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May 7th, 2015 | Merchandise, MOTHER 1

Takara Tomy has been releasing all sorts of MOTHER 2-related merchandise over the past year or two, including MOTHER 2 figurines and MOTHER 2 straps.

Well, the time has come at last for MOTHER 1 to get some capsule toy love – starting this August in Japan, you’ll be able to get MOTHER 1 figure straps too!


There’s not much info on these yet, except that they’ll be available starting in August in Japan and will have six different types to collect:

  • Ninten
  • Ana
  • Lloyd
  • Teddy
  • Pippi
  • Starman

Since this news is still very early – I think the info releases yesterday – there aren’t any import shops that offer to sell them to fans overseas, but as I find out more I’ll share info here on EarthBound Central.

Here’s also hoping that if they’re going to do MOTHER 2 and MOTHER 1 stuff, that they’ll do MOTHER 3 stuff too someday!


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15 Comments to MOTHER 1 Figure Straps Coming in August!

PSIness93 said on May. 7, 2015

Hoping HLJ will have them since they had the other MOTHER 2 stuff

Star and Moon said on May. 7, 2015

They look good, except for Pippi which is oddly creepy.

Hmm, oh well, it’s not like I’ll be getting any anyway :p

Leeaux said on May. 7, 2015

And I’m in.

Whitey said on May. 7, 2015

Hopefully Nintendo will release MOTHER 1 on Wii U Virtual Console in America.

parkraft123 said on May. 8, 2015

Pippi can never scare me enough…

just look at her…

Anonymous said on May. 8, 2015

What does the kana under Ninten read?

If I remember correctly, we weren’t sure if Ninten is his actuall name.

Derek Rose said on May. 8, 2015

It says “Ninten”
The name has been used in guides and also in Smash bros.

adex said on May. 8, 2015

@Anonymous: Says Ninten 😛

Mato said on May. 8, 2015

Anonymous: Here’s info about Ninten’s name and how it appears in/on different things over the years http://earthboundcentral.com/2011/03/ninten-isnt-exactly-ninten/

SuperGamingbro64 said on May. 8, 2015

MATO!!!! That lady who made the massive Ninten plush is back with a smaller Ness, you must post about it!!!

KingOfSwords said on May. 8, 2015

Pippi’s model is based off an unused enemy sprite, so it makes sense that it’s creepy. Eeeh…

adex said on May. 21, 2015

you can already pre-order them from ebay.

Kyle said on May. 28, 2015

Come on Nintendo. Mother 1 and Mother 3 in America

Dengar said on Aug. 2, 2015

Any updates on this?

Mato said on Aug. 4, 2015

They’re scheduled to be released in the latter half of August, so nothing new to report yet.


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