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May 12th, 2015 | EarthBound, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 1+2, MOTHER 3, Videos

Yesterday was Monday, which meant another weekly installment of EarthBound Central Live! We held a live stream on Twitch and discussed all sorts of EarthBound news, shared submissions that people have sent in, chatted about all sorts of interesting topics, and then played two EarthBound hacks! EarthBound’s localization director also made a spooky appearance and surprised us all!

If you missed it, you can see it on YouTube here:

Or, if you’re a podcast sort of person, here’s an MP3 version of the video, although no cuts or edits have been made and since it’s a very visual thing you might miss out on a lot.
For your convenience, here’s a list of the highlights, but I’d recommend watching/listening to it all sometime if you can:

News & Discussion

EarthBound Hack fun!

Whew! A lot sure happened last night! If you’d like to join in on future EarthBound Central Live streams, here are some ways to follow and find more info!



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8 Comments to EarthBound Central Live: May 11, 2015

Freezair said on May. 12, 2015

So here’s a story for you, Mato: Last night, during the Jeff’s No. 1 Bass Fishing part, I got a call from a friend and left the stream a little early. By COMPLETE COINCIDENCE, we ended up talking about Earthbound and the Mother series. (He was the one who brought it up, not me.) He asked me why there were no more Earthbound/Mother games being made, and I started explaining to him–or trying to, anyway–about Shigesato Itoi, how the series is closely tied to him, and how he’s doing other things with his life. After describing his unusual style in making Earthbound, I went on to describe his current projects in producing fancy day planners and making belly warmers fashionable again. I couldn’t see him face to face, but I could just tell he was giving me a “WTF” look, especially from the way he said “Are… are you making this up right now? Because this does not sound real!” He had to Google the man the instant he got home to confirm everything I was saying. So there you go: Shigesato Itoi baffles EB newbies with his very existence! 😛

Zenn said on May. 12, 2015

Seriously, Thank you so much for making these! I really enjoy watching them! 😀

Person said on May. 12, 2015

Pretty awesome thing you started! Really enjoy watching these. Thank you!

Juicetin said on May. 14, 2015

By the way, for quest of hat you have to use the paino spray on the hotel clerk. Sometimes violence IS the answer!

DavemanDeluxe said on May. 15, 2015

I looked around at bits and pieces of this, and it looked like a lot of fun. But I don’t have time to watch a video for two hours.

Is there any chance the audio could be turned into a podcast? Or even if you just post an MP3 on EBC, I could use Huffduffer to put it into my own Huffduffer account.

Mato said on May. 16, 2015

I made an MP3 from the video but it’s 138 MB. It’d be a big hit to my server space and bandwidth to host this and future MP3s myself – do you know of any good places that could host them? I’m not really a podcast guy so I’m not familiar with what’s out there.

EDIT: I’ll give Amazon S3 another try, so here’s the video in audio form, no cuts or changes or anything. Maybe that’s for the best since the time codes I listed above will still be relevant.

DavemanDeluxe said on May. 16, 2015

Thanks, Mato. I would also suggest encoding at 64kbps (which is equivalent in quality to your 128kbps music files, since those are in stereo). I listen to a lot of podcasts, and even the pros (5by5, Relay.fm, et al) do 64 or 96. I’m thinking 128 is only used for music-heavy podcasts (All Songs Considered, maybe).

The only third-party service I ever see anybody use for hosting podcasts is Libsyn, and that’s pretty expensive for a hobby. You could also move all of EBC to Squarespace, which comes with unlimited storage and podcasting features built in. But that doesn’t seem like something you’d be interested in doing.

It’s nice of you to post the MP3. I totally get that you’re doing this for fun and for free, and I appreciate it. If you were to decide it’s not worth it, I would understand 100 %.

DavemanDeluxe said on May. 16, 2015

I feel a little sheepish. I forgot that Huffduffer recently added the ability to extract audio from YouTube files on its own. That takes care of my need perfectly.


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