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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 17th, 2015 | Auctions, EarthBound

Every month, I used to check the average price of EarthBound and other items and post the latest info on buyearthbound.com, but the last time I checked was back in March 2014. It’s been well over a year since then, and I’m way out of the loop now. So let’s take a look and see how things have changed since then

As always, I tallied these by hand using only the successful, legitimate eBay auctions over the last month. You might be able to get a better deal at a flea market or an independent game store.

Average Prices:

  • EarthBound cart: $183 (up from $149, lowest: $127.60 / highest: $259.99)
  • EarthBound guide: $106 (up from $86, lowest: $49.99) / highest: $164.99)
  • EarthBound complete set: $573 (up from $462, lowest: $485.00 / highest: $699.00)

It looks like all prices have jumped up quite a bit in the past 14 or so months, despite the recent flood of reproduction cartridges and potential for bootleg copies. I’m also surprised the price has risen so much even after EarthBound was released in the Wii U’s Virtual Console!

Some interesting listings this time included:

Anyway, if you’re an EarthBound fan and are hoping to buy a physical copy for your collection someday, it looks like it’ll still cost quite a bit of money no matter what you do. As you can see, there was a $132 price difference between the cheapest loose copy and the most expensive loose copy this past month, so if you’re hoping for a good deal, check out buyearthbound.com for more tips and info.


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8 Comments to EarthBound Price Update (May 2015)

Tenshin said on May. 17, 2015

I had sold my EB complete set about a month ago for $600. Glad to know I didn’t fall below the average.

Poe said on May. 17, 2015

What a letdown! I thought for sure prices would drop since you can now buy the game officially for $8 on the Wii U. I guess nothing compares to owning a real copy of the original, though. Perhaps the VC release only succeeded in making it even more popular than it was before.

T_W_M said on May. 17, 2015

Or it just made people more determined to find the original version, because it’s less common than the Wii U version for obvious reasons. It would be like what would happen if Nintendo released Amiibo cards- Everyone would want the original model versions because they look better and you actually feel like you have something, and prices would skyrocket even more than their current stupid prices. Seriously, I saw a Marth amiibo in a near-completely ripped-up box in a trade in store window for £25 ($40)! So yeah, no surprises that the price has increased, unfortunately.

Franklin Badger said on May. 17, 2015

Maybe if fans would stop paying so much for a cart, the price just might go down. But that’s not likely to happen.

Alex said on May. 18, 2015

These prices are ridiculous and I bet most people that buy a physical copy of Earthbound don’t even play it on a Super Nintendo or even own one, they just buy it to resell it in the future for more money or to brag about owning Earthbound game which is a good game but its not even rare.

DJMankiewitz said on May. 18, 2015

Retro game collecting has become insanely popular lately, but I’m not sure it’s for the right reasons. There seem to be a large number of “band wagon” jumpers, just collecting because it’s cool. (And, if that’s the case, I just, I don’t even know how to explain to those people everything that’s wrong with that line of reasoning, from mechanism to objective.)

I’ve seen many who want “complete sets” for whole game consoles, and have gone out of their way to achieve it, even though they are neither interested in actually playing most of the games they get, nor are they angry video game nerds reviewing bad games for fun and profit.

I collect games, yes, but I don’t intend to get “complete” sets. My collecting is limited to games I am actually interested in playing. I’m a completionist, so I tend to try and find the best versions of games (such as the Sega CD version of Earthworm Jim), but that’s about as far as it goes. I go out of my way to avoid buying multiple versions of a game if one will do. I think this is ultimately a healthier way to approach the hobby.

I’m actually the sort who’d prefer to just buy a deck of cards in place of searching high and low for Amiibos. The physical object isn’t what interests me so much as what it unlocks in the game. In that way, I’m rather frustrated with Amiibos right now. They’re basically expensive DLC to me at this point, and frankly I think Nintendo gaming would be better off without them right now.

Kebby said on May. 20, 2015

I’m a recent buyer of the game, for a significant amount below average. I have a SNES and have wanted the game for a while, but after seeing the prices go up, I felt like I had to buy it now before I would never be able to justify paying for it.

I actually made a Reddit post on the /r/earthbound forum to ask their opinion on either buying a WiiU or buying the original game. In the end, I decided to go with the actual physical copy. Despite the prices being fairly close at the end, I feel that Nintendo has neglected the Earthbound fanbase by only releasing this game for WiiU VC, and even initially limiting downloads. I couldn’t justify buying a system for a company that is squandering a great game franchise (whatever the reason is), and I would almost never use it other than to play the game. On the other hand, I play Super Nintendo games (Super Castlevania IV, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong games, even Mario Paint) for long stretches of time every once in a while, and it’s fun to enjoy the novelty (so to speak) of the old system.

Everyone between here and there encouraged me to buy a WiiU copy to show that there is still interest — but Nintendo already knows that. Many of the huge decisions they make on a day-to-day basis baffle me…

I paid a lot, which I’m none too pleased about — but I’m pleased with my decision, and my friends in the know are envious. I didn’t play as a kid, but in college, one of my good friends had a copy, and we beat the whole game together.

Don’t judge everyone who’s paying this much for Earthbound as someone who places no true value on the game.

James said on Oct. 6, 2015

Earthbound and all cartridge games will continue to only go up. And guess what when the games are 25 years old (not long until that happens) they will be considered antiques. And they will go up drastically. The other reason for the increase is the death of Nintendos CEO.


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