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April 26th, 2015 | EarthBound, Videos

For years and years I’ve wanted to do a regular online show that would cover the latest EarthBound news, have Q&A sessions, and more. And yesterday I finally did it!

You can check out the first experimental EarthBound Central live episode on Twitch here, or on my YouTube channel here:

It was kind of impromptu and without early warning, so here’s a summary of what happened!

Poe and I casually discussed a lot of the recent EarthBound/MOTHER news, like Ness Amiibos, the Lucas DLC in Smash Bros., the recent Portuguese translation of EarthBound, and more.

We also shared a lot of the submission e-mails in my backlog, so if you send something in but it doesn’t get posted on this site, I’ll probably share it on these live shows, so don’t worry!

We then had a fun Q&A session with the fans in the chat (topics included EarthBound 64, the difficulty for some to get into MOTHER 1, the upcoming EarthBound convention, and more). We also shared art and videos that chatters sent in during the stream!

Then we ended the stream by playing the early part of the Portuguese fan translation of EarthBound!

In all, it was a fun little experiment and I hope to make it a more regular thing here on EB Central. We don’t have a set schedule or anything yet, but if you’d like to drop by a future one, you can follow me on one of these things:

In future shows, besides Q&A and news discussion, I hope to continue cutting into the submission backlog as well as play new hacks each time. Come stop by sometime if you’re hungry for EarthBound/MOTHER series fun!


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7 Comments to Introducing EarthBound Central Live!

Fred said on Apr. 26, 2015


The World Is Square said on Apr. 26, 2015

Cool! I’ll be sure to join in the next live stream.

Person said on Apr. 26, 2015

What a neat idea!

Tacoturtle19 said on Apr. 27, 2015

This is a great idea!

TragicManner said on Apr. 27, 2015

So at one point in the video Tehhydradude says “Let’s fan translate a fan translation!”

The funny thing is, this is exactly what all the Mother 3 translations to other languages using Tomato and Jeffman’s Mother 3 translation tools are. 😀

UbaNess said on Apr. 28, 2015

Yay! Looking forward to watching 😀

Anonymous said on Apr. 30, 2015

That’s some really warm commentary, good job MC.


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