jun. 16, 2015

I would like to earthbound gba vc installment and earthbound N64,n64dd either.

linkdude20002001 said on Jun. 16, 2015

They already used the “Ana” spelling back for her sticker in Smash Brothers Brawl. Though, I think they just went with that spelling becuz that’s the one most common among fans. However, in Encyclopedia Mother, it’s spelt “Anna”, so that’s what I consider official and correct.

Autistic Pichu said on Jun. 16, 2015

And people got really angry at me on Miiverse for saying “Just wait for it to happen”/”Just be patient” The MOTHER fanboys On Miiverse (the ones that were doing the operation westbound thing.) didn’t know something that I knew.

That they were already working on this.

But wanted this to be a huge surprise and hype thruster. And saved it for the perfect moment.

And to the westbounders on Miiverse that accused for thinking outside the box (not very easy to do with my disabilities.)

I told you so. Sorry just wanted to get that off my chest.

Anyway, I’m excited for this release. I don’t have the cash on me, but when I do?

I’m going to buy this and say “JUST ONE MORE TO GO!” And be filled with happiness and joy.

Mato said on Jun. 16, 2015

AConcernedGamer: I haven’t thought about it much yet but I’m guessing I’ll probably keep things up, but update the page and/or patch to push people toward the official version. I kind of already do that with the disclaimer screen and such. I don’t feel that my M1+2 patch competes with this official release, but if I feel it ever does I might take it down (not that that’ll keep the patch offline of course). The same is true for most of my fan translations in the past, too.

mariotti said on Jun. 16, 2015

Still confused as to why it was rated T. Like, I would get it if it was Mother 3 completely uncensored, but otherwise? Meh.

T_W_M said on Jun. 17, 2015

There are references to strip clubs and you can drink alcohol. Plus, the doctors basically tell you to get lost and hurry up and die if you don’t have enough money for the hospital treatment. I wouldn’t see any of that in a Mario game, for sure… That’s probably why it’s rated T in NA. I wonder if the EU ratings board people didn’t play the game through that far and in that much depth to see those things, which is why it’s rated 3+ here. Or they don’t really care about any of that, and the U.S. one was way more paranoid about it. XD

Tonda Gossa said on Jun. 17, 2015

MOTHER 3 VC…12 chapters…censorship…scrapped game concept…ESRB M Rating if without censorship(stop).


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