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May 18th, 2015 | EarthBound

A reader named Aoi sent in this e-mail about a recent French fan translation of EarthBound!

Bonjour Tomate !

A translation team has finally translated Earthbound in French and its looks very good ! They made some changes like some Town’s name (Winters became Sacaille which it’s a word play meaning “It’s cold” in a familiar way in French) but I think they did a good job at keeping the vibes of the game within the translated texts.

The patch is out and can be found here:

Also since this is the first time I send something to you, I would like to take time to thank you for all your efforts you put in the english translation of MOTHER 3 and in this site ! I normally don’t like tomatoes but you’re the exception ! ;3

– A MOTHER fan lost in Switzerland

I checked the patch out briefly and took a bunch of screenshots for reference:

We might play a little bit of this patch on EarthBound Central Live sometime, so I look forward to that.

Congratulations to the Mambo team and everyone involved in putting this translation together! EarthBound’s a tough game to hack and translate, so good job!


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12 Comments to EarthBound Translated into French!

LuigiBlood said on May. 18, 2015

I guess I need to watch that livestream to help you out with the french translation ^^’
Despite that I knew about it, I haven’t seen much of it…

I can’t believe they left that Giygas intro like that though. That’s seriously a major thing that should have been fixed.

Baptiste Faussat said on May. 18, 2015

What? What? WHAT? I am the French fan who sent you the “French EarthBound Fans Unite!” mail, and I didn’t even know about this project!

The screens look pretty good, it is very well translated, with a Swiss accent though, but it is not a problem, it is not like the Cockney mice in Mother 3…

I will try it. I wonder if they are already working on Mother 3…

Foppy42 said on May. 18, 2015

“Pokey n’en fout pas un rame.”


Baptiste Faussat said on May. 18, 2015

I tried it with a new game. It is very good, there are some very clever Woolseyisms. There are also one or two grammatical oddities and weird expressions, though. I think I will continue anyway, the Mr.Saturns will probably be interesting…

TragicManner said on May. 18, 2015

Hey, cool! I’ll have to check this out. I wonder what their translation/hacking process was 🙂 Congrats to the team for releasing!

Paul said on May. 18, 2015

The one thing that I’m always curious about is how they translated “XXXterday”…

Aoi said on May. 19, 2015

I’m glad you saw my message Tomato ! ^_^ I was following their project for 1 year and I’m happy that frenchs that suck at English can now fully enjoy the game !

@Baptiste -> Hey I want to know more about your “French Earthbound Fans Unite” email. It’s very interests me since I’m also a native french speaker. Could you please talk a little bit about this to me ? You can reach me here or by email (joelle.perritaz [at] gmail.com )

M0nsieurL said on May. 19, 2015

Hello there, and thank you all 🙂

If you have any comments : traduction_earthbound@ultimate-consoles.fr

Baptiste Faussat said on May. 19, 2015


This joke was not exactly translated, the NPC still speaks English, but with a strong French accent, and you can answer “oui” (Yes in French) or “Uh… yes?” in English, which is the right answer.

Anonymoose said on May. 19, 2015

Makes me want to translate the game to dutch…. but I only have language skills, not programming skills 🙁

Lostindark said on May. 20, 2015

Wow, i’m a french fan of the mother series and i wasn’t aware of it too ! Too bad it isn’t mother 3, because i think it’s way more acessible to nowadays’s gamers (you know people consider earthbound retro gaming now right ? :'( )
Funny thing, this translation looks awesome, so awesome that it actually use sometimes a Fench that is a really unknow and unused x)
Good thing still ! Thanks a lot to the team and thank you for sharing the info on your website ! 🙂

@Anonymoose I’m not sure programming skills are required you know ? Plus even if some are, you can propably find someone who have those, and team up with him !

Baptiste Faussat said on May. 21, 2015

I was going to start a Let’s Play series of EarthBound (with the subtitle “The exact opposite of Starbound” ^^), I think I will do one in English and maybe another one in French once I have finished to play the translated version.


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