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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 24th, 2015 | MOTHER 1, Videos

Andrew B. sent me this e-mail a while back about a video series about philosophy that puts things in more-understandable terms all while presenting things in an 8-bit video game theme. One specific video uses a lot of EarthBound Zero-themed presentation:

I just started watching a series on youtube known as 8-bit philosophy which is an incredibly accurate and informative showcasing the great what’s and why’s humans ask day to day. One of them showcases the original Mother and I thought you guys would like to see it.

I’ve never seen this series before – is it any good? It seems interesting from a quick glance, but I’d like to hear what my peers think about it before I sit down to watch more.


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4 Comments to EarthBound Zero-Themed Philosophy Video

Clay said on May. 24, 2015

It’s a pretty interesting video! And the narrator has a cool voice to boot.
Also, Giegue: “You should never sing!” lmao

Winterswhite said on May. 24, 2015

I actually watched one of these videos in history class. I find it pretty interesting.

Anonymous said on May. 24, 2015

Like most self-righteous philosophers, the writer of this video fails to recognize his/her own hypocrisy. A pot calling the kettle black comes to mind. Interesting to see the Mother footage, though. I can easily see why Mother fans would like this.

suomynonA said on May. 26, 2015


+1 I agree


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