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May 9th, 2015 | Hacking, MOTHER 1+2

About four years ago I posted about why I translated the MOTHER 1 side of MOTHER 1+2 but not the MOTHER 2 side – basically, MOTHER 2 and EarthBound have a really messy text system that would’ve taken me forever to untangle.

Jeffman’s been plugging away at the problem for the past few years, though, and finally things are looking up!

If you recall, I did a basic menu translation for the MOTHER 2 half of MOTHER 1+2, which means the text looked and sounded like this:

m2g m2e

But here’s how things are looking with Jeff’s new work:

itshappening2 itshappening4
itshappening5 m2-status2

As you can see, it’s starting to look just like EarthBound!

But Jeff needs help, though. Lots of help. He needs people to go through every line of the MOTHER 2 script, untangle things, and then replace the text with EarthBound’s text in EarthBound’s format. There’s a LOT of text, so that’s where fans come in.

Jeff’s made a nice little program to make things understandable. Here’s an example:


If you’re interested in helping Jeff out with his MOTHER 2 translation hack, head here! You can also check out the project’s github here!


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17 Comments to Help Complete the MOTHER 2 Side of the MOTHER 1+2 Translation!

David B. said on May. 9, 2015

Sweet Strawberry Tofu, that’s a HUGE jump in quality!

Brodie said on May. 9, 2015

That looks so much better, the big blocky text was hurting my eyes LOL, I can’t wait for the completed version 😀

Fred said on May. 9, 2015


Pinci said on May. 9, 2015

It could be alot better if it was a direct retranslation like your Mother 1 one, to maintain consistency

Iannoah440 said on May. 9, 2015

I love it!!
I hope they fix NES PAUL JEFF POO

Baptiste Faussat said on May. 10, 2015

Amazing, but… I still find this pointless, the SNES version is far better, why do you keep bothering with this port?

Anonymous said on May. 10, 2015

+1 for using Mato’s retranslation from Legends of Localization instead of NoA’s.

parkraft123 said on May. 10, 2015

@Baptiste Faussat

Some people want to play earthbound on the gba, and I’d totally build a repro cart just to play earthbound on the go, without the use of an expensive device.

TheZunar123 said on May. 12, 2015

Was there any particular reason you neglected to mention my project, Mato?

I mean, not that it matters, since we’ll be joining up with Jeffman’s project, but I thought it was relevant.

Mato said on May. 12, 2015

Ack, sorry about that 🙁

There was no no real reason for the omission – I just rushed the update. I assumed the details about your project merging with it were on the forum page I linked to for further details.

Moar said on May. 24, 2015

I think Jeffman ought to translate most of the item names by their MOTHER2 names.

John Enigma said on May. 25, 2015

I hope this ends up being successful.

L4V3ND3R said on May. 26, 2015

I cannot wait till everything comes full circle. .w.

Hippie said on Aug. 26, 2015

wow. so cool

Ninten the ? said on Aug. 27, 2015

So, how much progress has been made?

Anonimus said on Sep. 9, 2015

That would be helpfull, how close would the project be finished?(no ETA)

Some Donkus said on Sep. 17, 2015

Is this gonna be done anytime soon?


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